Paraffin mask for the face: the secrets of cooking!

Paraffin mask for the face: the secrets of cooking!

In the world of cosmetology paraffin masks have long been firmly established their leading positions. Initially they were made only in beauty salons, and such procedures did not cost little financial means. But today the paraffin for the face has become available for use at home. In addition, the techniques for applying it have become known, which we will talk about a little later. And first let's remember what properties paraffin possesses and what benefit it brings to the skin of the face.

Action of paraffin on the face skin

Paraffin is a cosmetic product that has several actions at once. In the hot state, it contributes to the opening of the pores and the penetration of nutrients into the interior of the epidermis.

And in the cold state, paraffin tapers and decreases in size, which exerts a strong pressure on the skin, under which all the contents are squeezed out from the pores, thereby clearing and narrowing them.

But apart from all this, paraffin also promotes skin rejuvenation. And this is due to the fact that after purification of the pores, more oxygen begins to enter the cells, which entails the activation of metabolic processes and the enhancement of the ability to regenerate.

After the procedure, the facial skin acquires a healthy color and a light blush, which arises from the acceleration of blood circulation, associated with the sudden supply of large amounts of oxygen into the cells.

How to apply paraffin masks for the face?

Masks made of paraffin for the face should be done very carefully, since their application to the skin occurs in a hot form, so there is a likelihood of a burn.

How to apply paraffin masks for the face?

To prepare the mask, you first need to buy paraffin in the pharmacy. For one procedure, you need about 50 grams of medical paraffin, which should be placed in a clean and dry container. Preheat the paraffin in a water bath until completely dissolved. After that, you need to let it cool down slightly.

At this time, you need to prepare the skin for the procedure. If the skin is oily, it needs to be treated with alcohol solution if the cream is dry, but not on a water basis.

After the skin has absorbed the cream and completely dried, and the paraffin has cooled to a pleasant temperature for you, you can start the procedure. Remove the hair( tie it in the tail and cover with a kerchief, or use a shower cap to avoid accidentally staining it.)

Apply the paraffin to your face with a brush or a cotton swab, followed by quick movements on the massage lines, leaving the eye area untouched, nostrils and lips. Finishes should be filled more thoroughly soak that they are completely filled in.
Then it is necessary to try to keep the paraffin on your face in the warmest form for as long as possible. To do this, the face needs to be covered with terry clothsSo, we keep the face mask on for 20 minutes, then wash it off with warm water

After removing the paraffin from the face, the skin needs to be treated with herbal decoction, any medicinal plants with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and soothing effect can be used for its preparation., string, St. John's wort

To achieve maximum effect paraffin masks for the face should be done by courses - for 10 - 14 procedures. In this case, the gap between them should be a maximum of 3 days. Afterwards, to maintain the result, the procedures should be performed once a week.

Video about paraffin mask

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