Can I recover from a diet for weight loss?

What kind of diets can not be found on the Internet now! Watermelon diet. Kefir diet. Apple diet. Cabbage diet. Lemon diet. .. The list can be continued almost endlessly. Why mono diets are very popular among women seeking to lose weight? Firstly, mono-diets are often popularized by show business stars. Secondly, on mono-diets weight is lost faster than on diets balanced by proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Thirdly, it is difficult to overeat on a mono-diet. After a couple of days, the mere mention of a frequently used product can cause an aversion to food.

can-get-weight-off-diet-for-weight loss

However, in the apparent rapidity of losing weight on mono-diet is a huge danger for health and for the figure in the future. Very often I meet reviews of women on the Internet, who boast that they have lost 10 kilograms per month on one of the mono-diets. However, then they regretfully notice that the weight soon returned. Yes, and with interest!

One of the reasons for the rapid return of weight - the transition to conventional nutrition. After all, there is only cabbage for a long time or it is impossible to drink only kefir. During the mono-diet, your body will not receive the necessary nutrients for life. And loses in a huge amount. A deficiency of vitamins and minerals leads to disruption of almost all body systems! Violated and fat metabolism. The metabolism slows down.

The body, accustomed to mono-diet, to a limited number of calories and nutrients, goes into energy saving mode. When you return to the usual diet, it literally breaks down and tries to gain nutrients "in reserve."And because the metabolism is slow, the calories collected are not burned, but are deposited in fat. Therefore, any long mono-diet is a serious stress for your body!

Then sharply losing weight, then getting better, you "loosen" your metabolism, plunging it from one extreme into another. The consequences can be very sad. In the lowering of the weight of the saying "You are quietly going on - you will be further" is especially relevant. The slower you will reduce weight, the more stable the result will be in the future.

Does this mean that it is necessary to abstain completely from a mono-diet? In fact, mono-diets were invented for short-term "unloading" and purification of the body. One fasting day a week or three consecutive days a month can be useful for your stomach and intestines under certain conditions. A monodiet lasting a week or more will have the opposite effect.

Do you want to stay healthy? Do not sit on mono-diet for more than three days. Better yet - make the right and balanced diet your way of life. Then you do not have to lose weight after such a radical method.

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