Toe on toe

Toe on the toe

This problem, like a toe on the toe, worries more than 30% of the population of our planet. And they face both men and women. She brings a great deal of discomfort to their lives, because the build-up obstructs normal movement, makes wearing their shoes not a couple of sizes bigger, which leads to other problems - deformation of the fingers and the foot. Why there is a growth on the toe and how to deal with it?

Reasons for the appearance of

The main cause of the build-up on the toe is the deformation of the metatarsal bones. It arises as a result of imbalance between the heel and toes, in which the bulk of the load falls on the thumb. As a result, it forms a bone formation that promotes an increase in the load point.

Deformity of the metatarsal bone of the big toe occurs due to various factors. Most often this is facilitated by:

  • frequent wearing of narrow shoes;
  • wearing high-heeled shoes;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • flat feet;
  • obesity;
  • pregnancy;
  • hereditary factors.

The appearance of a bone growth on the toe in medicine is referred to as valgus deformity. And if its elimination does not occur in a timely manner, there is a possibility of deformation of the entire foot, which will lead to disruption of coordination and difficulties in movement.

Valgus deformity

Self diagnosis of valgus deformity of the big toe

At home, you can conduct a small test that will help you determine the development of pathology at the initial stages of its development. To do this, try to push your toe aside.

In the event that this process occurs without pain and the finger has moved away without problems, then you are all right. But if you have difficulties, you had to make efforts to move your finger away, and at the same time you experience painful sensations, so the process of bone growth has already begun.

Pain in walking and fatigue of the lower limbs, as a rule, occurs even with visible formation on the finger. In this case, you need to immediately consult an orthopedist. He will inspect the build-up and give you some recommendations that you will have to perform at home. You will also need to wear special shoes and orthopedic appliances that will fix the toe in the correct position.

Do not ignore this recommendation. After all, an outgrowth on the foot can lead not only to the deformation of the foot and the chromate, but also the deformation of the spine, as a result of increased stress.

In addition, this pathology can also suffer knee and hip joints, which will be accompanied by severe pain in any movement. All this will significantly worsen the quality of your life.

Treatment of the build-up on the toe

If the toes show a build-up, then you should first get comfortable shoes that will not squeeze the feet and cause discomfort while walking. And it must necessarily be orthopedic and it is better if it is manufactured individually.

In addition, it is recommended to carry out therapeutic massages, which are aimed at improving local blood circulation and straightening the finger. Obligatory are exercises of exercise therapy, which contribute to the normalization of the functioning of the joint tissues, as well as other physiotherapeutic procedures( electrophoresis, paraffin applications, etc.).

Treatment of build-up on toe

All these medical measures should only take place with the help of specialists. Any impact on the foot during the formation of bone formations can lead to deformation of the entire foot and the appearance of other complications( they were mentioned above).

The only thing you can do on your own is to perform one simple exercise lying in the blood. You need to lie on your back trying to pull your feet forward, as hard as possible. Then return them to their original position. Exercise should be done 8 to 15 times.

If the build-up is very large and all medical measures do not help, then to prevent the development of complications, it is necessary to perform an operation to remove bone formation.

Folk Remedies for Tooth Growth on the Toe

Treatment of the toenail build-up should occur in a comprehensive manner. Along with the treatment that the doctor will write you, you can use traditional medicine, which includes the use of various trays and lotions that help to relieve pain and fatigue.

For example, you can use a pack of medical chicken bile. However, before using it, you need to properly steam out your legs, apply an iodine grid to the bone formation and apply a compress only after that.

Chicken bile should be prepared according to the attached instructions, after which it should be moistened with a small piece of cotton wool and attach it to the built-up edge, fixing with polyethylene and bandage. Top should wear warm socks. This procedure should be performed daily at bedtime for several months.

If you can not get chicken bile, you can use ordinary castor oil instead. However, its use is slightly different. First, the legs should be steamed, then apply castor oil to the bone formation, and put the iodine net on top. Education should also be baked with polyethylene and a bandage. Such a procedure should also be performed for several months every day.


For the treatment of many diseases, aromatherapy is successfully used today. It not only has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes, but also contributes to a good mood for a person. To eliminate the build-up, it is necessary to use essential oil of lemon.

It is applied to the formation and begins to rub in circular motions for several minutes. After that, the build-up is wrapped with polyethylene for 20 minutes. If the lemon essential oil you do not have at hand, you can use a slice of fresh lemon. It is simply applied to the formation and fixed with a film and a bandage.

There are outgrowths on toes how to get rid of them you do not know? You will come to the aid of the usual Analgin. It should be dissolved in a glass of water and add a few drops of iodine to it. After that, you will need to process the mixture of education every few hours throughout the day. You can also moisten a small piece of cotton wool in this solution and attach it to the built-up edge, then wrap it with polyethylene and bandage.

You can also use a compress prepared from dry mustard, honey and salt. All ingredients are taken in the ratio 1: 1: 1.Of these, a cake is mixed, which should be applied at night to the affected area for several months.

If you are very responsive to the treatment of the build-up on the toe, you can prevent further deformation of the foot and greatly facilitate your condition. Remember that you can completely get rid of bone formation only surgically.

Video on how to treat an outgrowth on the toe without surgery