How to accelerate the growth of a beard?

How to accelerate the growth of a beard?

Since ancient times, a long thick beard was an indispensable attribute of male beauty, it was attributed to religious significance, attached to a magical property. Despite the variability of fashion and centuries, the beard is now at the peak of popularity and popularity.

How to improve the growth of a beard, what are the nuances of this simple matter?

First: the right food! In the diet should be present a healthy and balanced food, a lot of fiber, protein and iron. Abundant drink, vitamin complexes of both natural and pharmacy origin. Keratin is useful for the growth of bristles, it gives it strength and growth, protects from brittleness and damage.

Fruit rules for accelerating the growth of the beard

  1. Everyone's diet should always contain berries and fruits, and they can not be refused in any way. They contain pectin, which helps the intestines work efficiently, the source of iron is useful for the thyroid gland, and the main vitamin C will reduce the incidence of viral diseases during the cold season.
  2. They will be useful only for the field of eating the main meal, only so you can not get better from the fruit.
  3. Daily rate: 1-2 units, up to 90 kcal. This is one big apple, pear, banana, orange, 5 apricots, 20 berries of grapes, cherries, 200 g of melon and watermelon.

Better fruits to consume fresh, natural cultivation, less chemicals and toxins. You can make home-made juices, salads and desserts from them, adding to cereals or other dishes.

Basic rules for proper nutrition!

  1. Frequent intake of food, 5-6 times a day for 250-300 kcal will benefit the body much more than the usual three-day.
  2. Do not oversaturate meals with high-calorie foods, monitor the glycemic index of each dish.
  3. More fiber and protein together with plant foods, less heavy carbohydrates.
  4. Food should be high-grade, less than half-finished products, baking, sweet products, fewer empty calories.
  5. The source of iodine in the body should be monitored, algae and natural supplements added to the diet.
  6. Less stimulating products.
  7. Movement and healthy lifestyle!

The second: facial skin care. Accelerated growth of the beard depends on the skin condition, it is important to remove the peeling from it, moisturize and saturate it in time with multivitamin complexes. This will allow the hair to develop more actively, be thicker and more elastic. You can rub in the skin of eucalyptus oil, make masochki of various ingredients. Here are a few recipes!

It is very effective to clean your face with masks from a combination of cranberries and dry herbs. With oily skin, flowers of marigold or chamomile are brewed, as well as sage, yarrow and mother-and-stepmother.

And when dry - apply a mask of chamomile, lime blossom, mint, rose petals or rose hips.

Herbs are mixed in equal proportions with cranberry butter in equal proportions.

For oily skin, consult the masks of their following products: squeezed cranberries, grated raw potatoes, egg white, a spoon of honey and a small pinch of shallow salt. Apply to the face for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water.

How to stimulate the growth of a beard

A good mask for strengthening the hair on the beard - mask with walnuts, glycerin and honey in equal parts, dilute the ingredients with warm water or milk and apply for 10 to 15 minutes, then wash or rub your face with an ice cube.

Third: it is desirable to avoid stressful situations, less nervous. This condition adversely affects the growth of hair, makes them fragile and weak. It is important to learn how to manage emotions, excellent assistants in this - breathing exercises and physical exercises. Such actions make the body stronger and more enduring. In a healthy person, the beard grows much faster, and the structure of the hair is stronger and more beautiful.

Fourth: is a good dream. The lack of it is an impeding factor for the growth of bristles. Especially if you work at night, get bad sleep, get nervous and drink alcohol. It is necessary immediately to reconsider the way of life and to take cardinal measures for improvement of the whole organism. In a dream, the body cells are renewed, and accordingly the growth of the beard is accelerated.

How to stimulate the growth of a beard by the method of strength exercises

For example, lifting the weight can accelerate the growth of the beard, the man is producing testosterone, and the bristles begin to grow faster, become thick and elastic. Of course, the main thing is not to overdo it, and you also need to give up smoking and alcohol.

Attention: in the period of improving the growth of the beard should take into account the hereditary genes, the level of essential nutrients in the body. If the bristle has slowed in growth, it is best to shave it completely and try to restore the hair again.

We draw conclusions!

Rapid growth of the beard depends on the following factors:

  • testosterone content in the body;
  • proper nutrition;
  • sleep mode;
  • presence of stressful situations;
  • skin care;
  • physical exercise;
  • heredity.

It is important to monitor your appearance, and regardless of the level of growth of your beard to keep it in perfect order, cut, shave, make masks and comb. Let it please not only you, but also attractive looks for others!

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