Dietary casserole from cottage cheese: good and calorie. The best recipes

Proper nutrition today is becoming more and more popular every day. Telecasts that promote only useful products, books that describe the most of the best recipes of dietary and at the same time indispensable dishes - all this and not only makes people think about how to start cooking independently, and so thatwas not only tasty, but also useful. One of the products in which there is a huge amount of vitamins and minerals is cottage cheese. And the most popular dish from cottage cheese is a cottage cheese casserole.


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  • 2 Cottage cheese casserole. Benefits and caloric content of
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Cottage cheese. Benefits of

Cottage cheese casserole is not only tasty, but also useful!

Curd casserole is not only delicious, but also useful!

Before proceeding to the recipes of dietary curd casseroles, it is worthwhile to talk about the main ingredient of this dish - cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is a fermented milk product, which is obtained by heating kefir, and then removing from the resulting mass of whey. Today there are several varieties of cottage cheese, which differ in the content of fat in them. So, there is a fat cottage cheese( mass fraction of fat in which 18%), medium( 9%), low-fat cottage cheese( from 1 to 3%).As a rule, cottage cheese with fat content of 1 or 9 percent is used for preparation of dietetic casseroles. With regard to the useful properties of cottage cheese, then their mass:

  • It contains such an important amino acid as methionine. Thanks to its action, it can significantly lower blood cholesterol levels, help with the treatment of muscular dystrophy, cleanse the liver of harmful substances that are caused by toxins on the body.
  • It contains a lot of vitamins necessary to the body, such as A, E, vitamins of the groupIn
  • There are a huge amount of minerals such as copper, zinc, fluorine, iron, phosphorus
  • Curd - an excellent source of folic acid
  • Excellent helps to restore bone tissue after damage, especiallychildren and the elderly
  • Facilitates state for many diseases, such as gastritis, gastric ulcer, pancreatitis, etc.
  • Strengthens the nervous system

Of course, the most important value of cottage cheese is a balanced content of minerals and calcium, thanks to which this product is indispensable, especially during pregnancy and during lactation, as well as for feeding young children. Curd is recommended to eat by many doctors and prescribe it for use when observing special diets. For example, dietary curds are allowed to eat even for those who suffer from diabetes.

If cottage cheese is rubbed and specially prepared, it will be very easy to digest by the stomach and intestines, and therefore such cottage cheese is recommended for use to those who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
To eat it is recommended absolutely to everyone, as it is a storehouse of nutrients and vitamins. Cottage cheese casserole. The benefits and caloric content of

There are different recipes for cooking casserole from cottage cheese

There are different recipes for cooking casserole from cottage cheese

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Not everyone can eat cottage cheese in its pure form, someone does not like the taste, but someone simply can not eat it. One of the best and delicious dishes, during the preparation of which this product least loses its useful properties, is the cottage cheese casserole.

Cottage cheese casserole is, in fact, ground ingredients that are baked in the oven, that is, during cooking, no vegetable oil is added. That is why many nutritionists allow their patients to eat casserole, as it is not only useful, but also low-calorie. In addition, a person can add to it various ingredients to your taste, which will not greatly affect the energy value of the dish.

So, the benefit of a diet curd casserole is that a person eats almost the cottage cheese itself, that is, the body receives all the necessary substances. In addition, the calories of casseroles vary from 100 to 180 calories per hundred grams of product. Reduce the caloric content can be due to the use of less fatty cottage cheese. Also, it can add various ingredients( fruits, some vegetables, nuts), which will significantly change the taste, and introduce variety. In addition, if before the casserole was cooked only in the oven, now it can be cooked in a microwave, multivark or in a double boiler, which is much faster.

Casserole recipes in the oven

As already mentioned above, now there are many recipes for cooking casseroles from cottage cheese. Despite the fact that it can be cooked in a multivark, the curd casserole, which was cooked in the oven, has an unusual and pleasant taste. Consider some of the most popular recipes:

  1. Recipe 1. Casserole with berries. For this dish, you need to take 300 grams of cottage cheese( preferably fat-free), add two eggs, two tablespoons of mango, and soda. Then all this is mixed and in the received weight berries are added, it is possible to take a currant, a cranberry. Take a special form for baking, the bottom is lined with paper for baking. The mixture is laid out in an even layer. And then, before you put it in the oven, the top is smeared with sour cream. It is baked for about 30 minutes.
  2. Recipe 2. Casserole with cheese. You need to rub 200 grams of cottage cheese and add two eggs. In parallel, you need to extinguish half a teaspoon of soda in kefir and pour it into the curd mixture. Also, you need to add bran, low-calorie cheese, which was previously rubbed on a grater, and greens. All this is mixed, put into shape and put into the oven for 40 minutes
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Recipes of casseroles in the multivariate

In cottage cheese it is possible to add fruit and berries

You can add fruit and berries to the curd

Many housewives prepare different dishes in a multi-and curd casserole is no exception. True, its main difference from the one baked in the oven is the lack of an attractive, tasty, smelling upper crust. That is why, diet cottage cheese casseroles, which are prepared in a multivarquet, are usually topped with jam from above or sprinkled with something.

  1. Recipe 1. A simple casserole. It is necessary to take two eggs and beat them with four tablespoons of sugar. Then add cottage cheese( 500 grams), melted butter( about 50 grams).All this must be well mixed. Then, gradually mixing it is necessary to pour in flour( four tablespoons) and add any fruits. After that, in the baking dish in the multivark, lay out the curd mixture and cook for 45 minutes on the baking mode.
  2. Recipe 2. Casserole with fruit and mango. It is necessary to take 3 tablespoons of manga and add them to 100 ml of kefir, and leave for a short while on the table. Then, the resulting mixture is added whipped eggs with sugar and cottage cheese. All carefully mixed, and then added fruit. The resulting mass should be put in a container and cooked on the "steaming" for 50 minutes

Recipes baked in the microwave

There is a microwave oven in almost every house, and many housewives use it "in full".So, in the microwave oven, you can prepare very tasty dietary curd casseroles, which will please every member of the family. In addition, you can do them here much faster than bake in the oven or cook in a multivark.

  1. Recipe 1. Casserole for 10 minutes. You need to take half a kilo of cottage cheese( preferably lean), rub it through a sieve. Then add one egg, some sugar and vanillin. The resulting mixture should be mixed well, put in a mold and put in a microwave for 8 minutes. At the end of this time, you need to get it, give a couple of minutes to cool down, and you can serve
  2. Recipe 2. A simple casserole. To make this simple and tasty casserole, you need to take 200 grams of low-fat or low-fat cottage cheese, grind it well. Then, in it are added whipped two eggs, salt and semolina( half a glass).The resulting mass of boringly put in a baking dish and put for 15 minutes in a microwave. After this time, the casserole gets, turns over and decorates at will with fruits
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Dietary cottage cheese cake is a very useful dish that can be eaten for breakfast and dinner. Many nutritionists are advised to eat exactly the casserole, because it can add fruit, which will give the dish every taste!

Recipe for a tender, juicy and tasty curd casserole you can learn from the video:

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