Care for dry hair at home

Care for dry hair at home

What to do when the hair is dry, brittle, can not be laid, and everyday care does not lead to the desired result. What do ordinary users and experienced specialists say about this?

Proper care for dry hair

Causes of excessive dryness can be malnutrition, bad habits, improper care of locks. Improperly selected means for washing the head, long laying, drying with a hair drier, coloring with substandard preparations, permanent wave change the structure of the hair, lead to exhaustion and dry head of hair.

What should I do in order to restore my hair and make it more moist and "alive"?

  1. Every time before washing, comb the hair with a wooden scallop with small teeth.
  2. Control the water temperature, which should not exceed 35 degrees.
  3. Wash your hair once or twice a week.
  4. It is advisable to make a strengthening mask from burdock oil 30 minutes before washing the dry hair, applying it over the entire length of the strands.
  5. Application of air conditioners for dry hair will give your hair a well-groomed appearance, facilitate combing, will give the right volume.
  6. It is necessary to abandon the thermal impact on strands, if you need to dry your hair urgently, it is better to use a dryer in cold mode without heating the air.

Proper care for dry hair

Masks for dry hair care

Necessary ingredients:

  • wine vinegar - teaspoon;
  • castor oil - 10 ml;
  • the yolk of one egg.

Apply the mixture to the hair, withstand 50 min. After washing off the remains of the mask with warm running water, apply moisturizing conditioner cream and leave on hair until the morning. If necessary, rinse your hair again in the morning.

The following mask nourishes dry hair at the cellular level and helps prevent hair loss.
You need to take a spoonful of castor oil, 15 ml of shampoo for dry hair. The resulting mixture is carefully rubbed into the head, from above put on a plastic bag. After 2 hours wash off the mask with warm water. The course of recovery is 10 days.

Masks for the care of dry hair

Hair rinsing

It is best to make broths of herbs, for example, take a spoon of crushed ivy leaves, cook for 5 minutes over low heat, cool and use as a hair rinse.

For the restoration of dry colored hair suitable for this composition: for a liter of boiling water take a spoonful of dry rosemary, boil and cool. With each head wash, rinse the hair with these compounds. Already after 2-3 sessions, strands will become stronger, more elastic, elastic, shining.

It's important to know! For owners of dry hair, you must adhere to several rules: wash your hair not more often 1-2 times a week, using a special shampoo for dry hair. Avoid staining and thermal styling, use home-made masks, take vitamin complexes that help to "cheer up" the whole body.

Do not neglect everyday rules for the care of dry strands - and very soon your hair will shine with strength and health!

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