Gluten: harm and good. Products containing gluten

Gluten is a complex vegetable protein called gluten. It is found in many cereal crops. It is thanks to gluten, mixing flour with water, we get a dough. Pure gluten has no taste. It is added to various sauces to create consistency, as well as cosmetics. Gluten can be used as a preservative.


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What is gluten and why is it harmful?

To some people, gluten is simply contraindicated

Some people gluten just contraindicated

There is a lot of opinions about whether or not this protein is dangerous for a healthy body and whether it is worth excluding from the diet products containing gluten. Up to now, it is not known to the end whether there really is a need to avoid gluten in food. There is also intolerance to gluten, when the slightest ingress of this substance into the body, the immune system begins to go crazy, harming health. However, it is rare. At least not as often as it seems to people who believe in the media.

Nutritionists believe that there is no need to be afraid of gluten in a healthy person. However, the boom in the gluten-free diet continues and even grows. What is the reason? Many Hollywood stars, singers and TV presenters claim that it is thanks to the gluten-free diet that they can perfectly look and feel. But gluten is not just a protein, it's an adhesive that serves to bind other proteins. Without this protein, the body begins to suffer from a lack of various vitamins.

A gluten-free diet is a cure, not a weight loss remedy. Only people whose body does not absorb gluten should completely abandon it, looking for products with the inscription "Does not contain gluten" on the shelves.
Usually, people call gluten harmful, people do not mean the protein itself, but the products in which it is contained - hamburgers, cakes, sweets, sauces. The absence of gluten in the product does not yet make it useful, just as the presence of this protein does not turn food into poison.

There is an opinion that a complete rejection of gluten will not only help to lose weight, but vice versa, will result in weight gain and increased fatigue. A healthy person without gluten breaks down the absorption of certain vitamins. In addition, foods that do not contain this protein are not always less caloric. Instead of gluten, another "glue" is used: corn flour, syrups, fats.

Products containing gluten

All baked goods contain gluten

All baked goods contain gluten

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Consider the main products that contain gluten to varying degrees. All bakery and flour products: bread, loaves, pizza, lavash, rolls, cakes, cakes, pasta - all contain gluten, which serves to make dough. He makes the bread softer, friable and lush. These products are often refused not because of the gluten, but because of the poor quality of flour, a large amount of carbohydrates and yeast that disrupt the work of the intestines.

  • Sauces: ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, soy sauce. Gluten adds sauce to the sauce, gives a certain consistency. Sauces have already become so firmly in our lives that almost no dish is served without them. Mayonnaises and ketchups made at home, although contain gluten, but they are much more useful than store.
  • Ice cream, whipped cream, yogurts, condensed milk. All these products contain gluten in varying degrees. It serves the same purpose as when making sauces: to give a certain consistency.
  • Frozen food. Frozen vegetables often contain soy and wheat. Gluten is also added as a preservative.
  • Sausages, sausages, sausages, meat semi-finished products. All that is produced in our meat processing plants, usually contains starch and, as a consequence, gluten.
  • Coffee and tea with flavors and flavors, quickly soluble cocoa powder. Ironically, these drinks also contain gluten. If you aspire not to eat it, you will have to buy ordinary tea and coffee without any additives.
  • Beer. The beer contains malt, which enriches this alcoholic drink with gluten. Chocolate and sweets. All the sweets, on which it is not written, that they do not contain gluten, have it in its composition.
  • Cosmetics. Gluten can be contained in some cosmetics: lipstick, powder, body lotion. Even if you have gluten intolerance, it is not absorbed through the skin. But be careful with lipstick. In one way or another, it still enters the body.
  • Juices, nectars, except those that you squeezed yourself. Powdered juices in packs may also contain gluten.
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Gluten intolerance

Gluten-free products found in stores are not easy

Gluten-free products found in stores are not easy

This disease is also called celiac disease. She is innate. With celiac disease, the body recognizes gluten as a harmful substance and begins to attack it in all possible ways. First of all, the stomach and intestines suffer. The patient feels discomfort, abdominal pain, heaviness, bloating, even diarrhea is possible. With a strong tolerance, a light frothy stool appears. The signs of celiac disease include weakness, rapid fatigue, anemia, headaches, decreased immunity. At the same time, not only the bowel function is disrupted, and the absorption of nutrients is deteriorating.

This disease affects women more often than men. It can manifest itself in childhood. Cure it is not possible. Therefore, the only treatment is a gluten-free diet.
If you suspect that you have celiac disease, try to stop the products containing gluten for a few days. If the problem was really in him, the intestine will begin to recover( for a partial recovery, it should take 2 weeks), and when returning to the previous diet, the deterioration will again occur. If you notice this, contact your gastroenterologist.

One of the symptoms of celiac disease is the presence of fat and mucus in the stool.

Not only the digestive system suffers from celiac disease, but other organs as well. So, this disease can also provoke many other problems:

  1. Osteoporosis. This disease, leading to a decrease in bone density. As a result, the bones become more brittle and porous. This increases the possibility of fractures.
  2. Defects of tooth enamel. There are many types of defects in tooth enamel. Some are noticeable at once, others are almost invisible. However, all of them can lead to the destruction of teeth as a result. Insomnia and increased anxiety. This is a nonspecific manifestation of celiac disease. Insomnia can be caused by completely different causes, but together with other symptoms it is possible to talk about the negative effect of gluten on your well-being.
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Today, there is the opportunity to completely give up gluten. A large selection of food products and methods of medicine will allow to organize a reasonable and useful diet for the family.

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