Useful and effective menu of rice diets for fast weight loss

Do not know what diet to choose? We will help you.

Do not know which diet to choose? We will help you.

The topic of diets was and will always be relevant for people prone to excess weight. They, like no one else knows that adherence to the right diet is a pledge not only of beautiful appearance, but also of health. However, in the 21st century slagging and excess salts are a problem for almost every person. Salvation for those who wish to lose weight and become healthier will become a rice diet. Try on yourself a useful effect, which so often say reviews, you can at any time without preparation - so this diet is easy to perform.

  1. Table of contents:
    1. Benefits and harms of rice diets
    2. Aza slimming with rice
    3. Rigid diets for fast weight loss
    4. Diets that do not cause stress

    Benefits and harms of rice diets

    First of all, rice is famous for its ability to effectively remove toxins,salt and stagnant liquid, to put in order the digestive system and blood circulation. In addition, rice contains many B vitamins and vitally important amino acids for the body, improving brain function, the state of the nervous system, hair, nails and skin. The results of a properly conducted diet will be such effects:

    • Weight loss from 1 to 10 kg;
    • Deep body cleansing;
    • Normalization of metabolic processes and acceleration of metabolism;
    • Improved gastric and intestinal function;
    • Normalization of blood pressure, etc.

    But a fly in the ointment was found in this diet. Firstly, rice ishes out of the body absolutely all salts, even useful, which can complicate the work of the heart muscle. To prevent this phenomenon, you need to take a complex of vitamins and eat as many apples as possible during the diet for weight loss. Secondly, you should visit your doctor or a nutritionist to make sure that contraindications bypass you. And, thirdly, the menu often contains only rice, so long adhere to such a diet can not be categorically: despite the full benefit of this product, the lack of others will cause the body a great deal of stress.

    Aza slimming with rice

    For a rice diet, dark and brown rice is needed.

    For a rice diet, dark and brown rice is needed.

    The effect of losing weight, which causes a rice diet, is mainly based on the fact that the body is actively leaving all kinds of toxins, toxins, salts, that is, rapid breakdown of fats is usually not observed. Nevertheless, even this result is not obtained in some cases due to typical mistakes. They begin in the store: instead of the useful, filled with microelements of brown long rice, most people choose white and refined, almost useless for diets. Therefore, an important rule number 1 - buy dark, raw and oblong rice.

    Further top mistakes are led by the use of improperly cooked rice. But rice diet presupposes a special way of preparing this product to make it more caloric. To do this, simply dunk it for the night in water, after washing it several times in the morning. During cooking, water should be changed frequently, and the remaining one at the end should not be poured out, but allowed to cool and drink during the day. In addition to this "drink" diet allows the use of mineral or filtered water, green tea and freshly squeezed apple juices. But here there is a restriction: you can drink either 30 minutes before eating, or an hour after.

    Rigid diets for fast weight loss

    And though mono-diets that promise a quick slimming effect do not have the best effect on the body, they are still immensely popular and especially in demand before important events. However, a rice mono-diet, if it is observed no longer than 1-3 days, is useful and serves as a fasting day. Diets that last longer require aging and will power, because after them it is easy to break, so you need to be extremely cautious with them.

    Unloading day

    It is very useful for cleansing the body and losing weight for a few pounds to arrange for yourself only once a week unloading day. Such a rice diet does not include a variety of menus: every 2 hours you need to eat 150 grams of boiled rice without oil and salt, and in breaks every hour - drink a cup of herbal green tea or a glass of water. And, the last meal - no later than six in the evening, and the first - half an hour after awakening.

    Unloading triple days

    Recently, reviews say that it is much more convenient to unload a day once a week, only three days off, but once a month. They are a mono-diet, so it is not recommended to use them more often. For a day you need to eat just a glass of boiled rice, broken into several portions. It is desirable to replace the green tea with apple juice. With a strong desire to eat something else, you can eat a few green apples.

    Diet 3: 3: 3

    In fact, the rice diet in this mode of nutrition is present only in the first three days, when a person eats only rice. They are followed by 3 days of boiled fish or chicken, followed by 3 more days of raw vegetables. It is important that rice during cooking remains slightly undercooked, hard, and also salt, milk, butter and even spices are not used. This will help him to better digest and benefit the body.

