Itching in the anus - not ashamed, but dangerous!

Varieties of anal itching

Itching in the anus

Itching in the anus - nothing to be ashamed of!

Depending on the cause of the onset and on the symptoms, several types of itching in the area of ​​the anus are distinguished. If the symptoms have appeared unexpectedly, are pronounced, accompanied by pain, this is an acute variety.

With a chronic variant, the picture is smoothed until the disease becomes serious, and the discomfort does not greatly disturb the patient. The causes of appearance allow us to distinguish between the primary itching and the secondary itch. Primary in turn is divided into these types:

  • true;
  • is essential;
  • is idiopathic;
  • is cryptogenic.

Primary pruritus occurs when there is one of 2 factors:

  1. Decreased tone of the sphincter, which leads to the exit of fragments of intestinal mucus outward. This provokes irritation of the anal zone.
  2. Mental disorder.

The occurrence of secondary itching is caused by the following factors:

  1. The presence of chronic diseases: hemorrhoids, intestinal disorders, STDs, internal pathology, diabetes mellitus.
  2. Allergies, dermatitis.
  3. Presence of infectious lesions. Fungi, bacteria provoke irritation of the skin and mucous membranes.
  4. Parasitic lesion. Scabies, trichomoniasis and others.

The wide range of possible causes of itching suggests that one can not be indifferent to such a problem. Itching can only be a signal of the development of a serious disease that requires urgent treatment. And in the case of inaction, lead to problems more serious than the itching.

Common causes of itching

Itching in the anus

Itching in the anus can cause ordinary hygiene means

Not always itching around the anus indicates health problems. There are times when you just need to change clothes and lifestyle, so that everything goes back to normal. To such reasons belong the following:

  • excess weight;
  • hot weather;
  • accumulation of contaminants;
  • excessively frequent water procedures;
  • tight fitting clothing;
  • excess doses of alcohol.

There are reasons related to the psychoemotional state:

  1. intense mental stress;
  2. stress;
  3. increased anxiety;
  4. high excitability.

Much more serious situation, when the itching appears due to diseases of internal organs. Provoke such feelings can the following changes:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • pancreatic disease, liver;
  • neoplasm in the rectum;
  • ; vaginitis;
  • prostatitis.

Skin lesions( dermatitis, psoriasis) often cause itching.

The greatest percentage of the causes of the appearance of unpleasant sensations in the anus area is associated with problems in the rectum. These include:

  1. cracks;
  2. condyloma spiky;
  3. fistula in the anus;
  4. purulent hydradenitis;
  5. neoplasm;
  6. hemorrhoids;
  7. decrease in sphincter function.

The above listed reasons are considered quite natural, but they are all dangerous to health and even to life. Therefore, when faced with the problem of the appearance of itching sensations, one should consult a doctor. Delay and shame can play a cruel joke and lead to irreversible consequences.

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Hemorrhoids - the main cause of itching

Itching in the anus

Itching in the anus can cause and hemorrhoids

This disease exhausts a person to such a degree, bringing into his life many unpleasant minutes and hours, that even the word itself has become used in figurative meaning. They are called bored problems, which are difficult to cope with.

And it's not accidental: it's difficult to defeat hemorrhoids, sometimes it's impossible. People for years suffer such a problem and can not even always share with their loved ones. After all, it is not accepted to speak out loud about the defeat of the anus.

The main category of citizens suffering from hemorrhoids are the elderly. It is impossible to be ashamed of one's own illness, procrastination will only worsen the situation and significantly reduce the quality of life in the declining years. Timely treatment will normalize the situation.

Since the veins of the rectum expand with hemorrhoids, the mucosa becomes thinner, sensitivity increases, and eventually itching occurs. It is considered one of the main signs of the development of hemorrhoids.

If internal hemorrhoids develop, there will be no unpleasant sensations at first, but when the hemorrhoids knit out, there will be itching and even pain in the anus.

