Squats for slimming legs

Squats for weight loss

Since school, we are widely known for such exercises, which have beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system, improve blood circulation, help women get rid of the problems of varicose veins.

In order to lose weight, especially the leg area, squats are simply irreplaceable. Quickly burned calories, improves the work of metabolic processes, muscles become elastic and elastic.

Why talk a lot, start doing exercises today and right now!

Sluggish slimming

Squatting technique

Daily activities should begin with an easy warm-up and running in place. Then we do 15-20 squats with an interval of 5 minutes for one approach. After the shortness of breath, we continue the activity, increasing the number of times, and reducing the respite interval.

The purpose of the lesson is not to overwork the body, but to cause a pleasant tension in the muscles of the legs and thighs. You will feel a rush of blood flow, sweating will accelerate and fatty deposits will begin to be processed into an energy force.

To perform slimming squats should be correct:

  • The angle in the knees should be equal to 90 degrees;
  • Feet on the width of the shoulders, during the squat there is an imitation - as if you sit on an imaginary chair;
  • Breath even, on inspiration - down, and exhalation - top.


For heavier loads, you can conduct exercises with a barbell or dumbbells, for 50 sit-ups you can easily lose 70-80 kcal. During the month of training, the result will be obvious, the legs will become slim, elastic and beautiful.

To increase the elasticity of the muscles of the external part of the thigh it will be appropriate to carry out classical squats, but the legs should be connected together.
Universal exercise scissors, load on all muscle groups.

We stand straight, take one leg back, and the other one aside. When flexing the hind leg, the front leg should bend at an angle of 90 degrees. The emphasis is on the heel. Usually such exercises are done with weighting agents.

Contraindications to the performance of such sit-ups

Forbidden for:

  • Injuries to the hip joints, knees;
  • Inflammation of muscles;
  • Fractures and dislocations.

And also:

  • Pregnant at a later date;
  • With heavy menstruation;
  • People with a high index of overweight;
  • With deformation and fragility of bones.

For everyone else - welcome. Make your legs beautiful and healthy, tighten the buttocks effectively and strengthen the hamstrings without leaving the house!

Video about the correct squatting technique