The most useful vegetable oil: what is it?

Vegetable oil is now able to receive from a variety of different plants. Some of them are grown exclusively for the production of oil; in others, oil is a by-product or an additional processing product. All vegetable oils have high energy, easy digestibility and are rich in useful substances. With their help you can add a dish of flavoring qualities, sate with light calories.


  • 1 Variety of vegetable oils
  • 2 Sunflower oil: what is its use?
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  • 3 Olive oil is the most useful?
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  • 4 Corn oil application and features
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  • 5 pumpkin oil
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  • 6 Walnut oil
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  • 7 What is soybean oil?
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Variety of vegetable oils

Vegetable oils have long been known for their useful properties

Vegetable oils have long been known for their useful properties

The choice of this or that vegetable oil until recently depended more on local traditions. Now the supermarket shelves are filled with a wide variety of bottles with golden liquid. You can try all of them, stop at the most delicious or fragrant.

You can study the properties, the saturation of useful substances and keep on your shelf several types, using depending on the particular dish. For example, for cooking deep-fried foods( french fries), the best is considered to be refined avocado oil, since it can withstand the highest temperature of heating.

For dressing salads, take the grape seed oil, which has a delicate aroma. Or olive, infused with fragrant herbs. When preparing Chinese cuisine, you will need soybean oil, and recipes for Central Asian cuisine often contain cottonseed oil. Our collection lists the most popular types of vegetable oils, an attempt is made to find out what is particularly useful for each of them and how to use it better.

Sunflower oil: what is its use?

The most popular in our country is sunflower oil. We produce and export it to many countries of the world, it is on the shelf of every our hostess. Nutritionists must include it in the list of useful products and a list of the most useful vegetable oils.

Useful properties

In sunflower oil contains a large amount of vitamin E( tocopherol), an important antioxidant, in this indicator, it is the leader among all vegetable oils. There are also vitamins A, D, F, K, a large number of fatty vegetable acids. Together, this improves metabolic processes in the body, has a rejuvenating effect, slowing the aging of cells, prevents the development of oncology.

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How to use

The most useful is considered unrefined cold pressed oil, which has a weak aroma and pleasant taste. Use it in fresh vegetable salads. For roasting vegetables, fish, meat, cooking baked refined and deodorized: well-purified and odorless. Use "useful" unrefined oil for frying is not recommended.

Olive oil is the most useful?

Different vegetable oils

Different vegetable oils

Olive oil, presented on the shelves of our stores, today is also varied, like our traditional sunflower. The main suppliers are Italy, Greece( saturated green shade oil) and Spain( golden oil from ripe olives).The taste of the oil depends on the variety and place of growth of olives, the degree of their maturity.

Useful properties of

In olive oil, vitamins are significantly less than in sunflower, but the composition of fatty acids is better balanced. The increased content of monounsaturated fatty acids promotes better digestibility of vitamins, lowering of cholesterol level, improves digestion, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and the formation of cancer cells.

How to use

For the peoples of the Mediterranean, olive oil is one of the national products. They are seasoned with salads, used in the preparation of soups, sauces, pasta, fragrant olive oil sprinkle slices of dried bread, grilled meat. For salads produce a special kind of oil: not just the first pressing, but additionally infused with aromatic herbs. For frying, the second-third pressed oil is used.

If you are planning to prepare a dish of Mediterranean cuisine, for example, the popular Greek salad, Italian pasta and Spanish tortilla, be sure to stock up on olive oil.

Corn oil application and features

Corn oil in our list of the most useful takes an honorable third place, although among the most common it can not be called. This is due to the fact that corn is grown for the sake of grain( popcorn and corn pancakes), and the oil is only a tiny germ located inside. It should be removed to improve the quality of the flour.

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Useful properties of

Corn oil is rich in vitamin E, as does sunflower, and also as olive contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids( linoleic, oleic).There is also a high content of vitamin A, which contributes to the regeneration of the skin, and vitamin D. It is easily absorbed by the body, it is exclusively suitable for dietary nutrition.

How to use

In the retail chain, only refined and deodorized corn oil is offered - it is odorless, transparent, light golden in color. It is ideal for roasting and quenching any products, cooking mayonnaise. Corn oil is recommended to be added to the dough, replacing them partially or completely with cream or margarine: this dough turns out to be lighter and lush

Pumpkin oil

Vegetable oil can be used not only for cooking

Vegetable oil can be used not only for cooking food

Pumpkin seed oil is revered as a medicine and expensive:remember the royal decree of two hundred years ago, prescribing to sell it only in the pharmacy. Such a decree was issued by the Austrian royal court, where the production of pumpkin oil was started. His prime cost remains high now, but he is willingly used to home cooking.

Useful properties

Pumpkin oil contains digestible proteins and fats, similar in their nutritional value to animal fats, which is why they are used in vegetarian cuisine. The high content of zinc contributes to the restoration of the nervous and reproductive system, strengthening of immunity, stabilization of vision.

How to use

Oil has an intense specific flavor. It is used in dressing salads, they can spice up meat and beans to give the dish a special note. It is not recommended to heat oil.

Walnut oil

Walnut is a very nutritious product in all respects, but its main feature is the high content of vitamin F, which is an indispensable food for the brain.

Useful Properties

Useful properties of walnut oil are highly appreciated by medicine: it is recommended to be used with general weakening of the body after surgery or illness to strengthen immunity, it is used to heal wounds and reduce tumors. Thanks to the content of vitamins A, B, C, E, as well as calcium, zinc, copper, iron improves blood circulation, lowers cholesterol, reduces the risk of stroke. It is recommended in a vegetarian diet and nursing mothers.

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How to use

Walnut oil is used for refilling ready meals - vegetable, fruit and green salads. Sometimes it is used for baking - add to the dough or smear the form to give flavor. Too intense flavor is considered the only drawback of nut oil, so it is often used in a mixture with other oils, for example, olive oil.

What is soybean oil?

It is not necessary to save on the quality of vegetable oil

It's not worth saving on the quality of vegetable oil

Soybean oil in our rating is the sixth position, but in terms of production level it is on the first place among vegetable oils. It is particularly popular in the East and in the United States due to the low production costs.

Useful properties

Soybean oil contains a record amount of vitamin D and E, as well as fatty acids, similar in quality to those found in fish, plus lecithin, necessary for assimilation. All this makes it a good substitute for fish oil, so necessary for children for the stable operation of the central nervous system and prevention of rickets.

How to use

Soybean oil seasoned with ready-made meals - salads, baked in the oven or grilled vegetables, fish and meat. It is suitable for roasting products and for extinguishing.

From the above, it can be concluded that it is practically impossible to name any particular oil, since each has useful properties and can have beneficial effects on the human body. The main thing is to use it correctly - as a filling for dietary dishes, for example.

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