How to lose weight by jumping rope?

How to lose weight by jumping rope?

Most people do not even know how much the rope is effective in losing weight. Doing regular on a daily basis you can get an excellent result, not worse than from the gym or fitness center.

This high product productivity is caused by the following factors:

  • during jumps, the load is combined into all muscle groups( arms, legs, press, hips);
  • high energy costs occur, up to 1000 Kcal;
  • improves the work of the respiratory system, cardiovascular, because there is an accelerated metabolism in the body, fat is burned faster, kilograms melt before the eyes.

To achieve a high result, it is necessary to properly conduct classes.

Advice from

How to lose weight by jumping rope to 10 kg per month?

  1. Conduct sessions regularly! Engage every day for 15 minutes in the morning and in the evening, do not be lazy, and jump persistently and aggressively.
  2. The technique of the jump is the most simple and well-known, first on one leg, then on the second, on two legs to make jumps is not desirable.
  3. If during discomfort, discomfort, feeling bad, then you need to reduce the time of the session, or completely abandon this idea.

With a rope you can lose 7-10 kg per month, but you need to revise the diet, make it balanced, nutritious, useful, remove all high-calorie and harmful foods, stop visiting fast foods and other establishments of such food.

How to lose weight, jumping rope to 10 kg per month?

After the first training, leg muscles, buttocks, thighs can hurt, but this only emphasizes the effectiveness of the process, after a few days the body will begin to get used and you yourself will be surprised how productive such simple sessions are. Of course, jumping rope helps to lose weight not all, there are special contraindications that should be carefully considered.

List of impermissible actions

  • When migraines and aching headaches, it is not advisable to conduct such exercises.
  • On a full stomach, jump on the rope and lose weight on an empty stomach, it's better in the morning, or in the evening, an hour before eating.
  • With any heart disease, the rope is a ban!
  • With ailments in the intervertebral disc and cartilage.
  • If the weight exceeds the norm and is estimated as a certain degree of obesity.

If you do not have any complaints about the work of the body, then you can safely embark on this wonderful process, even if the skipping rope burns fat, and you get beautiful shapes of your body.

How does the rope help to lose weight?

How does a rope help to lose weight? Choose an object for classes

In order not to make a mistake and buy a rope just for yourself, you need to take its ends in your hands and feet to the middle, then pull along the trunk and hands to stop at the level of the armpits. You can not buy a short rope, then the exercises will be performed inefficiently. Better when its diameter is about 0.9 cm. Today there are a number of similar products with built-in calorie counters, the user needs to measure the weight before training, and at the end - to look at the display of the number of calories burned.

Does the rope help to lose weight?

Veronica, 30 years old. The skipping rope for fat burning is an excellent helper! It helps to feel yourself in tonus, remove extra centimeters on problematic places, pump up your hands and feet. During training, the whole body works intensely, jumping rope can lose weight to 10 kg, but I managed only at 6, but this is an excellent result. I will jump on and on - wish me success and fulfillment of desire - to receive a figure of 50 kg with my 64.

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