Than to treat a fungus of fingernails or nails on legs or foots?

Than to treat a nail fungus on legs or foots?

Nail fungus on the legs is the most common disease that occurs in both men and women. It is difficult and problematic to detect it at the initial stages, since the fungus slowly attacks the nail without giving out any symptoms. But the sooner the disease is diagnosed, the easier it will be to get rid of it. And before talking about how to overcome this ailment, it is necessary to say a few words about the primary symptoms of this disease and the ways of its self-diagnosis.

Symptoms of

As already mentioned at the very beginning, it is very difficult to recognize the nail fungus at the initial stages. The thing is that he practically does not manifest himself at all. The only sign of the defeat of the nail plate by yeast-like fungi is the appearance of streaks and spots on the nails. However, they are barely noticeable and have the same color as the healthy nail.

As the fungus multiplies, spots and streaks begin to expand and lighten, while the nail itself does not change its shape. But again, it happens so slowly that a person does not even notice it. And when the fungus grows strongly, the first major symptoms of the disease appear. It:

  • itching and burning;
  • nail thickening;
  • increased brittleness of the nail plate;
  • the presence of a white coating on the nail itself and the soft tissues that surround it;
  • appearance of unpleasant odor.

These are the symptoms that make people pay attention to the disease. But it's getting late. Curing a fungus in this case is no longer an easy task. We will have to make every effort to get rid of it once and for all.



If you have noticed the symptoms described above, but doubt that they are in your case associated with a fungal disease, then you can conduct a self-diagnosis at home. To do this, you need a bit of potassium permanganate and warm water. Prepare the solution from the potassium permanganate and lower the legs into it for a couple of minutes.

Then pull out your legs, wipe them and carefully inspect your nails. In the absence of fungal attack, all nail plates should be colored brown. If some parts of the nails do not stain, then your fears were true - you have a fungus.

You should not hesitate with his treatment, because your health depends on it. Do not think that fungi settle only in the nails. No, they penetrate deeply under the nail plate and through the skin fall into the circulatory system. After that, pathogenic fungi spread throughout the body, having a negative impact on the entire body.

Therefore, as soon as you notice a manifestation of a fungal disease, you should immediately consult a doctor. If by virtue of your employment you can not go to the hospital, then you can start treatment at home( which is highly not advisable).But in any case it is impossible to stay idle in this situation. This will have a negative effect on your health.

Than to treat a fungus on fingernails or nails of legs or foots?

How to cure a fungus on the nails of the feet? This question should be asked only by the doctor. The thing is that there are more than 300 species of fungi. Each of them has its own peculiarity and the threshold of resistance to this or that drug.

It is necessary to take medication for both external and oral administration. The first are necessary in order to eliminate the symptoms of the disease, the latter - to destroy the fungus inside the body.

There is a huge amount of antifungal drugs on the pharmaceutical market. These are tablets, capsules, ointments, gels, and drops. All of them have different prices, but they act the same.

Than to treat a fungus on fingernails or nails of legs or foots?

Topical products are applied to the affected nail several times a day. They are quickly absorbed, inhibiting the growth of the fungus. Oral medications, penetrating into the stomach, are quickly absorbed into the circulatory system, rendering a powerful blow to pathogenic microorganisms, destroying them one by one.

Treatment of nail fungus on the legs in the early stages of development of

If you managed to recognize the nail fungus at the initial stage of development, then you are very lucky. The treatment of this ailment will pass quickly and without any consequences. If we talk about antifungal drugs, then at the initial stages of the development of the disease you can use Exoderyl.

We draw your attention that this tool has several forms of release - ointment and drops. So, ointment is best suited for the treatment of foot fungus, and drops for the treatment of nails. They are sold in a glass bottle, at the end of which has a nozzle-dispenser, which facilitates its use.

Use this tool strictly according to the instructions. First you need to wash your feet well and wipe them, and then apply a couple of drops of Exoderil to each affected area. This procedure should be done several times a day until then.

If you start treatment of the fungus at this stage of development, you may not even have to wait until the healthy nail grows, as the fungus does not have time to destroy it.

You can also use the drug Mikozan. This means works in the same way as Exoderyl, only it costs a little less. It is used in the same way - first washed and wiped dry his feet, then the affected nails are treated, and so 2 times a day.

