Pumpkin. Cream soup, milk and pumpkin puree soup


Dishes from pumpkins are known and popular all over the world, for us, for some reason, pumpkins are more often used for fresh, porridges and practically do not use for other delicious dishes, although from ancient times wonderful recipes with its use have been known. A pumpkin is a great vegetable, which is not only very useful, but also very tasty.


  1. Pumpkin is a valuable vegetable
  2. Pumpkin soup

Pumpkin is a valuable vegetable

Pumpkin is a pumpkin family that is suitable for decor, that is, not edible, and numerous species that use only after a certain heat treatment. These pumpkins are perfectly absorbed by our human body, an indispensable ingredient for dietary and baby food.

The huge plus of a pumpkin is its long shelf life.

It is known that the pumpkin began to grow about five thousand years ago in North America, it was baked in bonfires, removing the top of the fruit and seeds and filling with honey and milk.

Pumpkin is a natural valuable mineral-vitamin complex, it contains a lot of useful beta-carotene, as well as PP, B1, B2, E, C, iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper, fluorine, cobalt, silicon. Pumpkin is a low-calorie vegetable rich in plaid, it is valuable not only for its flesh, but also for seeds containing proteins, vitamins, fats, mineral salts, many of which stop premature aging, help the good functioning of the male body, are able to expel worms from the body. Pumpkin is prescribed in a diet for inflammatory diseases of the intestine, liver, stomach, anemia, for good hematopoiesis. Pumpkin is able to strengthen the vessels, improve the functionality of the heart system, relieve swelling, help lose weight and remove excess cholesterol, moreover, it is widely used for cosmetic masks.

Using pumpkins have warnings and limitations, so it can cause stomach cramps and bloating, you can not drink it with cold water, but add dill to the dishes, then the intestines will be easier. Pumpkin is best not to eat with diabetes, with gastritis, bowel disease, stomach can not drink juice and eat it raw.

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Pumpkin for culinary dishes is better to choose a weight not more than five kilograms and not less than three, in such a case its skin will be thin, and the pulp is soft, the fruit is cleaned, and the seeds are removed.


Pumpkin soup

Cream of pumpkin soup

  • Head of onions with small cubes cut and pass, 400 grams of pumpkin also cubes mode and throw to the onions, add a little water, salt and minutes of tulips.
  • Using a blender, the mixture from the frying pan is crushed and poured into 20 ml of hot milk, and again scrolled in a blender, everything is warmed up on the stove, but not to a boil and add the desired spices and spices.
  • Soup is served in plates, adding a spoonful of sour cream, crackers and a whisper of chopped parsley.

Milk soup from a pumpkin

  • Mode in small cubes for two hundred grams of carrots and pumpkin, individually fry them.
  • We bring to the boil one thousand five hundred milliliters of milk, and after ten minutes of boiling we add roast from the pumpkin and carrots, throw salt and sugar to taste, cook until the carrot is soft.
  • Served in plates with a slice of butter.

Pumpkin soup

  • We cut the onion with a small ring and in a saucepan with a thick bottom we pass it, add salt and spices, a laurel.
  • We add to the onions, finely chopped one potato, seven hundred pumpkin grams and everything on the low heat for about twenty minutes, stirring and waiting until the vegetables become soft, if you want you can add water, but not much, not more than a tablespoon.
  • Whisk everything with a blender, but take out a laurel.
  • A glass of cream or milk is brought to a hot state, add a little butter and pour into the vegetable puree, everything is warming up well.
  • Rub fifty grams of hard cheese, and throw in hot mashed potatoes, wait until the cheese starts to drag on, and remove it from the fire.
  • You can fry pumpkin seeds or cedar nuts, and then add them to plates with soup.
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Pumpkin soup with shrimps

  • Two kilograms of an oblong pumpkin is cut into small cubes, boiled, baked or simply cooked in a microwave oven. Then beat it into a thick mashed potatoes and then pour in five hundred milliliters of cream, the consistency should not be very thick, and put on the stove, on a weak fire.
  • Finely chop the onion, rub the slice, no more than three centimeters, ginger, throw it into the pan and fry it when the onion becomes transparent, throw four hundred grams of shrimp( peeled and thawed), lightly stew and then shift in puree.
  • Leave the soup on the stove before the boiling, you can also add a little dried celery.
  • We pour out on plates and throw a little greens.

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