How to make carrot chops: the best recipes

Not everyone likes carrot cutlets, although they are an excellent dish for those who have digestive problems, as well as who adhere to certain diets. Most people cook exactly cutlets, as not everyone has a state of teeth that allows them to gnaw it raw. Yes, and scientists have been shown that this product is better absorbed in steamed form.


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  • 2 Carrot and digestion
  • 3 Secrets of making delicious carrot cutlets
  • 4 Carrot cutlets: recipes
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  • 5 Carrot cutlets: adding other ingredients
    • 5.1 Recipe 1. Carrots and cabbage
    • 5.2 Recipe 2. Carrots and cottage cheese

Use of carrots

Carrots are a very useful vegetable

Carrots are a very healthy vegetable

Before proceeding to the basic recipes for carrot cutlets that are most enjoyed by the housewives,s about the beneficial properties of the carrots. To the useful properties of carrots include:

  • Contains a huge amount of vitamins, thereby providing the body with the nutrients necessary for its normal operation.
  • Well affects the eyesight. True, it is believed that in the raw form of carrots will not bring any benefit to vision, and it should be eaten either with butter, in the form of cutlets( preferably steamed)
  • Excellent dissolves sand and stones in the bladder, which makes life easier for many people
  • Makes the bodymost resistant to colds
  • Has anti-inflammatory effect
  • Excellent antiseptic
  • Helps to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins
  • Helps to remove parasites from the body, namely worms
  • Improves peristaltic
  • Promotes improvement of gastrointestinal tract function, as it contains a large amount of fiber

Due to its useful properties, carrots are advised to give to young children, as well as people who have digestive problems.

There are many recipes for how to make carrot chops. The advantage is exactly cutlets, as they can be used both as a side dish and as an independent dish. In addition, they taste pretty pleasant.

Carrot cutlets and digestion

Carrot cutlets - dietary dish

Carrot cutlets - dietary dish

Almost all nutritionists recommend their patients to eat carrot cutlets, as they have a low enough calorie, and also have a positive effect on digestion:

  1. Using carrot patties can improve the state of the gastrointestinal tract, soas it contains a large amount of fiber, which plays an important role in the work of the entire tract
  2. Due to the fact that carrots contain a huge amount of vitamins and minerals, oon supplies the entire body with nutrients
  3. Helps to clean the intestines of toxins and toxins that adversely affect the state of the gastrointestinal tract
  4. If there is any inflammatory process in the stomach caused by mucosal damage, then thanks to the beneficial substances, it is able to have anti-inflammatory and antisepticeffect, thereby preventing the further development of the
  5. problem. Periodic eating of carrot chops can improve the regenerative properties of the body. This is especially important for the fragile mucous membrane, which, under the influence of negative factors, can quickly stop performing its intended functions.

Carrot cutlets cooked according to all the rules with all the requirements are quickly absorbed, and the feeling of saturation does not last long.

Secrets of cooking delicious carrot chops

The taste of carrot cutlets, first of all, depends on the carrots themselves. To make them juicy, slightly sweet, but pleasant to the taste, you need to be able to choose the vegetable itself. There are some tips, using which you can choose juicy and sweet carrots for cutlets:

  • It should be smooth and sturdy, preferably of the correct form without curvatures.
  • Buy carrots better with a small tops, since the core will also be small. As for the vegetable with a lot of leaves, it is most likely not tasty and tough
  • It's better to choose medium carrots, as the larger the fruit, the more it absorbed various nitrates from the earth.
  • If the carrots have cracks and stains,then its core is damaged and the carrot will not be juicy
  • If carrots have growths, then this indicates a large amount of harmful substances in it.

The juicy carrot will have a bright orange color. If we talk about cutlets, then preference should be given to light orange fruits.

