Exercises for rapid weight loss

  1. The most effective exercises for slimming your legs are flies..The starting position - standing with a straight back, raise your hands above your head, and slightly take your right leg back. It is necessary to carry out mahi, and thus hands fall directly in proportion to a raising of a leg. It is important to follow the breath during the execution - on the inhalation the leg rises, and on exhalation it goes down. For each leg, you need to perform 5 repetitions. Do swings regularly, without missing a single day, only in this way you can achieve truly desired results.
  2. Initial position - the arms are on the waist, the back is straight. It is necessary to fix the body, raised on toes, and perform circular movements ankle, first in one direction, then in another. For each leg - 10 repetitions. Then relax and repeat. Bring up to three approaches.
    This exercise in addition to losing weight will well strengthen the muscles of the legs.
  3. The simplest exercise for weight loss! The starting position is to spread the legs to the width of the shoulders, and hands to stretch out before the chest, palms down. It is necessary to lift the left leg and try to touch the right hand. Exercise for each leg repeat 12 times. With an increase in the level of training, three approaches are followed.
  4. Familiar to all and such effective squats. The starting position - standing with a straight back, arms freely lowered along the trunk. It is required to squat, until the buttocks are parallel to the floor, and simultaneously stretch their arms in front of the chest. Heels all the time adjoin the floor, not coming off. Then return to the starting position and repeat 12 times. Take a break for 30 seconds and make a second approach.
  5. For this effective exercise for slimming your legs, you also need a chair with a backrest. The starting position is to stand facing the chair and take, divorced to the width, shoulders with his hands behind his back. Next, raise the leg until it is parallel to the floor, bend it in the knee and pull up to the level of the chest. After a sharp swing back and up. Repeat the exercise 8 times and change your leg. You can perform 2 approaches.
  6. The starting position is to approach the right side to the back of the chair and hold it with your right hand. Sharply raise your left leg forward and take it to the right, resting your toe in a chair at the seat level. Performing the same movements on the contrary, you need to return to the starting position. After 10 repetitions, rearrange the stool and perform the exercises on the right leg.
  7. This fitness exercise for slimming legs has an interesting name "Camel step", and it will additionally require a rug. The starting position - you need to bend over, kneel down, and take emphasis on the hands, at the greatest possible distance from the legs. Keeping the same position, you need to start moving forward, alternating between the left arm and the right leg, and the right hand with the left foot. A better effect can be achieved if you fully straighten the leg at the knee during each step. Begin this exercise with 15 steps and gradually increase their number to 50.
  8. For the next exercise for slimming your legs and buttocks, you will also need a mat. The starting position is on the knees, hands should be placed on the width of the shoulders, and fix the stop on them. It is required to transfer weight of a body on hands, straightening knees. Without delay, return to the starting position. Stops throughout the exercise should be unbreakable from the floor. It is necessary to perform 12 repetitions and increase approaches to two.
  9. An irreplaceable exercise for slimming the legs of a house for girls is called "Scissors".The starting position is to lie on your back and raise your even legs, to connect them together. It is required to alternately cross the straight legs, and return them to their original position. Exercise is performed at an average pace, starting with 25 repetitions, and is brought to 150 repetitions at a rapid pace. foot slimming exercises
  10. No jumping can not imagine not one set of exercises for losing weight legs. The starting position is to stand with a straight back, hands to choose either on the belt or bent at the elbows. You need to jump 4 times on both legs, then 2 on each one. Perform jumps on the fingers and with the effect of springy legs. Jump at a fast pace. Repeat 2 approaches.
  11. The rope will give a good load for the entire leg, and, in particular, the gastrocnemius muscle.
    Starting position - picking up the rope, stand with connected legs and straighten your back. Jump is required on two legs 30 times, and on each separately 20 times.
    In addition to weight loss, jumping rope will help develop endurance and agility.
    For caviar it is necessary to pay attention separately and to include in the complex 1-2 exercises for their stretching.
  12. To perform the next very effective weight loss exercise, you need to take this initial position - palm rest on the buttocks, and put one foot forward. Without hurrying, it is required to bend the exposed leg in the knee, and the second leg at this time the entire foot is supported on the floor, and the weight of the whole body is shifted to it. Squat you need as low as possible. The stretching time lasts from 30 seconds to two minutes. Also slowly return to the starting position and change the leg.
  13. The starting position is lying on the back, the legs are bent at the knees. You need to alternately pull the socks on yourself. The duration depends on the level of preparation and lasts from 15 seconds to two minutes. Despite the fact that the exercise is one of the easiest, it has a very effective effect on slimming calves.

Exercises for fast weight loss of legs

To ensure that your feet always look perfect, you need to constantly take care of them, do special exercises for slimming your legs, so that they are elastic and elastic.

Only in this way you can always look perfect and feel energetic and energetic!

What kind of weight loss exercises will be most effective?

To reduce the volume of legs - the task is not the simplest, since it is important not to pump them up, but simply to remove all unnecessary. After all, the inflated legs of a woman do not decorate, and even spoil, but slender and elegant legs will help to be more self-confident, and attract the views of admiring admirers.

When the question of losing weight is raised, you should immediately think about healthy nutrition, because strict diets in this case are inappropriate. Additionally, during slimming sessions, it is advisable to completely abandon alcohol, and use only clean water, but not on time, before or after eating. The combination of proper nutrition with a set of exercises for weight loss is the main condition for the creation of slender and tight legs. Good work in this case will be walking, running, various exercises for slimming legs.

On what exercises include these complexes, let's talk in more detail.

foot slimming exercises

Effective weight loss exercises

Some exercises will require the following inventory:

  • sports mat,
  • chair with backrest,
  • skipping rope.

Tips for experts about losing weight legs

All exercises for weight loss legs can be carried out at home and always on a regular basis. If you understand the correctness of the implementation, and get used to the complex, then it will take 15-20 minutes a day. Include all exercises can be both in the morning exercises, and perform them in the evening about 7-8 hours.

foot slimming exercises

Good assistants in pursuit of slender legs will become an active and full-bodied lifestyle. It includes walking simple and fast, roller skating in the summer, and ice skating in the winter, swimming, cycling, which will help to lose weight in the legs. All these simple and effective exercises for losing weight legs will help you to train muscles and lose excess deposits from your legs, oxygenate the whole body and feel better.

Systematic in the lessons - the key to success!

It is worth noting that you can hurt yourself if you are doing it with a purpose to lose weight thoughtlessly, haphazardly, while not following the correct diet. In this case, even the most effective exercises for weight loss of the legs and buttocks will not give the desired result.

The main factors of leg training are a full lay-out in the class, observance of the interval between exercises and regularity. If you train once a week, then there will be no result.

Also rest between approaches with snacks will bring to nothing all your efforts. Consider a program of exercises for weight loss of the legs of the leading dietary trainer Maksimov RV.

Program of exercises for weight loss of legs

Complex number 1:

  • squatting of 20 repetitions for 4 approaches;
  • Mahi feet - 16 repetitions for 4 approaches;
  • "bridge" - 30-50 repetitions;
  • squat in a wide rack - for 20 repetitions for 4 approaches.

Complex # 2:

  • kicks with legs - 40 repetitions for 4 approaches;
  • "horse" - 20 repetitions for 4 approaches;
  • leg-to-sided - 20 repetitions for 4 approaches.

Similar specialized exercises for weight loss of legs and buttocks will help to adjust your forms and to put in order the respiratory system of the whole organism.

Take care of your feet and with a mind approach to choosing a set of exercises to improve their appearance! Health to you and prosperity!

Video with exercises for weight loss