Mask from bruises and swelling under the eyes: an ambulance at home

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  • Shadows on the face whence?
  • Prevention without procedures
  • Remedies for bruises and swelling( reminder)
  • Masks from bruises
    • Potato masks for the eyes
    • Exquisite eye masks
    • Folk recipes for bruises under the eyes
  • Mask from the bruises under the eyes: Video

The skin around the eyes is the most capricious part of ourface. And wrinkles there are the first, and swelling is always ready, and bruises fall as soon as a woman violated the regime. In such cases, decorative cosmetics is almost powerless - if it helps, then for a little while. What if there are shadows under the eyes? Mask of simple components from bruises under the eyes will necessarily correct the situation!

Shadows on the face whence?

Face without bags under the eyes Some people are located to puffiness around the eyelids by nature. Even in a normal state, they have bags under their eyes, not to mention those days when they drank an extra cup of tea for the night or visited insomnia.

Frustrated health also does not adorn: kidney, heart, Gastrointestinal and in general a painful condition makes a mark on the face, "decorating" it with shadows.

The way you spent the evening and night - the older the woman, the more important. Try to withhold:

  • salty and spicy food;
  • plentiful drink( just eat an apple);
  • alcohol( he takes all the prizes as the cause of gross edemas on the face);
  • of tears.

Apply a cream under eyes correctly - put small specks of a cream on a circle of a century far away from eyelashes. During the night, the cream itself will spread and reach the edge of the eyelashes. In this case, the agent will not fall into the eyes, and they will not turn red.

How to apply cream on face correctly In addition, it is forbidden to sleep face to pillow. Teach yourself to fall asleep on your back - this is a good prevention of wrinkles and swelling.

The computer, smoking, stresses, midnight meal with the book does not please the eyes. Not only that all these joys weary the eyes, they disbalance the nervous system( except the book, of course).

Prevention without procedures

This is what we know and persistently neglect - nutrition, healthy sleep, proper drinking. To saturate the body with vitamin B, you need to treat yourself to fish, legumes, eggs, meat, fresh vegetables( cabbage, beets, asparagus), mushrooms. What else? Very useful yogurt, nuts, liver, sprouted wheat, bread with bran or whole grains.


A healthy dream begins long before 12 o'clock in the morning. There is an opinion that the longer a person sleeps before 24.00, the better his body rests. Therefore, it makes sense to fall asleep not at 23.30 and at 22.00 - and the nerves will be stronger, and the beauty tselee! A walk before bed, aromatherapy, massage will help to relax and cure of insomnia.

To expel excess fluid from the body, arrange unloading days with watermelon, parsley broth, pumpkin, strawberry. And in order to strengthen the vessels, eat everything that contains vitamin C: citrus, kiwi, berries, apples. ..

Remedies for bruises and swelling( reminder)

Remedies for bruises under the eyes

Masks from bruises

Masks for delicate skin under the eyes are quite effective. Their feature is that with a mask "under the eyes" it is necessary to lie for at least 20 minutes.

Components of which masochki consist, will be found at each efficient hostess. Therefore, the prevention of "bags" is nothing more than a legitimate reason to rest and relax.

Potato masks for the eyes

Very successful component such as potatoes - fresh or boiled.

The simplest "raw" mask

Tuber wash, peel and cut into circles. Put potato mugs on your eyelids or just under your eyes. Relax, lie down.

The simplest warm mask

Tuber clear and boil, mash. Add the milk. From a warm mixture to form flat cakes and superimpose on the eye area.

These two masks well clean dark circles, smooth wrinkles, refresh.

With fiber

Wet the raw potatoes on a fine grater and mix with oatmeal( tofu) in a 1: 1 ratio. Slightly dilute with milk. Apply on eyelids, afford a full rest for 20 minutes.

With vegetable oil

Masks from bruises under the eyes with vegetable oil are very convincing. After all, oil is extremely necessary where the skin suffers from excessive dryness. For the thin epidermis of the eyelids this is what you need!

Wipe raw potatoes and mix with vegetable oil( 2: 1).Lubricate eyelids with oil and apply a mask. After 20 minutes, remove the mask and rinse the skin with a strong brew of green or black tea diluted with water 1: 1.

Exquisite eye mask

Do not want to deal with potatoes? Well, exquisite eyeliner from unusual ingredients you will definitely like!

Nut Mask for eyelid skin

Walnuts to grind with a blender. Mix the walnut flour( 2 parts) with butter( 1-1,5 parts) and add 2-3 drops of pomegranate( lemon) juice.


Eyelids Cucumber to grate on a fine grater. Mix the cucumber puree, chopped greens of coriander or parsley, sour cream( 1: 1: 1).

Parsley parsley( 1 tbsp.) Mixed with cottage cheese( 2 tsp) and milk. Try to replace the milk and cottage cheese with sour cream.

From white bread

Soak the crumb of white bread in milk and apply the gruel to the eyelids. This gruel is good because after a week or two it removes dark circles under the eyes without a trace. Of course, if the bruises are not related to health problems.

Meal from petals of mallow for skin of eyelids

Freshly picked petals of mallow slightly crush and soak in cold milk. Apply on eyelids.

Cream from bruises

Parsley crushed, one tablespoon of puree to grind with 2 tsp.butter. Keep in the refrigerator, put before going to bed, combining with a massage.

Folk recipes from bruises under the eyes

  1. Cottage cheese mask. Mix cottage cheese with a fork and apply to the eyelids. Rinse with cold tea leaves.
  2. From tea. Brew tea in bags and apply on eyelids for 20 minutes.
  3. From milk. Wadded disks to soak in milk and also to impose on eyelids.
  4. Prepare a decoction of sage. Part of the broth to freeze, part is well heated. Make contrasting lotions for the skin of the eyelids with the help of cotton discs and cosmetic ice.
  5. Contrasting lotions for the skin from a mixture of chamomile and dry dill( all as in prescription number 4) are also good!
  6. Compresses from decoction of parsley( as well as simple rubbing with ice).
  7. Compresses from decoction of cornflowers( 2 parts) and rosemary( 1 part) + boiling water( 1 glass), insist 20 minutes. Keep in the refrigerator for no more than 3 days. Use as prescription number 4.
  8. Cosmetic ice: welding( 1 tsp) + boiling water( glass) to brew, insist, freeze. Wipe eyelids every morning.

Recipes for the skin of the eyelids are great! Women have a choice - you want a budget option, you want - expensive. Care of the skin around the eyes is very simple. This is very handy, because the beauty of the face begins with the beauty of the eyes. And wrinkles and bruises do not belong here, do they?

Mask from bruises under the eyes: Video

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Published: 20-03-2015