How to lose 5 kg? Easier than simple!

How to lose 5 kg? Easier than simple!

Extra kilograms - the problem of most women. Some simply accept themselves as they are and do not try to do anything to lose weight, while others are very worried about this and constantly in search of new ways to lose weight.
If you need to lose weight by 5 kg( ± 1-2 kg), then there is no need to look for and especially get special food or some pills in pharmacies. Resetting 5 kg is much easier than you might think at first. But there is one nuance - the smaller your initial weight, the longer will be your way to success.

If you are wondering how to lose 5 kg, then we suggest that you consider several options for weight reduction:

  • healthy, that is, gradual;
  • fast, which will allow you to throw off extra pounds in just a few days.

Naturally, the first option is the most suitable for everyone, because it helps to gradually reduce weight, without harming the body, while allowing you to keep the achieved results for many years. The drawback of this method is 2-3 months to reach your goal.

The advantage of the second method before the first is the rapid loss of excess kilograms in just 4-7 days. The disadvantage is that the lost kilograms return very quickly, as slimming usually occurs due to the removal of stagnant feces and excess fluid from the body. Use this method is recommended for those who want to lose weight by 5 kg or more, for example, before any celebration or important event.

But remember that you can stick to express diets no more than once in 6 months, otherwise it will lead to health problems.

Healthy weight loss of 5 kg

Healthy weight loss of 5 kg

Healthy weight loss means proper nutrition and increased physical activity. If you need to lose 5 kg, then you should understand that without changing the basic regime of the day and the diet, you simply will not be able to achieve your goal.

Let's talk first about a healthy diet and what it is. A healthy diet is a balanced diet that includes carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. At the same time, their fat content( in particular, animal origin) should be minimal, since they are the main source of fat deposits.
The same goes for carbohydrates, but for everyone. There are complex carbohydrates, which are contained in meat, cereals, etc., and there are simple carbohydrates contained in buns, sweets, cakes and other sweets. So, the second is the enemy number 1 for people who want to get rid of extra pounds.

And all because of the fact that simple carbohydrates are very quickly broken down by the body and begin to be consumed, while the energy that is in the fat cells remains unaffected. In this case, if too much simple carbohydrates are ingested into the body, it will begin to "superfluous" postpone, resulting in the formation of a couple of extra pounds.

Therefore, foods high in animal fats and simple carbohydrates should completely disappear from your diet! If this is impossible for some reason( for example, you simply can not imagine your life without chocolate or buns), then their consumption should be reduced by 3-4 times. That is, if you have previously eaten a whole bar of chocolate with a cup of tea, now you can eat only one-fourth of it. Believe me, for people with excess weight, even this much!

Healthy weight loss of 5 kg

You will also need to discard all fried and fatty foods. Fried potatoes, fried cutlets, even if they are from dietary meat, should not be present on your table. If you decide to actually lose weight by 5 kg, then you will have to eat only the food that is cooked on a steam or in the oven, as well as one that simply boils in the water.

You will have to put taboos on the following products:

  • pork;
  • duck, goose;
  • pasta;
  • potatoes;
  • sugar;
  • fatty grades of dairy and fermented milk products;
  • white bread and buttery pastries;
  • cakes, pastries and other sweets;
  • alcohol;
  • coffee.

As you can see, the list of banned products for gradual weight loss is not great, and therefore to reduce the weight loss process will not be something unbearable for you. You can cook a variety of dishes from:

  • chicken, turkey( only skinless);
  • beef, rabbit;
  • buckwheat;
  • rice;
  • pearl barley;
  • lentils;Pea
  • ;
  • white cabbage;
  • carrots;
  • onion;
  • beets;
  • low-fat cream or sour cream;
  • a small amount of olive oil( can be added to salads) and other products.

The main thing is that in your dishes there are no products that are banned. And if you eat on the clock( breaks between meals should be a maximum of 4 hours), as well as engage in physical exercises that are aimed at different muscle groups, you can easily get rid of excess kilos for 2-3 months without problems.

Healthy weight loss of 5 kg

Rapid weight loss of 5 kg

Urgent throw off 5 kg will help a fast diet, or as they are called mono-diet. They are based on the consumption of one product for 3-5 days. As a result, the body is completely cleansed and the waist becomes several centimeters shorter.

It is highly discouraged to engage in active physical activity during this period of weight loss, as the body will focus on purification and excess activity will lead to rapid fatigue( dizziness, nausea, vomiting, etc.).

Weight reduction with a mono-diet is dangerous to health, so before you apply them on yourself, we recommend that you visit your doctor and get approval from him.

Kefir diet

This diet to lose weight by 5 kg allows very quickly. To do this, you only need 3 days! You will need every day to drink one and a half liter of kefir with a low percentage of fat and no more to eat. The diet is not diverse, not everyone will be able to withstand such a diet.

Therefore, we offer you one more variant of kefir diet. It is the most sparing, and therefore it can be adhered to for 5 days. During this time, your daily diet should consist of 1.5 liters of kefir and 1.5 kg of fresh cucumbers.

Kefir diet

This diet has a powerful cleansing effect, so we do not recommend going away from home during this period. Fresh cucumbers can be replaced with green apples, but this effect( minus 5-6 kg) you can not achieve.

Buckwheat diet

You are still interested in learning how to quickly throw off 5 kg? Then we will tell you about the buckwheat diet. It is as effective as kefir, but it is also difficult to sustain.
For 4 days you will need to eat buckwheat. You can prepare it in several ways:

  • one glass of cereals pour two glasses of water and cook until done without adding salt and butter;
  • one glass of cereals pour two cups of yogurt and leave to swell for the night.

Better, of course, use the second option of cooking buckwheat porridge, because it helps to clean the bowels faster. But if you do not like it, for some reason, it's fashionable to use it in the first way.

To consume buckwheat follows in 5-6 receptions. To do this, the ready-made porridge should be divided into equal parts and consumed one part every 3-3.5 hours.

Banana diet

Banana diet is perfect for those who want to lose weight and just love bananas. They are sweet and quickly satisfy the feeling of hunger. There are several options for banana diet. The first of them is the most stringent - in a day you can eat no more than 1.5 kg of ripe bananas. You can not eat anything else. Only drink water or green tea.

The second variant of the banana diet implies the use of three bananas a day. It is allowed to drink three glasses of kefir or milk. Green tea is also allowed, but not more than two mugs.

Banana Diet

These diets should last no more than 5 days. If during this time to achieve the desired result will not succeed, the diet can be extended, but while adding to the diet of animal protein, for example, boiled chicken fillet or fish. In a day you can eat no more than 100 grams of these products.

Salt Diet

The salt-free diet also helps to reduce weight quickly. True, in this case, fatty deposits will actually burn out, and not just purification. It is recommended to eat all the products without adding oil, salt and oil. That is, if you cook rice, then it should not be salty. The same goes for meat, salads and other dishes.

You can not fry or bake anything. Everything should be boiled or steamed. On such a diet, you can sit for 1-2 weeks. The result is minus 5-9 kg, depending on the initial weight and duration of the diet.

General recommendations for weight loss

To urgently throw off 5 kg or more, you must follow certain rules:

  1. the last meal should take place 3-4 hours before bedtime;
  2. a day must drink at least 2 liters of purified water;
  3. for food should only be used fresh products;
  4. all food should be prepared without the addition of oils and grease;
  5. physical activity should occur regularly( with the mono-diet, this rule is excluded).

By following these rules, you can easily get rid of extra pounds. The main thing is confidence in yourself and your strength!

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