Causes of hemorrhoids:

  • venous insufficiency;
  • low venous outflow, stagnation;
  • great physical activity, especially lifting very heavy objects;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • constipation;
  • improper diet( insufficient amount of fibrous food);
  • lots of spicy food, alcohol;
  • child bearing, childbirth.
Itching in the anus

Constipation - the cause of diseases of the rectum

The following tips will help to never face this unpleasant disease, and if it is available, reduce the symptoms:

  1. Maintaining a right lifestyle. This concept excludes from life all bad habits( alcoholic beverages, smoking).The food should be balanced, gentle. An active lifestyle is recommended, but without great physical exertion. Observance of these simple rules will help to normalize the work of all internal organs, avoid not only hemorrhoids, but also constipations that provoke it.
  2. It is necessary to fight with concomitant diseases, without which hemorrhoids are rare. It's about colitis, gastritis.
  3. Wearing a comfortable cut from natural fabrics. It is a way to create comfortable conditions for the whole organism.
  4. Regular hygiene. It's a simple way to be content with yourself and not suffer from discomfort in the intimate area.

Diagnosis of diseases

Because itching in the anal area can be the result of a variety of diseases, we must carefully consider the reasons that provoked these unpleasant sensations. From the accuracy of the diagnosis depends not only comfort, but also human health. Therefore, self-treatment here should be completely ruled out.

The first signs of many diseases are similar to each other, only laboratory diagnostic methods will give a complete picture of the patient's condition. Therefore, timely access to a doctor - a way to defeat the problem.

At the reception the doctor will conduct a survey. Its goal is to thoroughly identify the signs of the disease, to determine the causes that led to such a condition. For example, itching may occur in certain circumstances. Hence, most likely they are the cause of the development of pruritus. It can be a certain food, hence, most likely it is an attack of allergy. This can be the adoption of alcoholic beverages in large quantities, spicy food, radiation dose.

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Then the doctor should conduct an examination. He will show the external picture of the state. The doctor can see cracks, manifestations of hemorrhoids, inflammatory processes, fungal lesions. During the examination, a rectal finger examination is performed. It is necessary to understand whether the sphincter works correctly.

What kind of examination will the doctor prescribe?

Itching in the anus

Enterobiosis causes itching at night

Conversations and examinations are not enough to have a complete picture of the situation. Therefore, such examinations, analyzes:

  • blood for sugar;
  • feces on I / worm;
  • stool bacteriological;
  • scraping;
  • smear;
  • gastroscopy;
  • uzi of the abdominal cavity.

Next I have to visit a gynecologist, a therapist. Surveys will take a long time, perhaps, the final diagnosis in general will not be related to the field of activity of the proctologist.

What diseases can the itch in the anus signal?

The list of problems in the human body, which can give an itch in the anus, is very large. The most common diseases are listed below.

  • lesions of the rectum( cracks, hemorrhoids, fistulas);
  • diseases of the genitourinary system( vaginitis, cystitis, prostatitis);
  • gastrointestinal diseases( gastritis, ulcer, even common dysbiosis);
  • diseases of the thyroid, pancreas;
  • oncology;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • lichen, pediculosis, scabies;
  • psychoses, neuroses;
  • parasites;
  • is an allergy.

Provoking an itch may incorrectly choose the laundry, neglect the rules of hygiene.

How to treat an itch in the anus?

Itching in the anus

An itch in the anus - an occasion to consult a proctologist

The course of treatment depends on the reasons that caused it. If the reason - inadequate hygiene, it is necessary to wash the intimate area more often and more thoroughly. If itching is a reaction to improperly chosen hygiene products, you need to change them. Selection of comfortable linen from natural fabrics will be one more step to correcting the situation.

Normalization of the condition contributes to the recommendations of a nutritionist. This is a way to reduce weight and avoid problems associated with negative wagging of harmful foods. Cleansing the body will help improve immunity, stabilize overall health.

