Reviews and the result of buckwheat diet!

Reviews and results of buckwheat diet!

The effectiveness of the buckwheat diet has been proven repeatedly, medical workers, nutritionists, cosmetologists, and ordinary people who have tried this diet say with confidence and have something to share.

Expected results: for two weeks you can reset to 12 kg. Is it so?

Leading Dietitian of the Country, Ekaterina Miroslavovna Rybak:

"The basis of the menu of this diet is buckwheat porridge. This diet is long, namely, 14 days, and when you follow all the recommendations and rules you can really lose weight by more than 10 kg. The result, of course, depends on the amount of excess weight than its excess more, so the process of losing weight will be faster.

Predict the results of buckwheat diet for a week as far as for each person is impossible. But there is a regularity, the higher the body weight, the higher will be the efficiency of the buckwheat food system.

Because of the peculiarities of the body it can happen that the diet has not approached, then the weight loss will be minimal 3-4 kg, which will not give the desired result. Similarly, the result may not be satisfactory in cases where the menu is violated, then the losses can be up to 4-6 kg. Record values ​​could be reached for people with particularly excess weight for several months, they lost weight from 125 kg to 66 kg. With a high excess weight and 15 kg it will easily go away in 2 weeks, this is due to the fact that the body is accustomed to receiving a lot of nutrients, which during the diet became inaccessible to him, and so he starts using his reserves.

In volumes due to such rapid weight loss it is possible to lose up to 4 cm in the girth, which is very good results and corresponds to approximately two sizes in clothes.

. As a big plus of the diet, the weight leaves evenly, leaving no proportional parts on the body, inadditives to this with a loss of mass to 10-12 kg, the skin loses its elasticity and does not hang, but rather tightens. So, every person has his own threshold of losing weight, most importantly, do not take himself to extremes and get out of the diet! "

result of buckwheat diet

Results of buckwheat diet

According to reviews on buckwheat diet, more than 50% of users noticed improvement in many body systems, digestion improved, appetite decreased, the menstrual cycle was normalized, the complexion became healthy, and the hair and nails - strong and elastic.

The buckwheat diet cleanses the body, removes excess fluid and harmful radicals, saturates it with useful trace elements. Due to the fact that buckwheat contains folic acid, which is responsible for stimulating the process of blood circulation, it strengthens blood vessels and heart muscles. And vitamins of group B, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc contribute to the improvement of the immune system. After taking a course of buckwheat diet, many users noted a high level of protection against viral diseases, they were less sick than before.

Also, it is an excellent preventive agent of atherosclerosis, used in dietetics for a long time, has a lot of positive properties.

Buckwheat porridge perfectly cleanses the digestive system from negative radicals. She has no contraindications, the main thing is to prepare the rump correctly and not overeat.

High efficiency of the diet will be even if you get the result below the expected, buckwheat will do its job in any case, but the correct way out of the diet and fasting days will help in the future to come to the desired forms. Buckwheat should be taken by the body into joy, not by force, because the final effect also depends on it.

Remember: results of buckwheat diet can not consist in kilograms of weight loss, but in the excellent state of health, improved state of many body systems. In the presence of contraindications or individual intolerance to the product - this diet is not recommended!

Reviews about buckwheat diet

Reviews on the result of the buckwheat diet of expensive women

Katerina, 28 years old.

My buckwheat diet of 7 days gave excellent results! I not only lost 7 kg in a month and a half, but I also got a healthy complexion, my nails stopped breaking and crumbling, and my hair became elastic and elastic. I had a very easy diet, because I like buckwheat, and I did not have discomfort in nutrition. I also ate apples, drank freshly squeezed juices and degreased yogurt. Now I'm taking a break, and after two months I want to continue the system of losing weight. What do you think about the results of the buckwheat diet?

Victoria, 29 years old.

I really love buckwheat porridge, I eat it every day, but I could not last two weeks on a buckwheat diet. There was weakness, dizziness and I stopped torturing myself. But my friend lost 10 kg in this period, everything turned out for her, there were no problems and complaints. So I think, can again resume my system of losing weight?

Larissa, 30 years old.

Of course, you need to start losing weight with the mind, gradually, so as not to create an organism irresistible difficulties. It is possible to do unloading buckwheat days, but gradually to switch to a full-fledged diet. Only in this way can you get desirable forms without harm to your health!

Julia, 35 years old.

I want to share my result after applying the buckwheat diet. I after the second birth recovered at 16 kg and with an increase of 160 cm, it was a real failure. No matter how my husband said that I love and will love you as I am, but I did not give up and tried to lose weight by multiple methods. Different diets on vegetables, apples, kefir did not bring the desired result, but I always wanted to eat and it knocked me out of the rut. But I read about the buckwheat diet and decided to try it, because I like buckwheat, at home she is a frequent guest. So she began to lose weight. The truth is said, the more excess weight, the faster it melts. After three days I lost 4 kg, and after 14 days I already weighed 13 kg less than I was. I'm in full euphoria of joy, I have a great mood and fantastic plans for the future. Now I'm not afraid to give birth to a third child, just because I gain weight. Buckwheat opened the way to a wonderful future. All advise!

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