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  • Honey in cosmetology
    • How to choose high-quality honey
  • Face mask from honey for acne: Video
  • Salt in cosmetology
  • Honey-salt mask rules( read carefully)
  • Correct massage lines( reminder)
  • Honey-salt mask: a stunning effect!
    • Mature beauty( rejuvenation, tonus)
    • Young beauty( inflammations)
  • Face mask from honey and salt: Video

Honey in cosmetology

Honey and salt relax Honey is a rich gift of nature that contains from 100 to 400( according to different sources) the substances necessary forwork of our body. Honey is a premium fuel, an activator of vitality, which can conquer more than one ailment. It is saturated with vitamins of group B( and we all know what it means for the skin!), Iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, carbohydrates, sodium, zinc. .. And that's not all! It is easily absorbed by both the body and the epidermis, which opens the pores like hospitable honeycombs to soak up the sweet nectar to the last drop.

How to choose a quality honey( reminder)

How to distinguish real honey

Mask of honey for acne: Video

Salt in cosmetology

Salt is an ancient mineral that is known to man. Will it be too bold to assume that salt is one of the first cosmetics that a woman tamed? And notice, since that time salt has not become less popular, moreover, we can not live without it for a day.

The loose mineral - as we used to see it - consists of small crystals that are able to penetrate into the deepest layers of the epidermis and cause the cells to work by rehabilitating the dull and flabby skin. They, the crystals, clean the dirt from the pores. Can you imagine what will happen if you combine this property of salt crystals with the ability of honey to open pores like wide doors? !

Iodine, which contains sea salt, kills germs without hesitation. And chlorine helps him actively.

For sure, dear readers, you thought now that sharp crystals are capable of traumatizing the skin, is not it? You are a thousand times right! Salt can be an extremely aggressive cosmetic, and honey - a powerful allergen. However, to avoid trouble is very easy. How? It's simple: to learn, learn

Honey-salt mask rules( read carefully)

Our skin is different: delicate, sensitive, dry, problematic. .. But the secrets of the right face mask with honey and salt are the same for all types and are simple to obnoxious:

  1. Use only finely ground salt, even for scrubs. Much better if you crush the crystals again in a coffee grinder or blender.
  2. Use only home honey, heated in a water bath to a temperature of not more than 50-80 degrees.
  3. Take the trouble to steam your face or body.
  4. Regularity is important.
  5. Allergy test is required.
  6. Mix the mask immediately before application.
  7. Duration of the procedure( please note!) Up to 10 minutes.
  8. The mixture must be washed very carefully, for which cool water is especially good.


  • Allergy to honey, diabetes, couperose.
  • Sensitive and dry skin( cosmetic salt remedies cool the epidermis).

Correct massage lines( reminder)

Massage Lines

Honey-salt mask: stunning effect!


So, those to whom this glorious masochka is contraindicated, can no longer read, and can lead to the site of girlfriends, because not all your friends have dry skin. Share the recipes of masks more boldly, put the plus signs in your karma! After all, the honey-salt mask solves too many questions to treat it lightly: acne, comedones, flabbiness of the epidermis, unintelligible complexion, large pores, greasiness, anemia. .. These are trifles that spoil our nerves and prevent us from enjoying our own beauty.

Universal face mask( rejuvenation, inflamed skin, greasy sheen)

Honey heat and mix with salt( 1: 1), apply on face as described in our rules honey-salt mask.

Universal scrub with honey

Mix honey and scrub crystals( 1: 1).For each problem, their own scrub crystals:

  • dry skin - cinnamon powder;
  • oily - sea salt;
  • is normal sugar.

After application, massage face in a circular motion on massage lines for 5 minutes, after 15 minutes, rinse. Result fix with moisturizer.

Mature beauty( rejuvenation, tonus)

Honey Brewing masochka

Honey warm, beat with salt( 1: 1), beat again, add cognac( 1 tsp), stir, pampered skin.

Sea cocktail

Mix sea salt( 1 tbsp.) And milk semolina porridge( 1 tbsp.), Pour in the honey( 1 tsp), add the yolk( 1 pc.) And olive oil( by eye,up to the density).Olive oil can be safely replaced by sunflower, if the store is far away or in the purse empty.

Toning cream mask

Steamed milk in milk( 1 tbsp.), Salt, honey, olive oil( 0.5 tsp), chicken yolk( 0,5 pcs, quail - 2 pcs.).Stir thoroughly, pour fresh( 1 tbsp.), Stir again. The resulting mixture - and it will look like a thick and very fragrant cream - put on your face for 20 minutes.

Young beauty( inflammation)

Salt Mask-penka with honey

Honey warm( see section "Rules honey-salt masks", point 2), sprinkle salt( 1: 1), beat mixture with a fork, apply on face.

Hot mask

Sea salt( 1 tsp), hot water( 3 tsp), honey( 3 tablespoons).Stir the salt in water, then add honey and stir again. Apply the mixture on your face with your fingertips along the massage lines, skipping the skin of your lips and eyelids. A little dry the mask and again apply the composition to the problem areas with patting movements of the fingers. Wash off after 15-20 minutes, fix the result with a moisturizer.

If the pimples are ripped off, wait until they heal, and only then treat them with a hot mask. The agent can be applied point-wise - on individual pimples - and then it is left for 30-40 minutes or even at night.

This is where we'll add another super variant to treating acne. Very many girls and boys suffer from the fact that their young skin is covered with purulent pimples. ..

Protein-salt foams

Protein beat up and pour in 0.5 tsp.salt. Shake again. Apply to cleansed skin for 15 minutes, rinse with cool water.

Allergies, be careful! This drug sharply narrows the pores and removes inflammation!

Face mask from honey and salt: Video

Perhaps one day you have already made sure that the salt mask with honey gives the result after the first application? And the effect lasts long, much longer than after other recipes. Have you noticed? So, if you alternate funds of different types( masks, scrubs, tonics and washbasins), prepared on the basis of these components, you can achieve a lasting result with the help of natural - and hence safe - means. And do cheap( although not in this case, right?), Without the inquisitorial manipulations of the beautician( let's not talk about sad).

Youth and beauty to you, dear readers! All in your hands, believe!

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Published: 06-01-2015