Strength exercises for weight loss

Strength exercises for weight loss

Strength exercises for all muscle groups help in a short time to fight with extra pounds, strengthen immunity and improve the body.

The better a woman looks, the more confident she is and her strength. So why not give 20 minutes a day to regular training, so that men turn around after you!

Remember, exercise alone will not be enough, you need a full course of therapy:

  • Balanced fractional nutrition;
  • Walking in the fresh air;
  • Abundant drink;
  • Cosmetic masks, wraps, baths;
  • Exercise of the respiratory system;
  • Positive attitude to win!

You all agree, then we begin the operation "Beauty and elegance of the body in one month".

Strength exercises for weight loss

The most effective and productive exercises:

  • "Rack on a chair". To do this, you need a wide stable stool, sit on it, clasp your hands with the base, stretch the muscles of the abdominal press and lift the body up, keeping the balance only with your hands. And so "povisite" 2-3 seconds. Repeat the exercise again.
  • Lateral slopes in lying position. Stand on your knees, turn the torso 90 degrees to the left and face the floor with the palm of your hand. Hold the balance, pull the left leg behind you. Lock your free hand behind your head, and make your legs tilt up and down.10 times for one side, 10 for another. When you are tired, you can relax a bit, walk around the room, and then again start this lesson.2 approaches 20 times will be just right.
  • "The Book". Lie down on the training mat, clasp your arms with bent legs, and making pushy movements, bend and unbend the trunk.10 cycles of 10 times. Monitor the correct breathing, and strain the abdominal muscles.
  • Cross to the Cross. In the position on all fours, we do intensive emission of hands and feet in order, until a straight line is formed with the body. To complicate the task, you can create the touch of the elbow and the knee of the opposite side.
  • "Plank" on extended arms. The exercise resembles a classic push-up from the floor on the arms, only with such forceful execution, hands should not be bent at the elbows, but kept straight. Next, remove the left support and perform the task on one hand. We change the position. Muscles of the upper part of the arms, legs, abdomen and thighs are strengthened.
  • Squats with twists of the trunk. We lower our legs down and at the same time turn the body to the left, then to the right. And so - 5 approaches for each side.
    Physical strength exercises for weight loss. Complexes of exercises.
  • Lifts with a towel. We lay down on the training mat, hold the towel in our hands, rest our legs on it and intensively try to lift them up, while straining the muscles of the abdomen, thighs and hands. You can also do it separately with each leg, straightening and bending it.12 repetitions for each leg will be enough.
  • Pose of the cobra. To do this, lie on the mat face down, lean on your hands and, creating resistance to try to lift the upper body as much as possible. At the point of the highest tension, hold the pose for 10 seconds, for complication, you can raise with the trunk and legs of the legs.

Strength exercises for weight loss

Several professional tips

Before training, be sure to perform an easy warm-up, which will prepare the body for physical exertion and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Classes are performed at a slow pace, then accelerated and again we move to the starting position.

If you have pain in a particular part of the body, massage the area lightly and apply cold ice. It is not worth it to torture yourself, but it's necessary to work at an accelerated pace.

The result after similar procedures is stable and long-term!

Video about strength training at home