Fungus on the foot: how to treat?

Fungus on the foot: how to treat?

When a fungus appears on the foot, a person's life becomes unbearable. Appears intolerable itching, burning, the skin begins to peel off and make an unpleasant smell. All this leads to the fact that a person begins to experience uncertainty in himself and his appearance, and therefore begins to seek and apply various methods to solve his problem, but, as a rule, to no avail. Why? We will try to answer this question.

How does fungus infection occur?

Infection with fungus occurs in rooms with high humidity. Most often these are swimming pools, saunas, bathhouses and other similar establishments. Fungus simply adores high humidity and high temperatures, and therefore settles on the walls, floors and other objects that are available in such buildings.

A person can get infected easily. To do this, he simply walks barefoot on a wet tile or wipe his feet with a common towel. It is worth noting also the fact that infection with the fungus can also occur when communicating with a sick person. Therefore, in order to protect yourself from this ailment, you just have to follow the basic rules of personal hygiene.

Symptoms of fungal lesions of the feet

The fungus of the feet is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • peeling of the skin( sometimes they appear keratinized scales);
  • on the soles may appear red circles that have a white border;
  • itching and burning;
  • increased sweating;
  • depletion of unpleasant odor;
  • yellowing of the nail plates and their resolution.

Symptoms of fungal infection of feet

In addition, some types of fungi can provoke the appearance of pustules and ulcers, which quickly spread and merge with each other.

Treatment of fungus on the legs

Do not try to cure the fungus on your feet yourself. After all, it is an infectious disease that affects the entire body, not just its skin. Therefore, it is important to take antifungal drugs inside. And they should be appointed only by a doctor.

After all, there are a huge number of species of fungi that react differently to the effects of certain medications. Creams and gels of external application are not capable to destroy an infection completely. They only relieve the symptoms of its manifestation.
It is for this reason that a person can not get rid of the fungus and suffers from its manifestation again and again. The same is true for traditional medicine. They do not cure the disease, but only mask its manifestations.

Therefore, if you have the first symptoms of a fungal infection of your feet, you should immediately seek help from a specialist, and not look for another means of the fungus in the Internet.

Treatment of a fungus at home

Treatment of a fungus at home is aimed only at eliminating the symptoms of a fungal infection. It includes the use of salicylic ointment, which facilitates rapid exfoliation of damaged tissues. It should be applied to the feet 2 times a day, after which they must be wrapped with polyethylene, and on top of wearing warm socks. They do not need to be removed at night. Carry out such procedures should be until the skin of the feet is restored.

Treatment of fungus in the home

Also, the treatment of the fungus at home involves the use of foot baths based on apple cider vinegar. It is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1, and then lowered into it the feet and held for 30 minutes. In this solution, it is recommended to wet the socks, which then need to be worn on their feet and left overnight.

Traditional medicine offers this way of combating fungus on the feet. Take the head of garlic and twist it through the meat grinder, after cleaning it from the husks. After that, put the garlic paste on the affected area, from above wrap it with polyethylene and put on warm socks. This procedure should be done 2 times a day until the manifestation of the fungus does not decrease.

Keep track of your food. During the period of treatment, it is not necessary to eat a lot of sour-milk and meat products, because they contain most of the fungus, which penetrating the body can only exacerbate the situation.

Remember that home treatment is, of course, good, but it will not be able to replace professional treatment. Fungus is a creature that is very hard to get rid of. The course of treatment can be up to 6 months, so do not expect that in a week you will be completely healthy, even if the symptoms of the disease completely disappeared.

Follow all doctor's recommendations. And if you still decided to use the traditional medicine, be sure to notify a specialist about this. Perhaps, in your case, the use of these or other means will be unacceptable due to some physiological characteristics of the organism.

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