Masks for hair with a banana

Hair masks with banana

Our hair needs constant care. After all, they daily struggle with the negative impact of external environmental factors( cold, heat, hair dryer, rectifier, curling, staining, etc.).

Home hair mask with banana is able to provide them with an integrated diet and contribute to their recovery. Therefore, every woman should know how to cook it. But first I would like to talk about the beneficial properties of a banana, so you are convinced that its application really does a lot of good for your locks.

Useful properties of banana

The chemical composition of a banana is not so rich. However, the concentration of substances in it is much higher than in any other fruits and vegetables. This can not affect the condition of the hair. After penetrating deep into each hair, these substances begin to work much more actively.

In banana contains in large quantities:

  • Vitamin E, which is an "ambulance" for damaged hair. It regenerates, regenerates and nourishes. Its effect prevents the cross-section of the tips and gives the hair a healthy shine.
  • Vitamin C, which increases the elasticity and elasticity of hair, making them sturdy and attractive;
  • Folic acid, is the protector of hair from negative factors that act from the outside;
  • Potassium, which retains moisture inside the hair, preventing the appearance of dryness;
  • Vitamin PP, which normalizes metabolic processes in the scalp and hair.

Useful properties of banana

This is not the entire list of those components that are contained in the banana. However, this is enough to make sure that the use of this fruit for hair is really useful.

Rules for the application of hair masks from banana

For the preparation of banana masks at home, only natural ingredients having a good shelf life should be used. If you do not want your locks to acquire a greenish tinge, then you should not use dishes made of metal during cooking masks.

In addition, use the mask immediately after its preparation. If it stays in the refrigerator for more than 3 hours, then all the useful substances from it will evaporate.

After applying the mask on the head, wear a protective cap. It ensures the maintenance of the necessary level of humidity and temperature, which makes it possible to strengthen the action of the cosmetic. If this you do not, you can replace it with a conventional shower cap and a towel.

Recipes for making banana hair masks

Remember, when you choose a banana to make a mask, approach it with all responsibility. It must necessarily be ripe, and on its surface should be no visible traces of damage.

Typically, a mashed banana is used to make a mask. To make it better to use a blender. It allows you to achieve a more uniform texture without lumps, which is easily applied to the hair and interacts with other ingredients.

The most popular among women is a hair mask with a banana and an egg. To do this, place the two ingredients in the blender bowl and whisk them until smooth. After that, apply the resulting mixture to the hair, for about half an hour.

Useful properties of banana

If you add a few drops of essential oil of basil in this mask, then it is ideal for those women who suffer from hair loss. Since basil has a powerful strengthening effect.

Also good is a mask made from the pulp of a banana and ripe avocado. To do this, these two ingredients are whipped with a blender until smooth, and then mixed with egg yolk and a few tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. The duration of this mask is 40 minutes. It perfectly moisturizes and restores, so it is ideal for dry and damaged hair.

The mask prepared from a ripe banana and mayonnaise has an excellent moisturizing effect. However, in this case, the application of store mayonnaise is unacceptable, since it contains various preservatives and other harmful components. You will need a homemade mayonnaise, prepared only from eggs and vegetable oil.

Ingredients are mixed in equal proportions( 1: 1).Their amount is taken depending on the length of the hair. Apply the product for one hour.

Choose one of the recipes for making a homemade banana hair mask and apply it every 2-3 days. After a few procedures, you will notice how your hair will get a beautiful shine, become obedient and beautiful.

Video with prescription masks from banana