Masks for hair restoration: treatment of damaged locks by folk methods at home

Masks for hair restoration: treatment of damaged locks with folk methods at home

Beautiful, healthy and silky hair is a dream for many. And not only women, but also men. But it is not possible to grow a fine head of hair to everyone, because the hair is damaged, as a result of which it becomes brittle and lose its natural beauty. Why is this happening and is there an opportunity to correct the "situation"?

Causes of Hair Damage

The causes of hair damage are actually very many and it is simply impossible to count them all. Now we will name the most common causes of hair damage and how to eliminate them. After all, only eliminating the cause can move from the "dead point".

So, the most important cause of hair damage is improper care. Very often we ourselves without noticing harm our hair. We are chasing after novelties, which we are told from TV screens, without thinking about that frequent change of cosmetics puts hair into stressful state, at which they begin to get damaged.

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Wash your head - this is another procedure, as a result of which we again do our own harm to our locks. Many of us like to take hot baths or hot showers, not thinking about the fact that high temperature water damages the structure of the hair, as a result, they begin to break down, and the tips are cut.

Also we often use hair dryers for drying and styling hair, ironing and other small appliances that heat-treat hair, and this also has a negative effect on their condition.

Hair dyeing and curling is one of the most common causes of ringlet damage, and in this case we ourselves are the culprits of this, because we always want to look at everything "100%", chasing the fashion.

Unbalanced nutrition leads to a deficiency of nutrients in the body, which significantly affects the condition of the hair and their growth. To them, nutrients cease to flow, and this is disastrous for curls.

In addition, harmful habits( consumption of alcoholic beverages and the abuse of tobacco products) on which more than 50% of the world's population depend, also lead to damage to the hair, and the first impact they cause from inside - through the hair follicles. As a result of this hair already begins to grow damaged.

How to prevent hair damage? Yes, everything is very simple! You need to wash your head at the correct temperature of water - 36 - 37C.You need to find just such a shampoo that suits your hair type.it is obligatory to use balms and masks for hair restoration, which will nourish and moisten the curls from the inside, and create an invisible film from above, providing additional protection from external stimuli.

Very important is the rejection of bad habits and a change in the diet - it should be balanced, it should be dominated by raw vegetables and fruits, as well as almost no fried and salty dishes. Thus, you will help restore not only your hair, but the whole body.

Masks for hair restoration

Masks for damaged hair at home

Below we presented you the most effective hair restoration masks. But first you must know that you need to do them regularly. The interval between them should be minimal - 2 - 3 days. That is, you need to do masks before every wash of your head.

You also need to understand that to prepare a mask for intensive hair restoration, only fresh ingredients should be used. Store the mask in the refrigerator can only 1 hour. After using it you can not. It will not harm your hair, but there will be no use from it any more, because during this time all the useful substances will evaporate from it.

After you apply the mask to your hair, you must create conditions that resemble the greenhouse effect. That is, put a shower cap over your head and wrap it with a towel. If you do not find such a cap near your hand, you can use a plastic bag or food film.

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Recipe No.1

In case of severely damaged hair, an oil mask based on castor and burdock oil will help. To cook it, you need to mix these two types of oils in equal amounts in the same container and slightly heat it in a water bath or with a microwave oven. In the mask, you can add other essential oils, if you have such.

After the oil mixture has been heated, it should be added birch juice or fresh squeezed lemon juice( 1 tsp).Apply the mask to dry and clean hair, evenly distributing it along the entire length.

Recipe №2 masks for hair restoration at home

Mask for quick hair restoration is prepared as follows: you need to beat one raw chicken yolk and mix it with 1 tablespoon of castor oil. If the hair is long, the amount of ingredients can be increased several times. The mask is applied to dry hair, washed off after 4 - 5 hours with a shampoo from the "natural pharmacy".

Recipe masks for hair restoration at home

Recipe No.3

This mask for deep hair restoration is "fragrant", but at the same time the most effective. For its preparation, you only need garlic, from which you need to make a gruel with garlic or other appliances.

Garlic gruel is applied to the hair and aged for about two hours. After it is washed off in the usual way. We remind you that this mask has an unpleasant odor, so it's best to do it in those days when you are at home.

Prescription mask for hair restoration №4

Very good tool is this mask for restoring the structure of the hair. For its preparation you will need only crumb of rye bread, which you need to soak in water or milk. The mass should resemble a gruel, which then must be applied to damp hair for 10 to 15 minutes. When washing, use shampoo and other cosmetics is not recommended. It will be very good, if you wash it off, you will use a decoction of birch leaves.

Recipe number 5

Restoring property and have dairy products( yogurt, yogurt, yoghurt and others).They are applied at night, distributing along the entire length of the hair, and go to bed. And in the morning they wash the mask off hair, rinsing them with plenty of water.

How to prepare masks for the restoration of dry hair, you can find out by watching the videos that we have specially selected for you:

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