Ointments, creams, lotions here will not help. It is necessary to fight not with the itch itself, but with the problems that gave rise to it. If the itching is secondary, and the underlying disease is established, then to facilitate the condition, you can use external means, which the doctor will recommend.

If you engage in self-medication and struggle only with itching, you can aggravate the situation and make the problem even more serious.

How are the medicines selected?

To correctly choose a medicine, you need to know what caused the itch. If there is nothing serious, then eliminating the root cause, a person gets the desired relief without additional funds.

  • Dermatitis. Assigned salicylic ointment, zinc.
  • Fungus. Appropriate antifungal drugs.
  • Hemorrhoids. Treatment will appoint a doctor, if conservative therapy does not help, resort to surgery.
  • Worms. Anthelmintic means. It is necessary to treat all members of the family, hygienic procedures are given increased attention.
  • Diseases of the internal organs require an individual approach to treatment.
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There are ointments that are considered universal, because they relieve inflammation, give local relief. This is Polcortolone, Flucinar, Betamethasone. These drugs are good for allergic pruritus. It is necessary to understand that these remedies have local action, they will not eliminate the cause of the itch, they will only ease the condition.

In most cases, it is not enough to use one tool to eliminate itching in the anal area. It is necessary to solve the problem in a complex manner, affecting manifoldly. An important role in improving the condition is proper nutrition. Chocolate, honey, eggs, citrus fruits can aggravate the situation, therefore it is undesirable to use them for food.

If you listen to a doctor, do not invent your own methods of treatment, eat only harmless foods, you can quickly get rid of the painful itching.

Preventive measures

itching in the anus

Sometimes without drugs you can not do!

The most important direction of preventing any diseases is the management of a healthy HLS.To eat it is necessary only healthy food, rich in fiber. Pickles, smoked products, spicy it is better to forget. These same measures will make it possible to become slim and active. The same beneficial effect is due to the refusal of alcoholic beverages, tobacco. It is useful to go in for sports. However, the loads must be feasible.

In order not to become a victim of sexually transmitted diseases, which lead to itching, it is necessary to regulate sexual life, use modern methods of contraception, which can protect both from unwanted pregnancy and from diseases of the genital area.

Be sure to pay due attention to hygiene. Every day you need to take care of yourself, make water ablutions of the intimate zone preferably twice a day. For water procedures, intimate hygiene products are used that soften the mucous and skin softer than the usual soap. If there are lesions, cool water is used for ablutions, they can not be rubbed. It's better just to get wet with a towel.

Underwear should be made from cotton fabrics, not constricting, not constraining movements. This will help to avoid the appearance of diaper rash.

Allergies should be careful and exclude from the diet products that provoke an undesirable reaction.

The above are simple rules, but an attentive attitude to these tips helps to significantly improve the condition. And they relate not only to the problem of itching. This is a comprehensive recovery. Following these recommendations will help to preserve the health given by nature. Of course, this is a good way to get rid of anal itching.

However, it must be understood that the itch caused by diseases can not be eliminated with comfortable panties and hypoallergenic soap. Treatment can last for a long period. Only compliance with all the recommendations of a doctor will help to cope with the problem and return to the old way of life.

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Any itching causes a lot of anxiety. Frequent manifestations of these sensations can lead to irritability, to cause mental disorders. The most noticeably reduces the quality of life of the itch in intimate places, especially in the anus. Below we will talk about what are the main reasons for its appearance, how to eliminate this problem.


  • 1 Anatomical itching
  • 2 Common causes of itching
  • 3 Hemorrhoids - the main cause of pruritus
  • 4 Diagnosis of diseases
  • 5 What examinations will the doctor prescribe?
  • 6 What diseases can the itch in the anus signal?
  • 7 How to treat itching in the anus?
  • 8 How are the medicines selected?
  • 9 Preventive measures

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