Complexes of exercises for the eyes with myopia

Myopia, it is myopia, is known as one of the most common defects in the world. It is associated with the appearance of an abnormality of refraction. The most obvious cause of this phenomenon is an enlarged eyeball, because of which the image entering the eye is formed before the retina, while the characteristic symptom is the blurriness and indistinctness of the species of distant objects.

How to cure myopia with exercises

The solution to this important visual problem is hidden behind several, formally independent moments. This includes correction of glasses and lenses, as well as refractive surgery. In addition, there are special exercises for the prevention of myopia and its treatment.

Today there is a sufficiently large number of techniques that allow to improve vision without surgery at different degrees of myopia. However, it should be understood that not all and not always they have the proper efficiency. This is due to the fact that these methods directly and to a large extent depend both on the patient and his condition, and on the individual susceptibility of the muscles of the organ of vision to certain actions. But still in the question of how to get rid of myopia, the exercises should not be written off, because there are complexes that in the medium term normalize certain parameters of vision.

Below we will talk about the main sets of exercises that can be used in the fight against this pathology.

The complex of exercises for sight with nearsightedness: akomodotrening

The classic ccomodotraining is a system of gymnastics for myopia, as a rule, it is recommended by oculist physicians as a simple, functional, and most importantly safe therapy for the problems with vision. It is aimed at relaxation of the lens belt, promotes the use of accommodative reserves, activates the ciliary muscle, plus it maintains optimal visual conditions throughout the day.

Ccomodotraining includes the following exercises:

1. Fast blinking movements for several minutes.

2. Spread the look, and then translate it to the tip of the finger in front of the nose, and focus on it for 5 seconds, then again spread out the look. Do 15 of these cycles without interruption.

3. For the next exercise in myopia, focus on 5 sec. At the end of the finger, close to the nose, then begin to approach the finger until the image doubles. To repeat it follows 10 times without rest.

4. For 5 seconds. Close your eyes and relax. Perform 8-10 such cycles.

5. Place the left hand finger 2 cm from the nose, close the right eye with the palm and concentrate 5 sec. At the tip of the finger. Do the same for the other eye 10 to 12 times.

6. Within 12 seconds.massage your eyes closed.

7. Lower the finger located before the nose to the belt and raise it upwards, constantly concentrating on it with a look. Do 6 repetitions of this exercise with myopia.

8. In the standing position, without rotating your head and eyes, as you can deeper glance alternately in different directions. Do 10 repetitions.

It should be noted that such exercises are particularly effective in moderate to moderate myopia and naturally with a low degree of myopia.

Exercises to restore vision with myopia: the Bates system

As an addition to other methods of treatment, also quite effective exercises with nearsightedness, developed by Bates:

a).With the most comfortable distance, look at the letters in the book, then close your eyes and imagine the text you just saw. Open your eyes after 60 seconds. Do this 10 times. In this case, it is optimal to install a dark image in maximum contrast: the darker it is, the easier it is to remember.

b).The next version of the eye exercise for myopia is that you need to visually present the widest palette of bright colors, each of which for a couple of seconds visualize, abruptly switching to a new color. At the end of the spectrum, repeat the procedure again. Exercise time is 10 minutes. At the same time it is necessary to count to about a hundred of them slowly. This is called palming. You need to spend it in your spare time, during the removal of fatigue or before going to bed. Such an exercise contributes to the improvement of vision, and the relaxation of the psyche.

c).Gymnastics in myopia includes such an exercise: imagine a beautiful flower;then detail it, presenting in more detail stems, leaves, petals;then represent the surrounding space of the flower( earth, grass, insects).All this must be done without tension. In doing so, the elements should virtually be very clear. Combine the exercise with the above-described palm.

d).Take a classic table to check your vision and place 5 m away from yourself in a well-lit area. Carefully read the lines that you can see without effort, without screwing up your eyes. Remember the smallest letter you read and imagine it in your imagination, making it as dark as possible. Accompany it with palm. Then open your eyes and look at the same letter. In this case, if you made a qualitative production of palm, then the letter in reality will become clearer.

e).One of the variational exercises for treating myopia, developed by Bates, is the recall of small numbers and letters. It is similar to the one described above, with the difference that you need to represent a letter in a smaller size.

