Masks with vitamins A and E: the elementary truths in skin care

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To enhance the effect of a usual home mask, it adds a truly magical drop of beauty. We are talking about oily vitamin solutions of youth with short names. Masks for the face with vitamin A and E fall into the skin and immediately begin to do their good work. As a result of. .. However, about this after.

Properties of vitamins A and E

Vitamins in Cosmetology Than these substances are so useful for the skin? What problems solve? Let's start in alphabetical order.

Vitamin A

The second name is retinol, an active wrestler with acne of various origins: hormonal leaps during the transition years, pregnancy, etc. In addition, retinol helps to prevent and smooth out such phenomena as:

  • acne of different origin;
  • comedones;
  • dryness;
  • dull complexion;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • early wrinkles;
  • reduced tone, laxity;
  • Couperose.

Vitamin E

It is called in another way - tocopherol, which in Latin means "reviving".Tocopherol helps the skin to recover from stress, to cope with the negative coming from the environment. Skin cells are updated more quickly if they are supported by tocopherol. The masks, in which this component enters, smooth the mesh of wrinkles, tighten the contour of the face.

With a deficiency of this component, the skin immediately rebels: it begins to peel, lose elasticity, becomes sluggish. To support the body from exhaustion, you need to take 100 mg of vitamin E daily.

Masks and reception of the complex inside can prevent such distressing phenomena as:

  • wrinkles, photoaging;
  • decreased tone;
  • stretch marks;
  • scars, scars;
  • pigmented spots;
  • acne, irritation;
  • dry skin;
  • peeling, cracked.

Recipes of vitaminized masks

A face mask with vitamin A and E is prepared on the basis of oil solutions, which are sold in a pharmacy. It is enough to pierce the capsule, then squeeze the contents into the bulk. In this case, warm masks are heated before the vitamins are added, so that during the heat treatment, not a single useful molecule should be lost.

Before applying make an allergy test, this is important, because we are going to use a concentrated vitamin solution.

Masks with vitamin E

Face after mask


Vitamin E is preferred by adult women who are concerned about early wrinkles. Any cream passes before a simple but effective remedy: vegetable oil plus vitamin E.

Mix the vegetable oil( jojoba, cocoa butter, coconut, sesame, olive, almond, wheat germ) with tocopherol( cut the capsule, squeeze out the contents), or simplyadd tocopherol in your daily cream. Apply this homemade anti-aging agent on a clean face an hour before bedtime. Rinse the rest with a napkin.

For eyelid care, oil( 50 ml) is mixed with tocopherol oil solution( 10 ml) and used for daily massage.

  • Eyeliner

A piece of cocoa butter the size of a tablespoon melted in a water bath. Add as much sea buckthorn oil and tocopherol. Stir. Apply on the eyelids, beat the skin with the pads of the fingers. After 30 minutes, dab the napkin with the leftovers.

  • Rejuvenating

Mix yoghurt( 1 tbsp.), Honey, lemon juice( 0.5 tbsp.), Tocopherol( 5 drops).Apply for 20 minutes, rinse off the residue.

  • Nutritional

Mix honey, milk( 1 tbsp.), Yolk, vitamin E( 10 drops).Hold for 20 minutes.

  • Cleansing

Homemade oatmeal( 1 tbsp.), Honey, yogurt, olive oil( 1 tbsp.) Mix. Drip 10 drops of tocopherol. Hold for 15 minutes, rinse with water.

  • Exfoliating

Raw protein whisk with a fork, add honey( 0.5 tsp), and tocopherol( 10 drops).Keep mixture for 20 minutes.

  • Toning, clarifying

Fresh overgrown cucumber chop( 2 tablespoons), add tocopherol from 2 capsules, mix. Apply, after 20 minutes, rinse.

Masks with vitamin A

Pure face

  • Acne

Mix the cream with aloe juice( 1 tsp) and retinol( 10 drops), hold the mixture for 15 minutes.

  • Nutritional

Mix the retinol( 1 ampoule) with olive oil( 1 tbsp.) And yolk. Apply for 15 minutes.

  • Nutritional

Mix cottage cheese, sour cream( 1 tbsp.), Retinol( 1 ampoule), apply for 15 minutes.

  • Daily Vitamin Washing

Prepare a decoction of chamomile, dilute the ampoule of retinol in it. Wash your face every day twice. Tangible results will appear in 7 days.

  • Complex

Mix honey, almond and burdock oil( 1 tbsp each), add retinol( 1 tsp).Apply for 15 minutes.

Home recipe from Magical Skin. Our video

Complex masks

  • Nourishing

Mix such ingredients: tocopherol, aloe juice( 5 drops each), retinol( 10 drops) and a teaspoon of night cream. Apply for 20 minutes, remove the residue with a tissue.

  • Rejuvenating

Boil a small amount of oatmeal in milk, take a tablespoon of warm mass. Add honey( 1 tbsp.), Then yoghurt( 2 tbsp.), Drip 3 drops of retinol and tocopherol. Stir the ingredients, apply for 20 minutes. Wash off with warm, then cold water.

  • Rejuvenating, toning

Take as a basis one of the rejuvenating oils( see the beginning of the section "Masks with vitamin E") and add there a complex of vitamins A, E, C. Retinol and tocopherol 4 drops, ascorbic acid - 1 tablet, grind. Apply the mixture for 10-15 minutes, remove the residue with a napkin.

  • Tightening

Whisk the protein with a fork, mix with clay( 2 tbsp.), Add milk to get a thick, like cream, mass. Drip retinol and tocopherol( 3 drops each), apply for 10 minutes.

  • Toning

Cocoa powder( 1 tbsp.), Yogurt( 1 tbsp.), 4 drops of retinol and tocopherol. If the skin is dry, then add any waste oil: rose hips, grape seeds, peach. Hold 15 minutes, rinse with water.

Encyclopedia of vitamins in foods. Instruction

The Encyclopedia of Vitamins in Foods

Face masks with a complex of vitamins A and E bear a double benefit to the skin. Those women who add them to recipes from a young age, differ beautiful elastic skin without wrinkles and remain youthful until deep maturity. And the secret is simple - two small letters, a few drops of use in each tool!

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Published: 11-10-2015