Super mask from a pear for the face: we put the person in order

Super mask from a pear face: we bring the person in order

A pear is a very useful fruit, not only for the body, but also for the skin. Masks, which include the flesh or juice of this remarkable fruit, have a constricting cleansing effect, and are shown to people who have problematic skin( there are enlarged pores, acne, acne, etc.).

How to prepare a mask from a pear?

Pear masks at home are prepared very easily and do not require large financial and time costs. For example, you can use a freshly squeezed pear juice to wipe the skin. Or, take the fruit pulp, grind it and put on face for 20 minutes for exposure.

Such daily procedures help in a short time to get rid of the expanded pores and other problems associated with the skin.

To prepare a mask for sensitive skin, you need to take a pear, rinse it thoroughly under running water, peel and core. After grinding the pulp to get a gruel( it is better to use a blender) and mix with dry milk. Ingredients are taken in equal proportions.

If, in the end, your mask has got too thick consistency and it can not be spread evenly on the skin, dilute it with a small amount of water or milk. The resulting composition is applied for 20 minutes, and then removed by means of usual washing with water.

How to make a mask from a pear?

For a fatty skin type, a yogurt-based mask is suitable. To do this, you need to take one small pear, grind its pulp to a mushy consistency and combine it with several spoons of natural yogurt. Yogurt with additives for the preparation of masks can not be used, because it can dye the skin.

The resulting mass must be spread over the skin of the face and left for a full impact for a quarter of an hour.

You can also combine the pear pulp with egg whites. Only before this, it should be well beat until a foam is formed. Hold also 15 minutes.

For dry and prone to peeling skin, a mask from a pear for a face with honey is suitable. Honey should be taken liquid and it is better to pre-melt it in a water bath. It is advisable to take a pear, which is ripe, it is the most nutritious. It should be grated on a fine grater and combined with honey in equal proportions. Keep on face for about 20 minutes.

Video with prescription mask from pear