Why the feet are itching: the causes of itching on the feet

Why the feet are itchy: the causes of itching on the feet

The appearance of itching on the feet is a very delicate problem. Moreover, it is often manifested by other unpleasant symptoms - scaling, burning, redness, etc. To tolerate such symptoms is by no means impossible, as they often indicate pathological processes that require immediate treatment. If your feet are itching, do not hesitate and do not search for traditional medicine to ease your well-being, or better, immediately seek help from a doctor.

Why does itching appear on the feet?

To say exactly why the feet are weighed, you can only a doctor. He will carry out a thorough examination of the skin and will assign a series of tests and studies that will be able to establish the exact cause of this ailment.

It should be noted that the most common cause of itching on the feet is a fungal infection, which affects about 40% of the world's population. At the initial stages of the development of the disease, you can notice that you periodically have legs itch. But with the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, the itching will intensify, and at the same time cracks appear on the feet.

Then the fungus and nail plates can be affected, as a result of which they begin to change their color, shape, and eventually collapse. All this contributes to the accumulation of a large number of toxic substances in the body, which lead to intoxication of internal organs and the development of other pathological processes.

In this case, the use of special medications, both external and oral, is required. Self-medication here will not help you. You can only achieve a reduction in the manifestation of the disease, but you will not get rid of the fungus itself, as a result of which it will soon begin to manifest itself again.

Why does itching appear on the feet?

In addition, itching on the feet may appear and because of infection with scabies. The tick, which lives on the human body, provokes the appearance of this disease. He lays eggs under the skin, perceived by the body as a foreign body. The appearance of itching in this case is the response of the body to intervention.

This sensation of itching can be greatly amplified at a time when the person is in a state of complete rest( more often at night).With such a disease on the skin can be observed "itch" moves in the form of thin bands on the skin. In some cases, the tick can lead to the formation of vesicles on the feet, filled with fluid. When walking, they can burst, causing unbearable pain to a person.

In this situation, you will again be able to help only a qualified doctor. Independently get rid of not an arc you will not succeed.

If the feet are scratched and the palms of the hands are at the same time

In case you are not only strongly scratched feet, but also the palms, with small bubbles appearing on the skin, then most likely you have a skin disease such as dyshidrotic eczema.

Treatment of such a disease involves the use of various drugs inside and outward. The former are necessary for the destruction of the mite and its eggs, and the latter for the elimination of external manifestations of the disease.

Only drugs are prescribed by a doctor. He also determines the scheme of their application. Get rid of scabies can only be through the implementation of all the recommendations that will give you an expert. In this case, amateur performance is unacceptable, since it can lead to serious complications with health.

Allergic reaction

Another fairly common reason why the feet are itchy are the allergic reaction of the body to the stimulus. In this case, the material from which the shoes or socks are made, the powder for washing clothes, soap, the use of exotic products, medicines, etc., can act as a stimulus.

To be sure of the 100% that the appearance of itching is associated with an allergic reaction, rather than with pathologies, it is necessary to pass a series of tests that will help identify the irritant that causes these symptoms.

Allergic reaction

This can not be delayed, as with the constant exposure to the allergen, symptoms such as headache, nausea, skin rashes, etc. may appear on the body. But the most dangerous consequence of the development of an allergic reaction is the Quincke's edema, which leads to edema of the tissues of the upper respiratory tract. As a result, a person begins to experience difficulty breathing and may suffocate.

Damage to the skin of the feet

The appearance of itching on the feet can be associated with damage to the skin. A burn, a cut, an abrasion, a bruise - all this contributes to the activation of the process of renewal of the skin, as a result of which the dead cells begin to exfoliate, and in their place new ones are formed. That's why people say "it itches, it means it's healing".

You may even not notice these damages. They can arise when wearing tight shoes, walking on sand barefoot, etc. In this case, the itching disappears on its own, as soon as the skin is completely restored. And to accelerate this process, you can at home use special ointments and creams, designed specifically to treat wounds.

Appearance of itching on the feet of a pregnant woman

Pregnant women also often complain of itching on the feet. And such a symptom can be either temporary or permanent.

The future mummy should think hard about her health and pass all the necessary tests to identify pathologies. After all, the appearance of itching during pregnancy often indicates liver disease. With such pathologies, the color of urine and feces change. Therefore, if you have such symptoms, be sure to tell them to your doctor.

As a rule, treatment in such an interesting "position" with the help of strong medicines is not carried out, as this can adversely affect the state of health of the future baby. Therefore, most often in such cases, supportive therapy is carried out. But after the birth, in the absence of lactation, they are already beginning to carry out medical measures to eliminate the problem.

The appearance of itching on the feet of a pregnant woman


To prevent such a problem, like the itching of the foot skin, you need to take some preventive measures. It is much easier to prevent the development of the disease, rather than treat it.

Try to avoid contact with people who suffer from itching on the feet. Perhaps the emergence of this ailment in them is associated with the development of infectious diseases, which have the property to be transferred from a sick person to a healthy one during communication or handshakes.

In addition, always follow the rules of personal hygiene. This will help you avoid many health problems. And it is obligatory at occurrence of an itch on stops address to the doctor.

Remember that self-medication can lead to serious complications. You not only do not eliminate the disease, but give it time to firmly strengthen its position in the body. After that, the treatment of pathology can drag on for many months.

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