About healing water Essentuki 17: signs of authenticity, indications for use, methods of treatment

Mineral water treatment is one of the methods of official medicine used for several centuries. It is used by a large number of doctors who receive excellent results from the use of mineral water to treat patients.

Russia has several balneological hospitals. One of them - the resort of Essentuki, located in the Stavropol Territory. On its territory there are several wells with medicinal water of natural origin, one of which is Essentuki 17. Knowing how to drink mineral water Essentuki 17 correctly, you can provide adequate treatment for a number of diseases and rehabilitation after them.


  • 1 Mineral composition
  • 2 How to determine the authenticity of mineral water
  • 3 Indications for use
  • 4 Who should not use mineral water treatment "Essentuki 17"
  • 5 How to use Essentuki 17

Mineral composition

how to drink mineral water Essentuki 17

Mineral water Essentuki 17 has unique abilities

Each well has a personalnumber. Water from different wells differs in composition and in their useful properties. The healing water "Essentuki 17" is extracted from a well 1.5 km deep from an alkaline-salt source with the same number.

It has unique properties, which are preserved not only with direct use, but also after bottling water. It is not recommended to take this medicinal water, saturated with salts of various elements, with mineral substances unessentially.

Water "Essentuki 17" is taken on the recommendation of the doctor strictly limited courses. This is due to its increased biological activity, unique composition. The composition of the healing water "Essentuki 17 includes:

  1. iron
  2. bromine
  3. bor
  4. arsenic
  5. hydrogen sulfide
  6. carbon dioxide of natural origin
  7. sodium
  8. magnesium
  9. calcium

The cations of these trace elements promote water-salt metabolism, transportation of nutrients to cells of various systems of the human body. Mineralization of water - up to 13, 6 g / l, this composition is so unique that no more of any brand of mineral water is repeated. Similar properties have mineral water brands "Naftusya" and "Undorskaya."

How to determine the authenticity of mineral water

how to drink mineral water Essentuki 17

Essentuki 17 is often falsified. ..

Filling in medical water bottles "Essentuki 17 is carried out directly on the territory of the well, because it can not be transported by open method - when contact with oxygen ions in the open air in cisterns there is a reduction of cations of mineralcomponents of water. Bottled water completely retains its unique properties.

The popularity of water Essentuki 17 has led to the fact that this brand is often counterfeited. In order to be sure of the quality of the purchased product, you need to know the signs by which you can determine the authenticity of the water:

  1. The water smells of hydrogen sulfide, like the smell of a rotten egg;
  2. It is completely transparent, colorless;
  3. Water is salty, with a taste of soda;
  4. There should not be a draft on the walls and on the bottom of the bottle;
  5. The label indicates the location of the filling - Essentukskoe deposit, Stavropol Territory;
  6. This water can not be sold in plastic containers, only in a glass bottle;
  7. The label from the genuine product is printed qualitatively, it does not erase if you hold it with your finger, do not get your hands dirty.
  8. Harm for health from counterfeit mineral water will not, as well as health benefits.
  9. Natural healing water Essentuki 17 is taken only upon the recommendation of the attending physician.

Indications for use

how to drink mineral water Essentuki 17

Mineral water Essentuki 17 should be drunk properly

As this brand of water belongs to the category of medicinal mineral waters, it needs to be treated according to indications. The list of diseases in the treatment of which apply Essentuki 17:

  • Gastritis with low acidity;
  • Acute and chronic colitis, enterocolitis;
  • Pancreatitis;
  • Diseases of the gallbladder and biliary tract( biliary tract);
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Metabolic, salt, fat metabolism, obesity;
  • Alcohol intoxication;
  • Diasthesis.

Depending on the diagnosis, the amount of water taken per reception, the way of consumption, the temperature of the liquid changes.

To whom the treatment with mineral water "Essentuki 17"

is contraindicated. As with every medicine, this mineral water has side effects. Essentuki 17 acts irritatingly on the walls of the gastrointestinal tract, the gallbladder, the pancreas, can cause diarrhea with uncontrolled admission.

With prolonged use, there is a risk of hypermineralization of the body, changing the composition of blood towards alkalization. The appearance of edema is one of the signs of this condition. This water is contraindicated to persons with increased secretion of gastric juice, renal colic, complicated infections, to those who plan or have recently undergone surgery.

How to use "Essentuki 17"

how to drink mineral water Essentuki 17

Mineral water Essentuki 17 - assistant in the treatment of

For a pronounced curative effect, the course of treatment with mineral water can not be less than a month in order for its components to supplement the water-salt metabolism of the body. Essentuki 17 is consumed before meals during the time determined by the doctor, in an amount of 50 to 200 ml per day.

It should have a certain temperature, be cool or warmed up depending on the diagnosis of the patient. Usage rules Essentuki 17, depending on the diagnosis:

  • In case of gastritis type A with low acidity, they drink water at room temperature, use it in small sips, drink slowly, 15-30 minutes before eating. The goal of the treatment is activation of the secretory function of the intestine.
  • When atony of the intestine( reduced motor activity), cool water with a temperature of 18-20 ° C is drunk an hour and a half before meals quickly and with large sips. The goal of the treatment is to improve intestinal motility, restore smooth muscle tone, and purify the mucosa.
  • In case of spasmodic constipation, the water must be heated. The goal of the treatment is to eliminate spasms, pain, and improve the emptying of the intestine.
  • In chronic diseases of the bile ducts, mineral water is taken outside the periods of exacerbations. Hypotension of the gallbladder is compensated for 150-200 ml of cool water with a temperature of 20-22? C for an hour and a half before eating. Water is drunk in large sips.
  • With stasis of bile, spasm of the gallbladder and the system of bile ducts, a blind( non-probe) tuba is used to clear the bile ducts. The patient lying on his right side, give to drink on an empty stomach 200-300 ml of warm water( 42-45? C).In the area of ​​the right hypochondrium apply a heating pad for half an hour - an hour. In addition, it is possible to dissolve in water half a spoonful of magnesium sulfate to stimulate bile flow.
  • The duration of tjubazh - 10-12 days, it is desirable to conduct it in the phase of the waning moon.
    Such tyubazh can not be performed with cholelithiasis, cirrhosis of the liver, ischemic disease, hypertension of the third degree, exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases.

The use of medicinal water Essentuki 17 in accordance with the appointment of a doctor gently and effectively help with a large number of pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. It is necessary to purchase only the original products of the manufacturer, do not engage in self-medication, carefully follow the prescribed way of drinking water by a medical specialist.

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