Treatment from split ends in the home

Treatment from split ends at home

Every woman who tries to grow long hair faces a problem like split ends. And most of them resort to cardinal methods of getting rid of them - hair cutting. Of course, this method is very fast and effective, but it strongly affects the length of the curls.

So if you want to have a long and beautiful head of hair, you just need to know how to eliminate split hair at home without using scissors. But first, I would like to say a couple of words about why the ends begin to be cut off, because if you eliminate the root cause of the problem, its solution will occur much faster.

Reasons for

Our hair is a reflection of our internal health status. And if there are any violations in the body, this immediately reflects on the appearance of the head of hear. Hair begins to lose its luster, become dull, dry and brittle.

Therefore, if you have any pathologies that could affect the condition of the curls, you should undergo special treatment. After all, without it, it will be almost impossible to restore the former beauty of hair, since pathologies will continue to affect them constantly, and not in the best way.

Treatment from split ends

In addition, the appearance of cut ends can contribute to such factors as:

  • drying by a hair dryer;
  • application of rectifiers and forceps for creating a hairstyle;
  • wrong power supply;
  • smoking;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • lack of vitamins and minerals;
  • application of improperly selected cosmetics;
  • lack of proper hair care;
  • fungal head skin lesions.

If you were able to independently determine the cause of the splitting ends, then try to eliminate it, as soon as possible. If this task proved to be too much for you, then you should seek help from a specialist who not only establishes the cause of your problem, but also tells you what means are best used to treat split hair at home.

Treatment of split ends: the main stages of the

The first thing you should do before you start to treat split hair, is to revise your diet. Your diet should be rational and balanced. After all, it depends on what you eat and depends for the most part on how you look.

Eat more nuts, seeds, fish, meat and raw vegetables and fruits. They contain all the necessary minerals and vitamins necessary for the beauty and health of hair. In addition, it is also recommended to drink a course of the vitamin complex, which contains the essential substances your body needs( vitamins A, E, C, D, F and minerals of zinc, copper and calcium).

In addition to nutrition, provide your body with sufficient moisture. After all, because of its lack, the hair becomes dry and brittle. A day is recommended to consume up to 2 liters of clean drinking water. If you follow this simple rule, you will soon notice that not only the condition of the hair, but also your skin has improved. It will become elastic and elastic.

Treatment of split ends: the main steps

You will also need to choose the right shampoo for washing your head. After all, the success of your treatment depends on him 70%.Shampoo should fully match your hair type and contain as many useful substances as possible.

Remember, the longer the shelf life of a cosmetic product, the more chemical elements in its composition, the long-term effect of which leads to other problems with the hair( for example, lack of gloss, loss, dandruff, etc.).

If you have dry tips, then without special serums you just can not do. They contain components that have a gluing effect on the scales of hair. As a result, the structure of the trunk of the hair becomes smooth and shiny, and the tip ceases to split.

Put taboos on hair dryers, straighteners and tongs to create curls. They strongly dry their hair, and therefore lead to their damage and cross-section. These tools are the main enemies of your head of hair, from which you should certainly save it.

Home recipes for fighting the cutting tips

To get rid of splitting hair at home is quite possible. However, this requires a lot of effort and patience, because the result will be visible not immediately, but in a few months.

The most effective in the fight against split ends are various cosmetic oils. They are easy to buy in any pharmacy at a very reasonable price. Apply them very simply. Take the necessary amount of oil, heat( for this use either a microwave oven or a water bath) and apply to the ends of the hair.

Home recipes to combat the cutting ends

Of course, you can apply oil on the entire length of the curls, but wash it off later will be much more difficult. Incidentally, such oil masks are applied to the hair for 1-2 hours, and then washed off with warm water. If the curls are badly damaged, the mask can be left for the whole night.

Most often, for the preparation of such masks using burdock, castor, coconut, almond or olive oil. They are used both individually and in combination.
Essential oils also have a good therapeutic effect. Therefore, they can also be used in the fight against split ends. However, not all essential oils can be used for this purpose.

Specialists recommend the use of cinnamon, melissa, tea tree, bergamot, cloves and jojoba oil. But remember that these oils have a high concentration of active substances, so they should be used in small amounts( 5-7 drops are sufficient for one procedure).

Other hair masks with nutritional and hydrating action are also effective. Here are a few recipes for cooking them at home.
Mask based on homemade yogurt

Prostock - a micro-and macro-rich, sour-milk product, which also contains yeasts that promote hair acceleration. Its active components penetrate into the damage itself and restore it. Therefore, after 1-2 months of applying a mask from homemade curdled milk, from the split ends there will be no trace.

It is very easy to prepare a mask from this wonderful remedy. Take the necessary amount of curdled milk, warm it in a water bath to 40C-50C and apply on hair. First, rub it into the scalp, and then distribute it along the entire length of the curls. Do not forget to pay special attention to the tips.

Home recipes to combat the cutting ends

After you have processed the hair, wrap it with a towel, but first put a shower cap or a plastic bag on your head. So walk for about an hour, and then rinse your hair first with plain water, and after decoction from the chemist's chamomile.

Mask based on pulp pulp

Peach is a valuable fruit that is famous for its rich composition. It contains tannins, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Therefore, its use can well return hair to their health and shine.

For this you need two ripe peaches. They should be peeled off, removed from them bones and with the help of a blender to bring to a puree state their flesh. Then you need 3 tablespoons.of fatty milk. Stir the peach puree and milk until a homogeneous consistency is obtained.

To increase the effectiveness of the mask, you can add a few drops of essential oil essential oil. Then the resulting mask should be spread evenly over the hair for one hour. The head should be wrapped, so do not forget about the plastic cap and terry towel.

Remember that the preparation of a home remedy for split ends follows only from natural and fresh ingredients. Only in this way you can achieve maximum efficiency from its application.

In addition, to do such a mask should be before every wash of the head. In addition to the fact that they will have a restoring effect on the tips themselves, they will also help to reduce the aggressive effect of hard water and the chemical elements that make up shampoos on the hair, which will also have a positive effect on their condition.

View of the miracle mask for split hair