Caloric content of mashed potatoes and the use of potatoes

The benefits and caloric content of potatoes

How useful is the potato familiar to everyone? Certainly, vitamins and trace elements, which in it a great many. For example, the protein that is part of the potato contains a huge amount of essential amino acids.


  • Potato use and caloric value
  • How to choose the right potato?
  • Young potatoes and its preparation

Potatoes on our table are indispensable, as it contains many minerals and vitamins useful for humans. Potassium salts account for 70% of potato stocks.

Potassium is necessary for a person, as it is a sodium antagonist, that is, it helps to remove sodium and water from the human body. With a sufficient amount of potassium, a person does not lose metabolism.

The potato is rich:

  • with iodine
  • boron
  • phosphor
  • with
  • iron
  • calcium
  • with sodium
  • with manganese
  • with zinc

The potato is nutritious enough because this vegetable has a lot of starch. Knowingly it is compared to bread. Starch, when used, is converted into glucose, which gives the person energy.

Caloric content of potatoes is high: 100 grams of potatoes - this is 83 kilocalories. But the calorific value of this vegetable depends on the products with which you prepare it.

If you add butter to the young potatoes, it immediately becomes more caloric.

So, although it's very useful, but it's too much not to use it. And, colored potatoes( red, pink) are more useful, in comparison with white. And for the treatment of many diseases in folk remedies, potato juice is used.

How to choose the right potato?

How to choose the right potato?

It's better to choose potatoes without eye-sight, without spoilage. It should be smooth, smooth, rounded, not sprouted. With this choice, the smallest amount of product will be wasted.

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If you plan to make zrazy, borsch or puree, it is preferable to choose large tubers. They are faster to clean. Small potatoes are good for baking, for potatoes "in uniform".

When selecting, pay attention to the color of the tubers: they should not be green. Potatoes green when stored in the light. Such potatoes contain solanine - a dangerous poison, an alkaloid. It affects the nervous system and digestion, and even a loss of consciousness is possible!

See that the peel is smooth, not peeled, this peel indicates immaturity. Do not take too large potatoes, it has 30% less useful substances.

The potato should be elastic. A simple test to test the potato's ecological compatibility: break off a piece. If you hear a specific crunch - potatoes are good. If it is "like cotton wool" - nitrogenous fertilizers were added during cultivation, a lot of moisture was broken - the manufacturer went too far with nitrates.

Young potatoes and its preparation

Young potatoes and its preparation

When cooking potatoes "in a uniform", as you know, all the useful properties remain. Because the peel, actually the "uniform" itself, does not allow digesting useful substances.

When cooking refined potatoes:

  • First, it is better to lower it into boiling water. Potato starch dissolves in cold water, and in boiling water, the starch turns into a paste, envelops the potato with a starch film and does not allow digestion of substances useful to the body, as well as the peel.
  • Secondly, the water should not be too boiling, boiling and it should be a little bit. Brew is more desirable under a loosely-closed lid.
  • Thirdly, it is important to salt potatoes at the right time. This question is asked by all the hostesses, and scientists have long known the answer to it. It depends on what dish you are cooking potatoes and what it is: crumbly or not. When you add salt at the beginning of the cooking process - you will have more dense potatoes, since the salt is combined with the starch in the process of cooking.
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For mashed potatoes or non-digestible sort of potatoes it is better to salt at the end of cooking, it will be more crumbly.

And, of course, it is important for all housewives to know the sorts of potatoes in order to understand which variety is boiled and which is not. By the way, so that your hands do not get dirty during cleaning of young potatoes, we recommend wiping your finger with a slice of tomato. Or, otherwise, wear special gloves for cooking.

As you can see, the choice of potatoes - it's not so simple, but not difficult, lesson. It is important to know some of the nuances, so that you are satisfied with the prepared dish, and it turned out not only tasty, but also aesthetically beautiful for the eyes.

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