Ascorbic face mask - believe it or not?

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  • How Vitamin C is useful for the body
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    • Rejuvenating tonic for those with more 40. Instruction
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An aqueous solution of vitamin C does not penetrate the skin, so the ascorbic face mask causes ironic smiles in cosmetologists. Nevertheless, user reviews say that there is a result. What is the effect of a placebo, an exception to the rule or a deception?

How useful is vitamin C for the body

Cosmetics with ascorbic acid Since childhood, a favorite "ascorbic" is ready to come to the rescue during a cold and spring vitamin deficiency. Ascorbic acid invigorates and tones. It's him, vitamin C, we pay tribute when we add a cup of lemon to the tea. Here is the benefit that ascorbic acid brings to the skin. This is confirmed by the testimonies of those girls who used the remedy for several weeks in a row.

  1. Whitening.
  2. Treatment of blackheads.
  3. Rejuvenation.
  4. Narrowing of pores.
  5. Fighting fresh vascular asterisks.
  6. Refreshing effect.
  7. Lifting.

The problem of using ascorbic masks is that it does not penetrate deep layers of the skin. This means that a vitamin, unprepared for use in cosmetics, is useless in masks.

In addition, ascorbic acid is a powerful allergen. Before applying any mixture, it should be tested in a place where the skin is particularly sensitive. This is the inner fold of the elbow and wrist.

Recipes of cosmetics with ascorbic

Those who decided to restore the skin with ascorbic acid, advise: first make a peeling to open access to the pores. And necessarily combine several vitamins: A, E, and C. We already wrote about masks with Aevit, therefore on our site there are prescriptions of the means with vitamins A and E.

The simplest recipe looks like this: drip a couple drops of an aqueous solution of vitamin on a cotton pad,moistened with mineral water, and wipe with this tonic face. Follow the procedure every day for 2 weeks, then take a break for a month. Ready to buy ampoules in the pharmacy.

  • Lotion

A more precise recipe. Dilute 2 ampules of vitamin with water( 1: 1).Wipe your face daily. If after the lotion bakes the skin, dilute the formula in a different way: 1: 2.After 20 minutes, the face is rinsed.

  • Treatment of couperose

Wipe red spots tonic several times a day( it is a question of fresh redness).

Rejuvenating tonic for those with more than 40. Instruction

Rejuvenating tonic for those with more than 40


  • Simplest

Dilute tableted ascorbic in water. Apply on face for 20 minutes. Rinse the skin and apply a cream.

  • Refreshing, Vitamin

Scrub half an apple on a plastic grater. Add raw chicken yolk, a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of ascorbic acid in powder. Apply on face, neck and neck for 20 minutes, rinse.

  • From black dots

Mix 2.5 g of ascorbic powder, 5 tablets of activated charcoal, a tablespoon of kaolin( white clay).Tablets pre-chop. If you do not find ready-made ascorbic powder, open the vitamins in the tablets. The amount of coal and vitamin - in equal proportions. Add hot water, mix thoroughly. Apply to skin areas covered with comedones. Pre-rupture the face. Hold the mixture for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water with a small sponge. The sponge will clean the dissolved dirt from the pores. The effect of the mask lasts about a week.

  • With couperose

Mix fresh green tea brew( 1 tsp), cottage cheese( 2 tsp), sea buckthorn oil( 0.5 tsp), ascorbic acid in powder( 0.5 tsp.).Mask eliminates redness with couperose, whitens, refreshes. Apply on face for 20 minutes. Residue rinse with a decoction of herbs( parsley, sage, chamomile).

  • Mask with ascorbic From Acne

Mix low-fat sour cream and honey( 1 tbsp.), Ascorbic powder( 1 tsp), lemon juice( 3 drops), whisk thoroughly and apply for 15 minutes. Rinse your face with cool water.

  • For peeling, to feed

Almond oil and honey( 1 tsp), vitamin C( 1/3 tsp.) Mix, densely put on the face. Wash off the residue after 20 minutes.

  • Rejuvenation, whitening, nutrition

Mix such ingredients: sour cream and honey( 1 tsp), aloe juice, vitamin A and C( 3 drops each).Apply for 20 minutes, rinse face with cool water.

  • Fruit natural

You do not need to run to the pharmacy to prepare this mask. It is enough to apply on the face of fruit containing a large amount of vitamin C: kiwi, strawberries, sea buckthorn. By the way, Arab women love strawberries for the fact that it has small shifts. Eastern women remove the mask massaging movements, while the seeds act as a scrub, and the acid as a peeling.

  • For age-rejuvenating

Mix components: ascorbic powder( 1.5 tsp), natural yogurt( 5 tsp), sugar( 3 tsp), essential oil of neroli( 3 drops).Cut the cotton pad into two halves, put a mixture on each and stick it under the eyes. Remove the mask after 10 minutes, rinse the remainder of the mixture. Use daily for a week. Keep the remainder of the mixture in the refrigerator.

  • With Vitamin A

Mix ascorbic acid powder( 1 tsp) and liquid vitamin A( 1/3 tsp).The mask narrows the pores, removes greasy shine, smoothes out small wrinkles.

Video. Mask with ascorbic acid

It is not recommended to use saturated vitamin masks during the hot time of the mountain, when the sun's rays are particularly active. True, it does not seem to apply to vitamin C( different sources have their own opinion), but it's better not to take risks.

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Published: 31-01-2016