Gardnerella in men: causes, symptoms, treatment of gardnerellosis

Gardnerella is a disease that occurs mainly in women, because it is inextricably linked with a particular bacterial environment of the vagina. In men, this disease occurs solely in the form of an inflammatory disease of the genital organs. In the male body, it can appear only after the penetration of the pathogen, gardnerella, through the urinary channels as a result of sexual intercourse without the use of contraception.

The structure of the male urinary tract is such that, in their healthy state, the causative agent of the gardnerelleza leaves the body for a second or third day. Nevertheless, under the influence of predisposing factors( hypothermia, decreased immunity, concomitant diseases, etc.), the causative agent becomes active, its growth begins and as a result the urethral mucosa becomes inflamed( gardnerellez).


  • 1 Symptoms of gardnerelleza in men
  • 2 Treatment of gardnerella in men
  • 3 Prevention of gardnerelleza

Symptoms of gardnerelleza in men

It should be noted in advance that some members of the stronger sex gardnerellez can be hidden and asymptomatic. Complaints and external manifestations of the disease is almost not observed, but the man becomes a carrier and peddler gardnerelleza. However, more often this disease manifests symptoms of urethritis. Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the urethra caused by the gardnerella is accompanied by secretions from the urethra( discharge with a greenish tinge), a burning sensation and unpleasant sensations in the process of urination. Treatment gardnerelleza in men can be appointed only after an individual examination of the patient. Most often it is still necessary. The course of treatment must necessarily pass both sexual partners. If no measures are taken in time or special therapy is prescribed, there is a high probability of complications in the form of prostatitis, epididymitis, inflammation of the kidneys and the genitourinary system.

Treatment of gardnerella in men

Before the appointment of therapeutic procedures, a thorough examination is conducted to the patient. To diagnose the disease, men take a smear from the urethra. After, if there is a need for treatment gardnerelleza, which is detected by a doctor after the detection in the laboratory of a gardnerella in the urethra, treatment is prescribed.

Treatment of gardnerellosis in representatives of the male by modern methods involves the use of antibacterial drugs that are selected taking into account the results of bacteriological analyzes of secretions to favorable media and determining the reaction of the causative agent to drugs, as well as the possibility of side diseases. Treatment gardnerelleza in total is carried out within 2-3 weeks. For this period, you need to give up sexual intercourse and observe an elementary diet regime. In no event should you eat spicy, fried, smoked, spicy food and alcohol.

After the therapy, several control studies of the urogenital microflora are carried out in order to exclude relapses of the disease. It is mandatory to conduct treatment procedures for all sexual partners, otherwise treatment will not be effective. Examination of the disease does not take much time, all tests can be done in a day, which is very important for many modern patients.

Prevention of gardnerellosis

Prevention of such a disease as gardnerellez is the observance of simple rules of hygiene. It's important to get a permanent partner that you trust. Avoid accidental sexual intercourse or always use contraception. Just remember that no contraceptive does not give a hundred percent guarantee of protection against sexually transmitted diseases. At the slightest hints of infection, you need to see a doctor.

In modern urological clinics, it is possible to carry out qualitative diagnostics of even asymptomatic gardnerelleza and to detect the disease, to treat it with the most modern medicines. Specialists of such medical institutions will help to avoid possible unpleasant consequences of any disease to everyone.

So, the basic rules of prevention:

  • if you notice that your partner has some kind of gynecological disorders, make her leave her self-treatment and, without delay, consult a qualified doctor;
  • if your partner diagnosed "gardnerellez", keep in mind that this disease is not contagious and you will not become infected with it, having sex with your partner. However, you can also undergo a test, since there is a possibility of infection with concurrent diseases;
  • is not necessary to be treated for gardnerellez. However, it happens that along with the gardnerella, other more serious pathogens are found. Then you need to be treated and you and her, observing all the rules of treatment - at the same time, by the same drugs, using a condom, until positive results of treatment are obtained;
  • in the treatment of vaginosis in a woman can lead an active sex life without restrictions.