How to reduce sugar levels with products?

If sugar in the blood is increased, then, firstly, it will affect the work of the whole organism, and secondly, it can lead to serious problems and diseases, in particular, to diabetes mellitus. Some products when used will only worsen the situation, but there are also those that reduce blood sugar. And what do you think about this group?

Products that reduce blood sugar levels

Blood sugar-lowering products

Table of contents:

  1. Causes and symptoms of increased sugar
  2. Can I lower the sugar level with products?
  3. Which products can reduce sugar levels?
  4. Useful tips

Causes and symptoms of sugar rises

Before you make a diet and include certain products, you need to find out whether sugar is actually increased. The best and most reliable way to determine this is a blood test. If you do not mind eating some food, then the sugar level may drop so much that hypoglycemia arises, which is also dangerous.

So, first, we describe the symptoms of hyperglycemia( increased sugar level):

  • Since glucose attracts water, the volume of fluid will increase, resulting in increased urination.
  • Almost constant thirst will be observed, as well as frequent or constant dryness in the mouth. This is also related to the property of glucose to attract moisture. Because of this, all tissues will lack fluid and signal thirst for it.
  • Increased blood pressure. Kidneys simply can not cope with their direct functions due to the increased amount of water, which leads to increased pressure.
  • Headaches, fatigue, sometimes drowsiness. Strangely enough, but the brain with a noncritical increase in the level of sugar will lack glucose( this is due to a decrease in the amount of insulin produced, which is responsible for the absorption of glucose).
  • Wounds, as a rule, heal for a long time, because the sugar in the blood with excessive amounts thickens it, makes it more viscous.
  • Weight loss. Since insulin is produced in insufficient volumes, glucose can not properly and normally be metabolized normally and feed cells, because of this, energy exhaustion occurs.

Let's list the possible reasons for increasing the sugar level. They are important to know, because if you do not identify the cause and do not eliminate it, then no products will help to change the situation.

  1. Incorrect food, for example, eating food containing a large number of easily digestible carbohydrates( baked goods, sweets and so on).
    Whole grains are an excellent product for reducing sugar

    Whole grains - an excellent product for reducing sugar

  2. Craniocerebral injuries and lesions of certain areas of the brain( with the ability of the tissues to reduce glucose).
  3. Operations on the organs of the digestive tract( in this case, glucose in excess amount is absorbed from the intestine and stomach immediately into the blood).Diseases of the endocrine system( eg, thyrotoxicosis).
  4. Some chronic or infectious diseases.
  5. Stresses.
  6. Increased physical activity or, on the contrary, a fixed lifestyle.

Can I lower the sugar level with products?

Can the products somehow affect the level of glucose? Such, which, when used, could actually lead to a significant reduction, unfortunately, no. If they were available, they would be recommended to all diabetics by doctors, and in most cases problems would generally be avoided. And still something can be done.

The glucose level rises due to improper digestion. It can be caused by insufficient amount of insulin, it is impossible to influence the production of which by means of food. But still you can make sure that glucose is not absorbed at such a fast pace. This will not reduce its number, but, at least, will not increase, which is already good.

At an elevated level of sugar, it is recommended to consume cellulose

At an elevated level of sugar it is recommended to use fiber

First of all, it's worth talking about products containing a significant amount of fiber. Fiber is a kind of brush that literally cleans everything from the intestine. It turns out that the glucose that has entered the intestine does not have time to fully absorb through its walls into the blood, but comes out naturally.

Another group is products with a reduced glycemic index. Such an index is an indicator of how the effect on blood sugar is affected. So, if such an index is high, then glucose will rise rapidly. With an average index, this increase will not be rapid. A low index promotes a slow increase. This indicator depends on a number of factors, such as the content of carbohydrates and the characteristics of their assimilation by the body, the content of fiber and dietary fiber, the way of preparation, as well as the proportion of protein and fat.

Which products can reduce sugar levels?

