Masks for a pumpkin face, or how to please Cinderella

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  • Gold berry, or how useful a pumpkin
  • Rules of a pumpkin mask for a person
  • Kaleidoscope of recipes for masks from a pumpkin for a face
    • Pumpkin masks for a young and problematic skin
    • Pumpkin masks for those for whom. ..
  • Pumpkin mask for a face: Video
    • Pumpkin masks "for all"
    • Pumpkin seed rejuvenating lotion( reminder)

No, you're not sad, life, if every woman feels like Cinderella at the open-hearth furnace: breakfast, lunch, dinner. And then washing, cleaning, ironing, children. .. Spit on business though time! Pay attention to yourself, beloved. Look in the mirror - nothing else, right? Only the complexion is somehow dreary, but new wrinkles have appeared. Nothing, we'll fix it for one relaxing evening. To do this, we just need a good mood, fragrant tea, cookies and a mask of pumpkin for the face.

Face after mask

A golden berry, or than a useful pumpkin

Mad botanists reckon a pumpkin to berries. Judging by the size, the pumpkin is the main berry of all continents! She is the queen of the kitchen garden, a vitamin miracle, a golden good.

In masks for the face, pumpkin plays the role of an apple and a vitamin cocktail: smooths wrinkles, refreshes the tone of the face, nourishes. Pumpkin seems to be created in order to make a beautiful woman.

Each component of this amazing fruit is in its place:

  • Carbohydrates give energy to the skin, refresh it, invigorate.
  • The famous tandem of vitamin E and beta-carotene( vitamin A) - the youth of the epidermis, protection from aging, salvation from the aggression of the external environment.
  • Vitamin C actively rejuvenates.
  • Vitamin PP restores a pleasant complexion.
  • Vitamin B2 is a friend of the inflamed, sensitive dermis.
  • Vitamin B1 "sifts" ultraviolet, protecting the skin from harmful radiation.
  • Starch carefully whitens, scrapes, smoothes and rejuvenates the epidermis.

Pumpkin useful for any skin type:

  • Fat will get rid of greasy shine.
  • Dry will receive a dose of vitamin moisture.
  • Normal to be supported by vitamins.
  • Inflamed and irritated will begin to recover from acne and rashes.
  • Sensitive will regain strength to combat the external negativity: UV rays, urban air;an atomic cocktail, which we call water.
  • Withering will restore strength, refresh - will look younger for several years.

In masks for the face, both raw and stewed vegetables are used. And also juice, seeds, pumpkin oil.

Pumpkin face mask rules

Under the mask

Pumpkin is very loyal to all skin types. Therefore, there are no special rules. A couple of tips to squeeze out of orange mashed potatoes all the usefulness, and relax-evening parties will be held to glory! Pumpkin juice is incredibly difficult to wash. Throw in an old robe, put a dark towel on the pillow.

  • Pumpkin is very fluid, so in the mask you can add a little flour or starch - for stickiness.
  • Pumpkin delicacy obliges you to perform the procedures regularly.
  • Just in case, make an allergy test on the inner crook of the elbow.
  • For masks, pumpkin tinder or cut into small cubes, after floating in a microwave or stew in a saucepan.
  • The mask is held for 15-20 minutes, unless otherwise indicated.
  • The procedures are repeated 2-3 times a week.
  • Kaleidoscope recipes for masks from a pumpkin for the face

    Before you mix the raw mask, pumpkin flesh rub on the smallest grater. The fingers and palms are slightly colored. To the person excessive "orangeness" does not threaten, on the contrary, the skin gets pleasant "summer" shade.

    Pumpkin masks for young and problematic skin


    Boys and girls suffer from greasy luster and grayish complexion. Yes, acne, comedones, and this is when the status is so important! Pumpkin blends slowly but surely restore the freshness of the skin. And even help to get rid of acne.

    • For oily skin and extended pores

    Wet the pumpkin gently. Mix one tablespoon of puree with protein. The mass is saturated with oxygen, refreshes, and invigorates the epidermis.

