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Often in the morning, even after a good night's sleep, we see in the mirror a tired, swollen face with dark circles under the eyes. Although they say that a sound sleep is the guarantee of healthy skin, but in the furious rhythm of modern life and bad ecology, this, unfortunately, is not always confirmed. After all the vicissitudes of the past day, of course, the skin should rest and recover. And just the night mask for the face best solves this problem. The main thing is to find the most effective one for yourself.

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How to restore the skin after a busy day

The heavier the day, the more our body needs to recover. Everyone knows this, but not everyone knows that a good dinner, sitting by the TV or a simple nap in the armchair, however much you want, simply can not restore or saturate the skin with all the necessary trace elements and vitamins. In the case where even a full-fledged sleep does not cope with this problem, then night masks for the face come to the rescue. Their usefulness and expediency of application is repeatedly verified in practice.

What is useful for night masks

Scientists have proved that the most productive period for skin care is night, as in the day the cells are not recovered so actively. Optimal for regeneration is considered a segment from 23 pm to 5 am. The use of the mask during this period of time contributes to the fact that the skin becomes elastic, the signs of fatigue disappear, the face becomes fresh and rested.

Moreover, all the nutritional components available in the masks at night are not only digested much more quickly, but also much more efficiently. This is due to the fact that the sebaceous glands are at this time most active. This is the most suitable time for dealing with such deficiencies as inflammation, increased fat, predisposition to acne, and so on.


Night face mask for your face

Features of application and application of night masks

In order not to aggravate already existing skin problems, before applying to the face of a night mask, it is necessary to observe a number of simple but important rules:

  • to know the type of your skin;
  • prepare mask immediately before application;
  • should be applied to clean, soiled after skin;
  • before application of a cleansing and light facial massage;
  • apply a uniform thin layer;Do not apply
  • on the skin around the eyes;
  • rinse with morning wash usual means;
  • should not be used more than once in 2 days, allocating for a course not more than 1.5 months.

Face Mask for the night: Video

Finished facial care products

There are a number of cosmetic companies offering ready-made products for masks at night. Their choice is huge, but they are all aimed at improving the circulation of the upper lipid layer, which is very important for nutrition of the skin. Acquiring an already ready-made remedy, we have the opportunity to choose masks with seaweed, healing oils and healing mud, extracts, various plant components.

Depending on the situation, masks can reduce pores, remove inflammation and irritation, remove wrinkles, clean or bleach. Some of them perform several functions simultaneously, while others are aimed at solving one particular problem. But whatever it is, whatever goal we pursue in choosing a remedy, before you buy it, it is advisable to consult a specialist doctor. Having made an inspection and determined the type of skin, he will give clear recommendations, which mask you need.

Grandmother's recipes

Despite the huge selection of branded skin care products, many women still prefer to use night-time masks for the face, prepared according to home recipes. Being an excellent alternative to professional remedies, they have a beneficial effect on the skin and perfectly cope with a whole range of problems that spoil our lives. It is important to remember, any woman, no matter what, can make herself beautiful herself.

Beauty means

  • Revitalizing and refreshing

To prepare a refreshing face refreshing remedy for the night, the following is required. Mix to a homogeneous consistency of yolk, 2 tbsp.l.tea brewing and 1 tsp. Shea butter( as the butter is dense, it must be melted before use).In the morning, wash everything off with a lightly brewed green tea and wipe the skin with an ice cube of mineral water or herbal decoction.

  • Nourishing

The mask for the facial skin for the night is prepared as follows. First you need to mix the egg yolk with two teaspoons of nutritious cream, then add a pinch of salt, vitamin D( 10 drops) and vitamins A and E( 15 drops each).Immediately before use, make a hot compress. In the morning, wash with a mixture of cool tea and cold water.

  • For normal skin

When caring for a normal skin, you need 1 banana and a tablespoon of honey. Rumble the pulp of the banana mixed with honey and apply a smooth layer on the face. In the morning, rinse with slightly warmed water.

  • For dry skin

For dry skin, you need the following. Warm up in a water bath 1 tsp.cocoa butter, mix with a teaspoon of apricot, olive and almond oil and jojoba oil, apply a thin layer on the face. In the morning wash with green tea.

  • Acne

In the fight against acne is considered to be an optimal mixture based on clay. For its preparation you need 1 tsp.white clay mixed with a tablespoon of green tea and add 5-8 drops of lemon juice.

Anti-aging cream with your hands( reminder)

Rejuvenating cream with your hands

If the skin is taken care of constantly, it will maintain a healthy color for a long time, be in excellent condition and very long to please you with no wrinkles and acne. And do not forget: though youth and elasticity of the skin is not eternal, it is not only possible but to prolong and prolong its healthy state.

Elegant anti-aging face mask made from sour cream and honey:

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Published: 08-05-2015