Carrot cutlets: recipes

There are many recipes for cooking cutlets from vegetables

There are many recipes for cooking cutlets from vegetables

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There are many recipes for carrot cutlets, each of which has its own flavor and unusual taste. Most housewives stick to the same recipes, adding only a little more salt, pepper, etc. Combines all these recipe one rule - carrots need to be cleaned and washed beforehand, but grate on the grater is better before direct cooking so that the juice is not lost. Some believe that carrot cutlets are more delicious, if you pre-brew it. But, as they say, it's an amateur. The best and most popular recipes for carrot cutlets are:

Recipe 1

You need to take about a kilogram of carrots, half a glass of milk or water, a mango( about four spoons), one egg, breadcrumbs. This recipe involves cooking cutlets from steamed carrots. To do this, you have to rub it on a grater and put it in a pan. There, add milk or water( depending on what is in the refrigerator), and keep on the fire for about ten minutes until half cooked. After that, gently pour in the mango and mix well. Once the mane has been distributed evenly, it should be covered with a lid and let stand on the fire for another five minutes until the carrot is completely ready. Then, the egg and salt are added to the resulting mixture, mixed and divided into equal portions, from which the cutlets are molded. Each cutlet should be dipped in breadcrumbs and put in a frying pan. Fry on each side is best not more than three minutes, as cutlets quickly burn.

Recipe 2

It takes a half kilogram of carrots, three eggs, salt, flour. Carrots need to be peeled and grated. It is best to use a large one, so that the cutlets do not spread in the frying pan. After the main ingredient is ready, you can add salt, eggs and flour. Interfering is required until the mass becomes homogeneous. As for the density, the "stuffing" should not spread, otherwise it will not be cutlets, but fritters. On a well-heated frying pan, you need to gradually spread a "stuffing" with a tablespoon. Fry for five minutes on each side, until the cutlets are golden. All carrot cutlets are prepared in the same way. Only some housewives prefer to boil it first, as nutritionists say that the boiled carrots are digested much better. But some prefer to use fresh, because it has a slightly different taste, and even cutlets are juicier and more beautiful.

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Carrot cutlets: addition of other ingredients

To carrots you can add other vegetables

Other vegetables can be added to carrots.

. To somehow diversify home dishes, many housewives add cabbage, potatoes, apples, etc. to carrot cutlets. Here, the most important role is played only by taste preferences. It is believed that the addition of other ingredients does not spoil the taste of the dish, but rather complement it:

Recipe 1. Carrots and cabbage

This is one of the most delicious dishes, which is not only useful, but also economical. The cost of the main ingredients is small, and it turns out a lot of cutlets. To make carrots and cabbage patties you need to take half a kilogram of cabbage, two hundred grams of carrots, about half a glass of cream( it is desirable to take twenty percent), two eggs, a mango and salt. Carrots rub on a large or medium grater, cabbage finely chopped. These components are mixed with each other, laid in a saucepan, cream is poured in here. On slow fire, you need to put out the carrots and cabbage for about half an hour. It is desirable to mix periodically( at least once every five minutes).

After all is ready, in a hot mix the semolina and eggs are poured out( pre-whipped in a bowl), salt is added. The received "forcemeat" needs to be cooled down, and then from it to mold cutlets. The size of cutlets is chosen individually. If it is made for children, it is best to do them no more than 7 centimeters in diameter. Prepared cutlet is better to roll in breadcrumbs, so it does not fall apart, and spread the

into the frying pan. Recipe 2. Carrots and cottage cheese

Such cutlets are considered a separate dish rather than a garnish for meat. To cook them you need to take about one and a half kilograms of carrots, two hundred grams of cottage cheese, half a cup of semolina, a tablespoon of butter, two tablespoons of sugar, half a glass of milk, salt, flour. Carrots are cut with straws( do not rub it on a grater), and then put it in a saucepan, pour in milk and stew until it is ready. Then add the manga here and leave it on the stove for another ten minutes.

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In parallel, you need to make cottage cheese. To do this, put it in a bowl, add sugar and egg. From the cooled carrot mass make cakes, in the middle of each put cottage cheese. Then, the shape of the pie is given, crumbled in flour and laid out on a frying pan. It turns out very tasty zrazy with curd filling, which will appeal not only to adults, but also to children. If desired, when served on the table, they can be smeared on top with sour cream

Prepare carrot chops is not difficult. It's just that not everyone loves them, despite their usefulness. The main thing is to choose the juicy and sweet carrots, so that the cutlets turn out to be softer.

Prepare delicious carrot chops teach you the video, see the video recipe:

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