Preparation of a mask from black dots and red pimples at home

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From the appearance of acne on the face, acne and black spots, no one is immune. Some unreasonably believe that these phenomena - the usual short-term troubles in the period of puberty teenagers. And deeply mistaken: pimples( acne) on his face can be found even in adulthood. This is where the search for miracle cures for fighting the rash begins. But you do not need to look far, because a medical mask from black dots and acne will help to cope with the problem.

Pure face

Causes of rash on skin

The reasons for the formation of black dots or pimples are simple enough, they lie, as they say, on the surface. Human skin releases up to 20 grams of subcutaneous fat per day. Most of the sebaceous glands are located in the face, neck, and chest area. In some cases, more often due to elementary failure to comply with even the most basic rules of personal hygiene, the pores on the face are clogged with stoppers from sebum.

Interacting with oxygen, the fat oxidizes, turns black - the nasty point is ready. And microorganisms, which are always abundant on the human body, in such a nutrient medium, reproduction begins immediately. This triggers the mechanism of acne formation.

What to do with this phenomenon? Of course, fight. But by no means with the help of extrusion - by this you do not achieve anything. Against the insidious enemy, strong and effective methods must be used. One of the best ways to get rid of such a problem is a mask from black dots and acne.

Getting treatment


It is best to seek advice from a dermatologist immediately after finding acne. It is possible that the causes of the appearance of this scourge are not hidden from the outside, but inside the body. Having got rid of diseases of internal organs, you at the same time solve also a problem of a skin of the face. If, with the body, everything is in order, then there is simply no way to find a better way than masks from acne and black spots.

Not only are such procedures very effective, they are conducted at home using the most common herbs, fruits and vegetables. But before you use them, you need to do something.

Steam baths

Steam bath

Their use is a necessary condition for enhancing the healing effect of masks. They will warm up and moisturize the skin, enrich it with oxygen, improve blood circulation. Steam will open the pores of the body, prepare them for the perception of the curative substances of the mask.

To properly make a steam bath, you need to prepare a special infusion: 3 tablespoons of dried camomile flowers, calendula pour a liter of boiling water, protect 10-15 minutes.on a steam bath, then another half an hour to insist. Prepare:

  • towel( preferably terry);
  • deep basin or other capacity;
  • assemble the hairstyle under the hat;
  • , treat the skin near the eyes with any vegetable oil.

Then, warming up the infusion again, pour it into the basin, add boiling water( 1.5 liters).Covering your head with a towel, steal your face for a while over hot water. The procedure should take no more than 7-10 minutes.

Vegetative face masks

Fruit mask

Home mask, unlike the same procedure in the cabin, is done at a convenient time, usually before bedtime. Skin after the session, thanks to nutrients, improved blood circulation, as well as healing action, becomes smooth and soft. The "greasy shine" disappears, wide pores are closed, wrinkles are smoothed.

  • An unusually effective, but unusual mask - from turnips and carrots. After all, there is a lot of vitamin A in the carrot, which is extremely important for the skin, and ordinary turnip has excellent cleaning properties. Boil these vegetables, mash to a homogeneous gruel. The resulting composition is applied to the face and lie down for 20 minutes. After that, gently remove the mask with milk or warm water. The result is visible after the first procedure - the face will become younger, become more fresh and clean.
  • Cucumber masks not only moisturize, nourish, perfectly clean the face, but are also effective in combating acne. Grated uncooked cucumber is poured with two glasses of boiling water, then water is decanted, and the remaining mass is applied to the affected area. As an option - without boiling water, but in both cases, half the teaspoon of ordinary soda is added to the mass. Grated cucumber should be used immediately, otherwise with time its healing properties are lost.
  • We take 2 tbsp.l.cucumber freshly squeezed juice and carefully mixed with the beaten egg yolk - the mask is ready. We put it on the affected places and after 15 minutes.wash off with warm water.
  • Take a tincture of marigold, mix with chamomile infusion. Proportion: half a cup of chamomile infusion per 1 tbsp.l.calendula. Wet the napkin in the resulting solution, squeeze and put on the face for half an hour. Compress should be warm. After the procedure, wash with cold water. After the session, notice a significant reduction in inflammation, pimples and acne dry.

Egg white face mask

Very good effect on the problem skin of the face is a protein of chicken eggs. However, such masks are contraindicated to those who have an allergy to this product.

  • Prepare the lemon juice( 1 tsp), take one protein and mix it thoroughly with a mixer. Form the foam applied in three to four receptions every 5-6 minutes, but so that the previous ball of foam is a bit dry. Wash off with warm water. Surprisingly, the results are visible after the first session.
  • The pulp of a ripe watermelon should be thoroughly mixed with a beaten egg, then applied to the face. After waiting 20 minutes, rinse with warm water. This simple procedure should be repeated twice a week.

Cosmetic clay masks

Natural minerals - blue or black clay - are indispensable for masks: they will clear the skin of contamination and dead particles, relieve inflammation, narrow the enlarged pores, accelerate the regeneration of the skin.

  • Sea buckthorn juice or cranberries bred 2 tablespoons of colored clay until semi-liquid, applied to the skin. Wash off warm, then( after 25 minutes) with cold water.
  • 1-2 tbsp.l.cosmetic clay is mixed with exactly the same amount of lemon or cucumber juice, the resulting mixture is smeared on the face and neck. It is washed off with warm and cool water alternately.

Coconut Mask

Another effective mask - with the use of coconut oil. Mix 1 tbsp.l.coconut warm oil, 2 tbsp.l.aloe juice, a pinch of sea salt and a tablespoon of ground oat flakes. The received mass to smear problematic places: face, neck, decollete area. After about 20 minutes.wash off with warm water.

Comedy procedure( step-by-step recipe)

The procedure from comedones

How the

mask works The home mask for acne and black spots, if it is responsibly treated, becomes a reliable tool in the fight for clean skin. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that simple, long-familiar things turn into real deliverers from the problem that has arisen. Having decided to use the mask, remember the basic rule: only regular, daily procedures will allow to see an excellent result. Single sessions, with the use of all sorts of recipes, are doomed to failure in advance.

Mask from black dots and acne: Video

Try to observe all the rules of hygiene and eat right - this will help prevent the appearance of black spots and acne on the face.

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Published: 26-04-2015