    Rice diet with honey is suitable for sweet tooth and those who like to eat well.

    Rice and honey diet

    Rice diet with honey is suitable for sweet tooth and those who like to eat well.

    Rice diet with honey is suitable for sweet tooth and those who like to eat well.

    For lovers of sweet rice diet with honey is overcome without any problems. Moreover, it lasts no longer than 3-4 days, during which, as the reviews say, you practically do not feel hunger. The reason for this is a drink that should be drunk between meals: add to the hot water a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice. You can eat for a day only 500 grams of rice, divided into 5 portions.

    Diets that do not cause stress

    It is much easier to adhere to soft diets, rather than hard. Moreover, they are easier to carry by the body, after them there is less disruption and reverse weight gain. They are ideal for losing weight to those who do not plan a trip to the sea or a festive corporate party in a week.

    Soft cleansing for 2 weeks

    Otherwise this rice diet is called "5 volumes".The bottom line is that 1000 g of rice should be distributed in 5 jars, fill with water and leave for 4 days, changing water daily. When it's the fifth day, it's time to start a diet: on an empty stomach, drain the water from the very first jar in the morning and eat the rice without preparing it. Prepare a similar jar of rice and put it at the end. After you can eat any food, but it is desirable to adhere to the list above. This course of cleansing and losing weight lasts two weeks.

    Menu 2-week diet

    Light rice diet allows you to additionally eat vegetables and fruits, greens, use olive oil, as well as foods that are rich in potassium. On the other hand, meat, fish, fatty, fried, salted and other harmful in the list of prohibited foods. Example of an effective menu for the week:

    1. First day start with 60 grams of rice with a few drops of lemon juice and one apple. In the evening, you can eat 150 grams of salad and vegetable broth, as well as rice with herbs, seasoned with fruit vinegar and olive oil, taken for 1 tsp. For dinner, it is advisable to cook steamed rice with marrow and carrots and vegetable broth.
    2. Breakfast of the second day can consist of one orange, a small portion of rice and a teaspoon of sour cream. Dinner and dinner will be identical: a serving of rice and vegetable soup.
    3. The first meal of the third day includes rice with cinnamon and an average pear. For lunch, you can fry mushrooms, cook a salad of cucumbers, rice and vegetable broth. For dinner, cook cabbage broccoli for a couple and diversify her a portion of rice and vegetable broth.
    4. For breakfast on the fourth day you can afford rice with milk, as well as fruit salad with rice flakes. Rice with carrots, radishes, green lettuce leaves and vegetable soup will make up lunch. For dinner, you can eat a few sunflower seeds and a serving of rice.
      Rice with milk is perfect for breakfast.

      Rice with milk is perfect for breakfast.

    5. On the fifth day in a serving of rice for breakfast, you can add raisins, grapes or grated almonds. For lunch, a vegetable salad, including a lot of greens, and olive oiled with oil, will suit the rice. For dinner: permanent vegetable soup, spinach for steaming, rice with walnuts, grated, and greens.
    6. Breakfast of the sixth day in addition to rice can include a portion of dried fruits. A simple dinner of rice and raw vegetables, followed by a dinner of 2 apples, a small amount of cream, honey or sour cream, but after receiving vegetable broth.
    7. The last day includes a breakfast of rice with apples, seasoned with lemon juice, and also half a portion of natural yogurt. Lunch, as on other days, consists of rice and vegetables( tomato and green beans), and for dinner, in addition to the broth, you can afford to make rice with zucchini 1 tsp.olive oil, basil and up to 5 olives.

    The above menu can and should be changed according to your wishes. Dilute it with other products and think through meals in advance, but remember that the total calorie content should remain the same.

    On the way out of the diet, include forbidden foods gradually, but better and completely reject the harmful: then the rice diet and a simple menu for 7 days will definitely be lived through not in vain! Reviews about the diet will help you to gain faith in yourself and your strength, so do not forget that if you want - you will definitely lose weight!
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