So, what products reduce blood sugar? We list them:

    • Seafood. It contains almost one protein, carbohydrates are completely absent, and the glycemic index is the lowest. So boldly eat shrimp, mussels, squid, oysters and so on. Sugar in the blood will not increase.
    • Various vegetables. They contain a record amount of dietary fiber and fiber. As a result of getting all this into the intestine, glucose through its walls will simply not have time to be absorbed, so that it will flow into the blood in the smallest amounts. Feel free to use cabbage, and any of its varieties. Useful cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant, bell pepper, as well as pumpkin and ground pear.
    • Green. Here, too, a lot of dietary fiber. In addition, most types of greenery also contains vitamin C, which has some influence on the level of glucose, participating in the processes of carbohydrate metabolism. Eat spinach, parsley, lettuce, dill and so on.
    • Spices, seasonings, spices. They are able to activate metabolic processes, which can affect the absorption of carbohydrates and glucose. For example, it has been proved that if you take a third or half a teaspoon of cinnamon daily, then the sugar level will not increase. And even in such a spice contains a substance that acts like a hormone insulin, which directly affects the absorption of glucose. Also useful are other spices, for example, turmeric, ginger, garlic, cloves, red and black peppers.
Spices have a positive effect on blood sugar

Spices have a positive effect on blood sugar

  • Oat groats. It is recommended to use diabetics, since in this crop there is a large amount of fiber. That, in turn, getting into the intestines, reduces the absorption of glucose into the blood through the walls. So the best breakfast is a plate of Herculean porridge. And if you add fruit to it, it will be even better.
  • You can not do without berries and fruits, which also mostly contain dietary fiber. Be sure to include a cherry in your diet. Firstly, there are very few calories and a lot of fiber, and secondly, it is an excellent source of vitamin C. Lemons, used regularly, will help to neutralize the activity of foods that have a high glycemic index( due to rutin, limonene and ascorbic acid).An avocado that contains monounsaturated fats( they can also affect the absorption of glucose) is useful. It is worth using and apples with peel, as well as citrus fruits, strawberries, melons, pears, bananas.
  • Whole grains contain, first, a significant amount of fiber, and secondly, complex carbohydrates that are consumed by energy, and do not go straight to the bloodstream in the form of glucose.
  • Nuts are rich in protein, special fats, fiber and complex carbohydrates. Scientists have proved that with the use of a small handful of nuts( 30-40 grams) daily or at least 4 times a week, the risk of diabetes mellitus was reduced by 20-30%.Feel free to include cashews, walnuts, almonds, peanuts and other varieties in your diet.
  • Cheese tofu. His glycemic index is also negligible, so be sure to use it.
  • Berries( for example, black currants, blueberries).There is a lot of fiber, and also contains ascorbic acid( vitamin C).
  • Garlic. It stimulates the pancreas, in which the hormone insulin is produced, which is necessary for the proper processing of glucose.
  • Onions. It consists of flavonoids, which are also able to influence the carbohydrate metabolism and absorption of glucose. With regular use of sugar in the blood will not increase.
  • Mushrooms do not contribute to increase the volume of glucose and contain fiber, so they should also be included in the menu.
  • Legumes contain dietary fiber and protein. White food has a positive effect on the production of insulin and its activity.
  • Are useful and vegetable fats, contained in oils. Especially useful is flax seed oil, because there are very few carbohydrates and many omega-3 fatty acids.
Seafood effectively reduces blood sugar levels

Seafood effectively reduces blood sugar

Useful tips

In order for the products that affect blood sugar to really affect it, it's important to use them correctly. What recommendations should I follow?

  1. It is better and more correct to consume vegetables fresh. When cooking and other methods of heat treatment part of the dietary fiber is eliminated. In addition, the glycemic index of some vegetables rises during cooking, especially during long-term( such a property is characterized by beets and carrots).You can cook vegetables for a couple, but just do not fry them!
  2. Vegetable fats somewhat slow the absorption of glucose into the blood, so add oil to dishes, but in small amounts. Vegetable salads with olive or linseed oil are useful.
  3. The amount of sugar practically does not increase if it comes in small volumes. And therefore, you should eat a fraction, that is often, but in small portions( 150-200 grams at a time).And still necessarily chew all the food produced by chewing saliva favorably affects the absorption and absorption of glucose.
  4. Keep an active lifestyle and always keep an eye on your diet.

Eat right and rationally, not to learn about what hyperglycemia is.

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