    • Whitening and exfoliating

    Raw pulp( 1 tbsp.) Mixed with oatmeal or wheat flour( 1 tbsp.), Tomato juice( 2 tbsp.), Lemon juice( 1 tsp).Apply for 10 minutes, rinse. For mature skin, if it is oily, instead of flour add starch( 1 tablespoon).

    • Yeast

    Yeast is added to the mask a solid dose of B vitamins. They also restore the normal microflora of the epidermis, so it is very useful for acne.

    Pumpkin juice and curdled milk( 1 tsp) is mixed with yeast( 2 tsp), allowed to stand for 15-20 minutes in the heat to activate the yeast. Mask wash off first warm, after cold water.

    • Refreshing Apple

    Apple and a gourd, rub( 2 tbsp.), Add protein( 1 pc.), Beat with a fork.

    By the way, whisk all the masks with protein to saturate the mixture with oxygen. Oxygen activates metabolic processes, as well as recovery processes.

    Pumpkin masks for those who are. ..

    Pumpkin puree

    In fairy tales, nothing is said about Cinderella when she "has matured".Probably, it was easier for her than for us: after all, she is a princess! The Balzac's age does not spoil the modern woman. If you do not take care of yourself in time, premature withering will begin. Masks for pumpkin face not only smooth wrinkles, they refresh the complexion, give a blush.

    • With milk and honey

    Stroke the pumpkin for 15 minutes. Razstolkite, mix gruel( 1 tbsp.) With honey( 1 tsp), milk( 1 tsp), yolk( 1 pc.).

    • With aloe and honey

    Steamed mashed potatoes( 2 tbsp.) Mixed with aloe juice( 1 tbsp.), Honey( 1 tsp).Apply for 10 minutes, rinse, fix the result with cream.

    • Cottage cheese

    Steamed pulp mixed with cottage cheese( 2 tbsp.), Sour cream( 1 tbsp.).If desired, add honey( 1 tsp).Wash off after 15 minutes, wipe skin with milk. Rinse your face, massage with a piece of ice, apply a cream.

    Pumpkin mask for the face: Video

    Pumpkin masks "for all"

    Pumpkin assiduously feeds the epidermis, charges it with energy. This is especially valuable in winter, when the body "starves" without vitamins. In addition, orange puree gives a pleasant shade to the epidermis, which compensates for the lack of sunlight.

    • If dry and peeling

    Pumpkin boil in milk 15 minutes. Grind with a fork. If the skin is very dry, add cream or a raw yolk. Rinse with warm water.

    • Vitamin-cleansing

    Steamed puree( 1 tbsp.) To interfere in equal proportions with:

    1. yoghurt( for normal type);
    2. fatty sour cream or cream( for dry type);
    3. kefir( for fatty type).
    • For sensitive dermis

    Pumpkin juice( 2 tablespoons) mixed with yolk, honey( 1 tsp), add olive oil( 1 tsp) and oatmeal( up to the density of gruel).

    • Whitening

    And spring pumpkin is also useful. Not only does it supplement the epidermis with vitamins, this miracle masochka also whitens the freckles that have appeared.

    Pumpkin puree( 2-3 tablespoons) mixed with lemon juice, honey( 1 tsp).Wash off after 20 minutes, rinse with cool water, apply moisturizer.

    • Refreshing

    Pumpkin juice mixed with milk( for dry) or with water( for oily and normal skin) in equal parts. Wipe the face daily for one month.

    Pumpkin seed rejuvenating lotion( reminder)

    Rejuvenating lotion from pumpkin seeds

    Pumpkin not only treats the skin of the face. It is extremely useful for health and for good mood. When the window is gray winter weekdays, a bright "spot" in the kitchen interior recalls the summer and gives a wide sunny smile. Smile and you, dear women. After all, in the end, Cinderella became queen!

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    Published: 08-05-2015