Vodka: harmful and useful properties of vodka

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Typically, ethanol is contained in a bottle of 40%, respectively water - 60%.Today on the shelves you can see vodka, with other proportions in the composition. Often manufacturers add components, due to which it improves and becomes softer its taste. Also, side additives help manufacturers make an excellent advertisement for their alcoholic beverages.

Like everything else in this world, vodka has a history of being born. In the fifteenth century, vodka was called a mixture of alcohol with roots and herbs. About the customary for today, the human race has learned in the era of the Russian empress Elizabeth Petrovna in the eighteenth century.

Useful properties of vodka

It is worth mentioning that for hundreds of years connoisseurs of this drink have been fiercely contending among themselves. Some are convinced that vodka has many useful qualities, some argue that it can be compared with poison.

However, to deny the fact that vodka has medicinal properties would be silly. For example, the most important component - ethyl alcohol has colossal antiseptic data, and it is the best solvent for infusions from raw vegetable origin. Therefore, it is recommended to use vodka in compresses.

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If you regularly take about 25 to 30 milliliters of vodka, you can reduce the risk of atherosclerotic plaques, the occurrence of ischemia. In addition, small doses help to get rid of the phenomena of arthritis, to reduce the growth of cancer cells, to prevent angina and not to suffer from cold infections.30 milliliters of vodka help get rid of insomnia, gain a healthy appetite and put your nerves in order. It is also noted that a small amount of this alcoholic beverage can normalize the blood pressure and forget what the headache means.

Doctors categorically do not recommend to use vodka as a preventive medicine and certainly not to take it as a medicine! Otherwise - the negative consequences will be much stronger than the expected effect.

Dangers of vodka

All the negative consequences of taking vodka inside are associated with a high degree of concentration of ethyl alcohol. All the medicinal properties described above, almost immediately disappear, if a person regularly drinks more than 30 milliliters of alcohol. In this case, a heavy dependence develops.

Vodka is a narcotic substance that negatively affects the full operation of individual organs and entire systems.

Most of all vodka hits the liver, preventing it from properly removing toxins from the body. It is alcohol that is the most common cause of cirrhosis and oncological pathologies of this organ.

Suffers from ethanol and heart. It is forced under the influence of this compound to work at a high rate, while not receiving enough oxygen. If you drink vodka often, then inevitably there will be arrhythmia, increased pressure, problems with the work of the heart muscle.

Destroys kidney vodka, the main task of which is to remove ethanol. The consequences of abuse of this drink affect the composition of the blood due to the fact that it contains poisonous substances and immunity.

Separately, it should be noted that alcohol destroys the nerves. People who suffer from addiction begin to lose memory, they lose the ability to think, the level of the intellect falls, the mood goes bad and the normal sleep goes away. The rapidity of the reaction is also significantly lost.

Over time, the situation is exacerbated - vodka and all other alcoholic beverages become the main goal in life, there is a crisis of bodily health, spiritual and moral collapse.

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