How to get rid of myopia: exercise for the prevention of Corbett

MDCorbett created her own system of gymnastics for the eyes with myopia. In the complex, everything is also used Sivtsev's tables, familiar to us in the offices of ophthalmologists. The essence of the developed exercises is to memorize and recognize letters. This allows you to significantly reduce the voltage when they are considered in the future.

To perform the exercises you need the right moral attitude. The table should not be taken as a test template. Use it as a mechanism for obtaining the result.

By the way, such a table can be made independently. All that is needed is the size of foxes in the A3 format, a few old newspapers and a little patience. At the top of the sheet, glue the word with letters 5 cm in size, stepping back 2 cm to the bottom - a word with smaller letters and so on until the end of the sheet.

Before starting this set of exercises with myopia, the author of the technique recommends stretching the muscles of the neck and producing palmings.

Next, you need to take two versions of the tables: the classic large, placed in 2 m under a source of bright light, as well as a reduced copy, which will have to be brought directly to the eyes.

Bring the mini-table close to the eyes, but so that you can read the first line, then move it away from yourself to the outstretched arm. Repeat these steps several times and quickly look at a similar row in the large table. Take a short break, turn your head in different directions and as much as possible soothe your breathing. Then repeat the above, but with the second line.

After a few days of such cycles, the entire larger table becomes clearly visible, so it should be moved to 0.5 m.

If the visual acuity of the different eyes is very different, then perform eye exercises with myopia separately with each eye, temporarily closing the adjacent organvision and varying distance to a large table.

Gymnastics for eyes with myopia according to Agarwal

To develop my complex of exercises for vision with myopia RSAgarwal used a variety of classical methods of eye correction from ancient Indian treatises.

This set of exercises for myopia is based on the following basic principles:

1) Remedy. The essence lies in the decentralization of efforts when looking at objects. In other words, eyesight should not be strained, let it be passive, so that the burden on accommodative muscles decreases.

2) Stimulation. This is an important principle, which, if observed, improves the sensitivity of the retina and normalizes blood circulation in the eye capillaries. The method of stimulation in gymnastics for the eyes with myopia includes deep breathing, bright sunlight, reading of small fonts in very good light.

3) Relaxation. It's impossible to normalize vision without relaxation. In this case, you need to relax and eyes and psyche. For this, palming is used, a detached view without concentration on objects, etc.

Agarwal describes relaxing techniques similar to those mentioned by Bates, but also recommends that you include speed reading, embroidering, playing with bright colors, puzzles, solving puzzles, plus long walks in nature.

The whole complex should be organized in such a way that the performance of exercises for the restoration of vision with myopia was not formal, but on the contrary became one of the crucial stages of life. With due diligence and self-control, as well as regular execution of the exercises, the desired result can occur quickly enough, even with severe myopia.

Treatment of myopia: physical exercises with high and medium degree myopia

It is also worth mentioning that exercises with myopia can not only affect the eyes. Therapeutic physical training( LFK) offers various physical exercises with myopia. For example, considering that the fact that short-sighted people often have violations of posture caused by the habit of tilting the head and trunk excessively while performing visual work at close range, great importance is usually attached to exercises that help strengthen the extensors of the head and trunk.

It should be remembered that severe exercises with high degree of myopia are contraindicated. Therefore, in order not to harm the patient in each specific case, it is necessary to weigh well the pros and cons.

Considerable role is also given to respiratory gymnastics: such physical exercises in myopia are aimed at improving oxidation-reduction processes, as well as strengthening pulmonary ventilation and strengthening the respiratory muscles.

In conclusion, we note that in addition, how to cure myopia, the exercises mentioned above can serve as good prevention for this disease. So do not forget about gymnastics for the eyes and all the more neglect it in case of development of ailment.