Popular and simple recipes from beet for weight loss

366349660298 Many people do not dare to start the process of losing weight only after thinking about the limitations that the dietary diet contains. Many quickly jump off the diet and return to normal diet, as they can not stand the dull variety of food. Nevertheless, there are many delicious dishes that meet all the requirements of dietetics and, at the same time, are delicious. For example, there are many dishes from beets, known for their useful properties.


  • Useful properties of beet
  • Is there any contraindication to beet intake
  • In what form is it better to use beet
  • Popular recipes from beet for weight loss

Useful properties of beet

This root of bright color is known since ancient times. Even in Babylon, the beets were used for food, and the root crops were used for medicinal purposes. Yes, the beet is known not only for its rich mineral composition, but also for its healing properties. So, this vegetable is a source of betaine, which helps the liver work and protects it from toxins, and also increases the digestibility of the protein. Freshly squeezed beet juice is used as an additional therapy for diseases such as stomach cancer, rectum.

The beet contains a lot of iron and copper, potassium, magnesium, iodine, calcium. It is used in case of hemoglobin deficiency, hemopoiesis disturbance, high blood pressure and cholesterol removal from the body. Widely used carrot-beet mixture for improving immunity and improving digestion. Beetroot prevents the development of heart disease due to the presence in it of vitamin B9.And thanks to the presence of folic acid in it, the beet has rejuvenating properties. The beet contains quartz, which plays an important role in shaping the health of bones, arteries, and skin.soup _-_ puree_of_svetkl_2

Also beetroot is widely used as a folk remedy. With angina and pharyngitis, gargling of the throat 5-6 times a day with beet juice with a tablespoon of vinegar. With a cold, this mixture can be buried in the nose. With diabetes, fresh beetroot juice will help, during a day you need to drink a glass, dividing it into 4 meals. Beetroot juice from boiled beet helps to remove deafness when instilled in the ear by 3-4 drops.

    Dietary dishes in the multivark contribute to healing and losing weight

Are there contraindications to beet intake

Due to the content of oxalic acid in beets, its use should be limited to people suffering from kidney and bladder diseases, gastritis with high acidity. Also, one should not use it for those who suffer from impaired intestinal functions, in particular chronic gastric disorders, because beet has a laxative effect. With care, you should eat beets and hypotonia, because it has the property of lowering blood pressure. Because of the high content of sucrose in diabetics, they also consume beets with caution.

In what form is better to use beets

As mentioned above, the juice from beets is no less useful than the root itself. Nevertheless, the root is most often used in boiled form. And boil it best of all untreated, in order to preserve the maximum of useful properties. The time of cooking beets depends on its size. On average, it takes about 40-50 minutes. It will be much more useful to bake beets in the oven or boil for a couple. Many eat roots even raw, and the leaves add to salads and first courses.

Popular recipes from beet for weight loss

The most popular recipes using beets are, of course, borscht and vinaigrette, and in the summer months beetroot is extremely popular. Nevertheless, beets can be added to many salads, constantly experimenting and diversifying their diet.1270298935

So, a very light and nutritious salad is obtained from grated boiled beets, prunes, walnuts. Good beets are combined with herring, mushrooms, olives. There is a special beet diet, during the week of adherence it can be reset from 3 to 5 kilograms. Its peculiarity is that for seven days only beets, a small amount of carrots and a minimum of other vegetables are allowed. You can use sour cream and rye bread. You can drink water and green tea. Sugar should be replaced with honey. Beer juice is also allowed, but it is better to mix it with carrot juice, since using only beetroot can lead to bad health.

If you do not like carrot juice, when consuming beet juice, eat a spoonful of low-fat sour cream, which will help the juice to digest.

Approach any diet with the mind and with the slightest sense of discomfort stop experiments.

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