Dry skin on the legs: what to do?

Dry skin on the legs: what to do?

Dry skin on the legs is a problem that most women face. First, the skin begins to coarsen, then peel and crack, which, naturally, brings to life a lot of discomfort. Firstly, if you have such a problem in the summer, you will not wear open shoes, and secondly, cracks on your legs cause severe pain when walking.

It is not only possible to fight such a problem at home, but it is also necessary. But before you talk about how to do this, you need to understand why the skin on your legs is drying.

Causes of dry skin on the legs

Dry skin on the legs may occur due to uneven blood circulation as a result of wearing uncomfortable shoes or too tight pantyhose. And such factors can contribute not only to the appearance of dry skin, but also the development of varicose veins, which are characterized by the appearance of "stars" on the skin and convex veins.

It is worth noting that tight pantyhose "seals" the skin, preventing it from breathing normally, which leads to a violation of the water balance. And not only pantyhose, but also pajamas, which tightly adheres to the body, can contribute to this, and as a result, dry foot skin and flakiness develops, but the functioning of blood vessels also worsens.

The skin on the legs also dries and itches as a result of exposure to cold temperatures, for example, when a woman often wears short dresses in winter and goes outside. Aggravate this situation and frequent hair removal.

Causes of dry skin on the legs

In some cases, cosmetics that a woman uses daily at home can cause dry skin on her legs. It can be ordinary soap, shower gel or body lotion. When choosing cosmetics, carefully study its composition. It must necessarily contain natural oils and ceramides, which help moisturize the skin.

Frequent use of chlorinated water can also lead to dry skin. If you do not have the opportunity to use other water, then after each washing of feet you should treat them with nutritious creams.

It should also be noted that dry skin on the legs and other parts of the body can be the result of a disease such as diabetes, psoriasis or dermatitis. In this case, to solve the problem, the help of a specialist is required. After all, you can restore the skin to a normal state only after you eradicate the very cause of its dryness.

An important role in this is played by the age of the woman. The older she is, the drier becomes her skin. After 40 years, it takes a lot of effort to restore healthy and beautiful appearance to the skin. For this purpose it is recommended to use professional cosmetic means.

What should I do if your skin is dry and flaky? What methods of folk and traditional medicine will be most acceptable and popular? Tips experienced and skillful for each user!

How to take care of dry skin of the legs?

If you have very dry skin on your legs, you should exercise proper care. Make it a rule to treat it daily with moisturizers. Only apply them to open pores. And for this, you need to make foot baths or take a hot shower or bath every day.

How to take care of dry feet skin

If you have dry skin on your legs, then you need to steam it properly before applying moisturizing cream, so it absorbs the maximum of nutrient components.

Do not use normal alkaline soaps with dry skin. They will promote even more of its overdrying, resulting in the skin will begin to peel strongly. It is better to use liquid soaps, which contain oils. They gently cleanse the skin without causing harm to it.

During the shower it is necessary to do a massage, which will improve blood circulation in tissues and their nutrition. To do this, just aim the water on your feet and relax. After this procedure, the skin does not need to dry the skin dry. She should only get a little wet with a towel, and apply a moisturizing cream on top.

Instead of a cream, you can use a variety of vegetable oils, which not only soften the skin, but also saturate it with vitamins. For these purposes, ideally suited for olive, almond and linseed oil. They are applied to the skin and left for a couple of minutes. Then take a paper napkin and just remove the excess.

To avoid painful cracks on the heels, it is necessary to regularly remove from them a stratum corneum. You can use a pumice stone for this, but in no case is the razor. It greatly damages the skin, which increases the risk of infection.

Use pumice stone before water treatment, especially if the skin on the legs is dry and itchy. So you can remove much more deadly particles. After you process the heels, wash them under running water, wipe and grease with a nutritious cream.

To ensure that the skin on your feet is not dry, you should also regularly make moisturizing masks. They can be purchased at any cosmetics store or prepared independently from products that are available at your home.

Moisturizing masks for dry foot skin at home

If you have dry skin on your legs, take the rule regularly( at least 2 times a week) to make moisturizing masks. To do this, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on the purchase of exotic ingredients. They can be prepared from improvised means.

For example, if you have an oil solution of vitamin A or E at home, as well as cream or sour cream, then by combining these ingredients you can get an excellent moisturizing foot mask. Apply the resulting mixture to the skin and leave for 20 minutes. Remove the remainder of the mask with a paper towel.

Moisturizing masks for feet at home

Either you can buy a little ether of lavender or mint and add a few drops to your usual foot skin care product. Use it the same way as before, after two to three applications of this remedy dry skin on the legs will be more hydrated and supple.

In addition, if you have fresh apples at home, then you can make a mask out of them, which will not only help moisturize the skin of the legs, but also prevent the appearance of cracks on the heels. To do this, take an apple, cut it into slices and pour a small amount of milk. Then put the container on a slow fire and cook the apples until they turn into a mess.

Then cool the mixture lightly and apply it on the feet and shins. Wrap the legs from above with polyethylene and put on warm socks. After 40 minutes, rinse them with warm water, and moisten the skin with moisturizing cream.

An excellent moisturizing action for the treatment of dry skin on the legs is a mask made from baby cream. For one procedure, you need 4 tsp.cream, raw egg white, 1 tsp.butter and 2 tsp.pulp of raw potatoes. Mix all these ingredients until smooth and apply to the skin of the legs. After 30 minutes, wash off the mask with warm water.


Remember that it is much easier to prevent the appearance of dry skin on your legs than to treat it. For this you need:

  • to wear only comfortable shoes;
  • to refrain from wearing pulling leggings and tight pantyhose;
  • revise your diet and include more fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • regularly carry out procedures for the removal of dead skin particles;
  • do moisturizing masks;
  • discard the use of normal soap and flavored shower gels.

If the skin dries heavily on the legs, then it takes more time to care for the damaged areas, every evening to moisturize your feet with cosmetics or oils of pharmacy or home production.

Now you know exactly what to do if the skin on your legs is drying! Let all the above recommendations and tips help you to restore skin and make the legs perfect regardless of the time of year!

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