Mask of pink clay: double benefit for the face

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    • The opinion of the beautician( scheme)
  • Clay mask rules
  • Face mask made of clay against acne and inflamed skin: Video
  • Mask recipes from pink clay
    • Masks for problematic skin
    • Masks for sensitive epidermis
    • Rejuvenating miracle-masks
  • Mask of pink clay for the face: Video

Pink clay

Than useful pink clay

Masks made of pink clay are extremely delicate. Cosmeticians note the softness of the structure of this powder, so it is recommended to use a remedy for dry, sensitive, normal epidermis. Traditionally clay is used for rejuvenation. Here and pink assistant refreshes the complexion, exfoliates the upper rough layer of the epidermis. In addition, clay masks give a good effect of lifting, smooth wrinkles, tone.

In the composition of pink clay rare for the usual ingredients "from the refrigerator" substances: kaolinite, silicon, illite, montmorillonite, magnesium, calcium, iron oxides.

Pink natural powder is suitable for women of any age, because it solves various problems:

  • treats acne;
  • removes greaseiness;
  • removes comedones;
  • creates a lifting effect;
  • smooths wrinkles;
  • tones up;
  • relieves inflammation;
  • refreshes and levels color;
  • removes peeling;
  • removes allergic rashes;
  • and even soothes the sun-burned skin.

High content of copper activates the production of collagen.

The opinion of the cosmetologist( scheme)

Opinion of the cosmetologist

Rules of the clay mask


Despite the fact that clay treats even an allergic rash, it is necessary to test the mask before applying. And if the mask contains other components besides the clay powder, then it is necessary to check the skin reaction.

For this, mix the ingredients, apply to the elbow skin from the inside. After 20 minutes, evaluate the result. If there is no rash or redness, then cosmetic procedures can be safely continued.

Pink clay is recommended for allergy sufferers. Therefore, those who are prone to allergies and know about it, do not rush to apply the product immediately after the test. After all, the allergy can manifest in a few hours. Therefore, the owners of allergic skin evaluate the result every other day.

The components for the mask are mixed in non-metallic containers. This is due to the high copper content.

Clay masks are applied to cleansed, moisturized face, neck, and décolleté.Skin around the eyes and lips are missing. Masks with clay, applied to the face, do not allow to dry, constantly moistening the crust from the spray.

Face mask made of clay against acne and inflamed skin: Video

Mask recipes from pink clay

Face masks, which include pink clay, are very pleasant, they immediately remove the unpleasant sensations - constriction and dryness.

  • Classical masochka

The universal classic mask, which fits all, is very simple: the clay powder is mixed with water( 1: 1), washed off the face after a quarter of an hour.

Masks for problematic skin

  • Daily acne mask

Softly, but persistently, the clay mask cleans the epidermis of toxins and treats acne. A daily application increases the effect several times. Mix white, pink clay and pearl powder in equal proportions. Dilute the dry powder with non-carbonated mineral water. Mix the ingredients until a uniform elastic paste is obtained.

  • Honey healing mask

Honey and clay - a combination absolutely amazing. Both components act extremely gently, delicately. At the same time, they are very effective. Therefore, the mask is called "curative".

Clay powder( 3-4 tablespoons) mixed with fat-free yogurt to a density from methane. Add honey( 1 tsp).Keep for 15 minutes.

  • With expanded pores
  1. Clay powder( 1 tablespoon) diluted with lemon juice( 1 tsp), add 3 drops of rosemary oil. If desired, add protein( 1 pc.).The mask is applied for 10 minutes. The result is fixed with contrast washing.
  2. Powder( 1 tbsp.) Mixed with mineral water( 3 tbsp.).When the paste becomes homogeneous, add protein, again stir well. This masochka has an additional effect - tightens the flabby wrinkled skin.

Mask for sensitive epidermis

  • Complex mask for dry and sensitive skin

Mix powder of pink clay( 1 tbsp.), Purified water( 3 tbsp.), Jojoba oil( 1 tsp), 2 drops of essentialoils of roses and chamomile. Stir the ingredients until a smooth, uniform paste is obtained. The product is washed off after a quarter of an hour. The face is rinsed with herbal decoction, the result is fixed with a moisturizing cream.

  • Nourishing

Powder( 4 tablespoons without a roller coaster), milk( dilute to a sour cream density), sour cream( 1 tbsp.), Honey( 1 tsp), cottage cheese( 1 tbsp.).The components are stirred until the mass is perfectly homogeneous. Hold on the face for 15 minutes.

Anti-aging miracle masks

  • Aspirin

Powder( 3 tbsp.) Is diluted with herbal decoction. Aspirin( 4 tab.) Is ground and mixed with clay paste. Apply to cleansed face for 15 minutes. Pure face

  • Vitamin

A cocktail of vitamins that go into this mask, rejuvenates and restores facial skin.

Powder of pink clay diluted with water, add 5 drops of Aevit. The skin will receive a vitamin charge, which will cause the epidermal cells to be renewed more actively.

Like any other cosmetic product, clay loves constancy. Repeat masochki from clay regularly, and your skin will become tender, youth will return to you and a fresh complexion.

Mask of pink clay for the face: Video

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Published: 08-05-2015