Why does it hurt in the toes?

Why does the pain in the toes occur?

We are all used to the modern rhythm of life, which constantly requires us to move and does not give rest for a minute. We spend a lot of time on our feet, which, naturally, leads to the appearance of heaviness and fatigue in them. With these symptoms we can cope on our own, but what to do when there is an intolerable pain in the toes that prevents normal activity?

The cause of pain in the toes

The appearance of pain in the toes can be indicative of various joint diseases, in which inflammatory processes occur in the connective tissues. To treat them negligently is not worth it, because if you do not take time to treat them in time, the pain can only increase over time, causing even greater discomfort when walking.

Therefore, if your toes are very painful, we advise you to consult a doctor immediately for help. You need to undergo a complete examination to find out the exact cause of this illness.

The most common pain in the toes occurs for four reasons - arthritis, arthrosis, Morton's neuroma and vascular disorders.


Arthritis is a disease characterized by inflammation of the joints and their destruction. This disease is of several types, but all of them are expressed by pain symptoms. At what each of these types has its "favorite" toes.

In psoriatic and reactive arthritis, inflammation is most often seen on the large toe. Other 4 fingers can inflame rheumatoid arthritis. At the same time, the pain sensation in the fingers is mostly noticed by the person at night, when he is at rest. But they can also be observed in the daytime.

The cause of pain in the toes


Osteoarthritis is a disease in which bone tissue deforms as a result of exposure to external factors or disturbed metabolism. Most often with this disease, the pain is localized in the big toe.

In people, this disease is called gout. However, in spite of the fact that it can also provoke the appearance of pain in the toes, there is nothing in common between these diseases. And true gout is diagnosed much less often than arthrosis.

The development of gout is most affected by the male part of the world's population, while the arthrosis is female. This is due to the fact that women often wear uncomfortable high-heeled shoes, which has a narrow toe. In it, the thumb swings inwardly and presses against the adjacent toe, resulting in a bulging bone, which constantly traumatizes on the shoes and begins to deform.

If no measures are taken at this stage of the disease development, the disease also spreads to the joints. They become thicker, which leads to limited activity. At the last stages of arthrosis, the big toe is fixed in the wrong position and all attempts to unbend it remain ineffective.

It should be noted that in addition to deformation of bone tissues, inflammation of the periarticular bag is observed in patients with arthrosis, which leads to swelling, reddening and soreness of the soft tissues.

If you tighten the treatment of arthrosis, then in addition to the big toe, other fingers begin to deform. Then deformation of the entire foot occurs, which greatly affects the gait of a person, because each step is given to him with difficulty. And the treatment of such late stages of arthrosis is very long and sometimes, unsuccessful.

Morton neuroma

This pathology also has the name of plantar fasciitis. It is characterized by the appearance of pain in not the fingers themselves, but at their base. It arises as a result of great pressure on the nerve endings. The disease is diagnosed in most cases in women.

The appearance of plantar fasciitis can be caused by permanent leg injuries, which again appear as a result of wearing uncomfortable shoes. If traumatic neuritis begins to develop on the receipt of another trauma, the nerve is contracted.

This pathology is chronic. The damaged nerve eventually thickens and becomes more sensitive to external stimuli. Pain syndrome can worsen when wearing heavy weights and walking.

Neuroma Morton

Other causes of

Why do my toes hurt? Only an experienced doctor will be able to answer this question directly after carrying out analyzes and studies. Since such a symptom quite often can be a consequence of the development of any disease.

So, for example, if in addition to pain you also feel the numbness of the feet and fingers, then this may indicate the development of diabetes mellitus. If there is a burning sensation, this is likely to indicate vascular disorders or hyperactivity of nerve fibers.

In the event that the pain syndrome is accompanied by the whitening of the toes, this may indicate the development of vascular diseases in which the arteries of the lower extremities are affected.

The cause of pain in the toes can also include diseases such as obliterating endarteritis and arteriosclerosis. They arise against the background of blood circulation disorders in the blood vessels, which leads to deficiency of oxygen and other nutrients in soft tissues.

Most often, such pathologies are accompanied by other symptoms. A person can have fragility of nail plates, pale skin, hair loss, increased sensitivity to cold temperatures.

It is also worth noting that the appearance of pain in the finger on the leg can provoke an ingrown nail. It causes not only pain when walking, but also promotes swelling and redness of the skin.

Other reasons

An independent attempt to eliminate an ingrown nail can lead to the penetration of the infection and the formation of a purulent process. Therefore, this procedure should be performed only by a specialist under sterile conditions, and not at home.

The appearance of severe pain on the toe can be caused by the hardening of soft tissues, which are a collection of dead cells. It is worth noting that some of the hardening may have a rod that penetrates deep into the epidermis. Such formations are considered to be especially painful, they are very difficult to remove, and when they are often cut, their growth is observed. It is also impossible to do without the help of a specialist.


Pain in the toes never appears without a reason. Its appearance provokes various diseases that arise as a result of wearing uncomfortable shoes with high heels. That is why most often women suffer from this disease, than men.

Therefore, the only preventative measure to prevent the appearance of pain in the toes is the wearing of comfortable and practical shoes. Do not pursue fashion, because it is worth your health!

It should also be noted that excessive physical exertion can also lead to the development of joint diseases, accompanied by pain in the toes. So take care of yourself and stop lifting weights.

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