Treatment of fungus in the second stage of development of

Here things are already more complicated. The thing is that at this stage of its development, the fungus already affects most of the nail. The main symptoms begin to manifest, and the disease is already bringing a great deal of discomfort to a person's life.

At this stage of the disease development the following drugs can be used:

  • Exoderyl;
  • Lamisyl;
  • Nizoral;
  • Mycoscope;
  • Rumikoz and others.

They are also applied to dry and washed nails. However, now on their surface appear friable areas. They should be deleted. You can do this with any sharp tool. But you have to be careful. Removing loose particles, you can get hurt, which will only exacerbate the current situation.

Treatment of the fungus in the second stage of development

Remove loose plaque should not only on the surface of the nail, but under it. Then the medication should be injected into the cavity. In this case it is also convenient to use drugs in the form of drops. Carry out such manipulations every day until the healthy nail grows.

Treatment of fungus on the legs in the third stage of development of

At this stage of the disease, self-medication of the nail fungus on the legs is unacceptable. It is required to seek medical help from a doctor. Without the use of oral medications can not do. And they have different contraindications and side effects, so they are appointed strictly in an individual order.

This occurs only after a microscopic examination and special tests for the resistance of the fungus to drugs. During self-medication, you can admit a lot of mistakes, which will soon have to backfire.

Treatment of nail fungus with folk remedies

Treatment of foot nail fungus at home is similar in many respects to the treatment of nail fungus in the hands. But it must also be done carefully. If there is a worsening, then you should immediately consult a doctor and give up the idea of ​​self-treatment.

So, what does folk medicine advise us? And she offers us many ways to treat nail fungus on legs. But! They should be used only in combination with drug treatment.

The most effective method of combating fungus on nails is garlic. It is crushed with a knife or passed through a compress, and then applied to the affected nail and from the top wrapped with polyethylene and binom. Such a compress should be left overnight, and in the morning, remove the remains of garlic from the nail and attach a new one.

Also in the treatment of fungal nail infection iodine proved to be very good. It is applied with a cotton swab on the affected nail plate several times a day. Only before using it, you must wash and dry your feet.

To prevent the fungus from "migrating" to neighboring nails, they should also be periodically treated with iodine. But there is one "but" here. After applying iodine, the nails become yellow.

An effective method of treating fungus on nails is the use of celandine. This poisonous plant, which is easy to find in the vastness of our country. For the treatment of fungi, the juice of this plant is used. It is applied to the affected nail several times a day. To wash it it is not necessary.

The disadvantage of this method of treatment of fungus is that it can be used free of charge only for a few months( in summer).After that you have to go to the pharmacy and buy butter celandine. By the way, it also gives a good curative effect.

Besides, soda baths also have a good therapeutic effect. They are prepared simply - take a couple of liters of warm water and mix it several tablespoons of baking soda. Soda creates an alkaline environment in which fungi can not normally develop and multiply. With the systematic use of it, fungi eventually die and the disease recedes.

Treatment of nail fungus with folk remedies

You can also use 9% vinegar. Before using it, you should wash and dry your feet. Then, with the nail file, remove the loose parts of the nail and simply lubricate it with a cotton swab, which must first be moistened with vinegar. Heat, dilute or do anything else with vinegar before use is not necessary.

Prevention of nail fungus

Fingernail nail fungus causes a person a lot of discomfort. You can pick it up anywhere and anytime. Naturally, it is always easier to prevent a disease than to treat it. And even if you managed to overcome this ailment, this does not mean that you are now insured against it for the rest of your life.

Some rules should be followed that will help you forget about the fungus of nails once and for all:

  • requires constant observance of personal hygiene rules;
  • can not be worn by someone else's shoes;
  • should not be walked barefoot in rooms where high humidity is prevalent;
  • can not be used by someone else's personal care products;
  • should regularly ventilate and wash shoes;
  • as a prophylaxis it is necessary to periodically use medicinal varnishes and antifungal agents for external use.

All these simple rules will help you to protect yourself from this ailment. And if it so happened that you already had to get acquainted with this disease, do not postpone the visit to the doctor. The sooner you start to properly treat the fungus, the faster you will get rid of it.

Video on the treatment of nail fungus