Masks of mustard: a keen pleasure for the skin of the face

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Mustard is a distant relative of cabbage and it is very popular in the treatment of cough, colds, rheumatism. Seeds of this plant treat female frigidity, escape from the evil eye. What else? Cosmetology! Masks for the face of mustard - another unexpectedly simple, but effective recipe for skin care. This acute seasoning affects the epidermis very actively, which is why it solves many cosmetic problems better than the means that are usual for us.

Mustard in cosmetology

Mustard mask Mustard is a frequent guest on our table, but a rare guest on the cosmetic table. Why? Probably, women are afraid of too aggressive properties of this wonderful seasoning. And they are certainly right. Masks with mustard for use with caution. We will tell about this a little later. Natural mustard deserves the closest attention, because it contains a lot of useful substances:

  • vitamins: group A( moisturizing), B( acne treatment), E( rejuvenation), D( toning);
  • essential oils: soothe irritated epidermis;
  • glycoside synegrin: causes a rush of blood, stimulates blood circulation, helps the skin to recover;
  • fatty acids: activate metabolic processes;
  • other elements: potassium, iron, phosphorus and so on nourish the epidermis.

For the preparation of mustard masks for the skin of the face, dry whole seeds must be used, ground in a coffee grinder. The fact is that the ready powder is a dried and ground cake, which remains after the pressing of mustard oil. Mustard oil is the strongest natural antioxidant and it is this mustard that is necessary for the skin of the property that is deprived of mustard oil cake! So, the powder contains too few utilities, but we need everything, do not we?

Mustard mask rules

A mustard mask can irritate koji, but this is not a reason to abandon its "services".Here are the rules that will help make the procedure useful, effective, safe.


  1. Use dry seeds ground in a coffee grinder, and do not use ready-made commercially available powder.
  2. Carefully select components, consider the problem you want to deal with. Study our recipes( see below).
  3. Keep out of the reach of the eyes.
  4. If the mask is too hot - wash the compound immediately.
  5. Hold the mask for no more than 10 minutes, then rinse.
  6. Test the reaction of your skin, first applying the mixture to the inner crook of the elbow.
  7. Apply the mask once every ten days.
  8. The mask for dry skin is applied first to gauze, and after gauze is applied to the face.


  1. Do not use a mask with mustard for the skin of the face, if there is a strong growth of hair.
  2. Discard the mustard drug if the skin is sensitive, flaky or prone to allergies.
  3. Do not apply a mask if there are wounds or scratches on the skin.
  4. Use another remedy if you have a skin condition: pustular rash, terry eczema, psoriasis, couperose.

Collection of recipes

Mustard seeds

Mustard mask for normal skin is prepared very simply. Mix the wheat oil( 1 teaspoon), yolk( 1 pc.), Honey( 1 tablespoon), mustard( 1 teaspoon).Mask slightly warmed in a water bath, mix thoroughly. Apply layer by layer.

Oily and problem skin

  1. Ground grain mustard + cucumber + protein + herbal decoction. Powder( 1 teaspoon), gruel of fresh cucumber( 3 tablespoons), beaten protein( 1 pc.), Herbal broth( 2 tablespoons) mixed. If desired, add the oatmeal( ground oat flakes).
  2. Ground grain + turmeric + lemon juice. Powder( 1 tablespoon), turmeric( 2 tablespoons), lemon juice( 5 drops), water( 1 cup) mixed.
  3. From acne. Mustard + milk. Mix the powder( 1 tablespoon) with warm milk( 0.5 cups).Distribute on the face with a cotton pad.

Dry skin

  1. Powder seasoning + herbal decoction + wheat oil. Powder( 1 tablespoon) mixed with herbal decoction( 2 tablespoons), pour in wheat oil( 1 tablespoon).For broth, use such herbs( one or more): raspberry leaves, mother-and-stepmother, lime, sage, chamomile, mint, parsley, plantain, sage, plantain.
  2. Mustard + fruit juice + flax oil. Ground seasoning( 1 tablespoon), fruit juice( 2 tablespoons), flaxseed oil( 1 tablespoon) mixed. Fruits: apple, orange, pear.
  3. Mustard + vegetable juice + jojoba oil. Powder( 1 tablespoon) vegetable juice( 2 tablespoons), jojoba oil( 1 tablespoon) mixed. Vegetables: carrots, cucumbers, pumpkin, zucchini, cabbage.

Withering skin

Face after mask

  1. Just mustard powder( 2 tbsp.) + Warm water( to the density of gruel).Apply, applying the mixture on the cheesecloth.
  2. Mustard powder( 2 tablespoons) dilute in warm water until thick, apply on a gauze base and attach to the face.
  3. Mustard + beans + olive oil + lemon juice. Boil the beans( 1 stack.) And wipe it through a sieve. Add mustard( 1 teaspoon), lemon juice( squeeze out half a lemon), olive oil( 1 tablespoon).Pound the components in a homogeneous mass, apply for 20 minutes. Withering, puffiness, bleaching. Parsley + ground seasoning + sour cream. Green parsley chop( 1 tbsp.), Add the same mustard powder( 1 teaspoon), fat sour cream( 1 tbsp.).Apply for 20-30 minutes, rinse with warm water. This composition can be applied to the skin around the eyes.

Mask for strengthening hair. Reminder

Mask for strengthening hair

Other problems

  • Bleaching
  1. Lemon juice( several drops) + olive oil( 1 tbsp.) + Powder( 1 teaspoon).
  2. Boil the mustard seeds( 1 tablespoon in 1 glass of water) for 10 minutes, strain, cool, stir, add honey( 1 tablespoon).Apply for 20 minutes.
  • Tired skin

Powder( 1 teaspoon), apple puree( 3 tablespoons), whipped egg whites( 1 pc.), Strained green tea( 2 teaspoons of liquid).

  • From the growth of facial hair

Flour + milk + lemon juice + mustard oil. Wheat flour( 1 tbsp.), Warm milk( 2 tbsp.), Lemon juice( 2-3 drops), mustard oil( 4-5 drops), warm water( 1 tbsp.) To mix. Rub the mass in problem areas with soft movements on the massage lines. Wash off after 10 minutes.

Home recipe from the site Magic-skin. Our video

Mustard can become a real "war girlfriend" for every beauty. And not just a friend, but also a trade secret. Successful masks for you for bright beauty!

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Published: 15-12-2015