Means for treating barley on the eye

Barley is a swelling that usually appears on the eyelid. Depending on what surface it appears - internal or external, they are divided into "external" and "internal".

The first symptoms of inflammation are mild redness and itching. At this stage, it can be removed by simple treatment with a solution of green, iodine or marigold. Also effectively helps to get rid of barley instillation in the eyes of antibacterial drops.

Ways how to treat barley, there is a fairly large number. Among them, one can always find the most effective for each individual case. The popular means of treating barley on the eye are very popular.

The easiest, but effective method of treatment is a compress made from aloe. Two medium leaves of a three-year-old plant should be thoroughly washed, cleaned and poured with warm water in a proportion of 1:10.Infuse the mixture for 8 hours at room temperature, then strain through several layers of gauze and use for compress. Apply to a barley piece of bandage or gauze soaked in tincture of aloe for 10-15 minutes until the swelling disappears completely.

When treating internal barley, you can use drops from the juice of a fresh plant. Bury your eyes 1-2 drops 3-4 times a day, if the tumor is small, light massage is allowed.

A good tool for treating swelling are infusions of officinal chamomile, calendula and St. John's wort. Since barley is an infectious disease, in addition to external application it will be useful to take herbal infusions inside. Spirituous tincture of propolis diluted in warm water - 1 tsp.for 50 ml. This same tincture you can wipe the outer barley.

For lotions you can use infusions and decoctions of dill. One medium bunch of the plant - 50 grams well and pour hot water. Insist until completely cooled, then you can immediately use it. Gadgets should be done every hour until full recovery.

To protect yourself from the appearance of barley, you should support the immune system - take vitamins and avoid hypothermia.

If barley does not pass at home, you should contact a specialist for help. In some cases, surgery may be required - the barley is pierced in the hospital.