Painting Easter eggs with wax. Master class with a photo from Anna Korolyuk

Hello, dear readers. Today I want to present you the next competitive work, it was prepared for us by Anna Korolyuk. This is the second competitive work of Ani. I never cease to admire enthusiastic, creative, versatile people who create beauty with their own hands. Anya prepared not only a step-by-step master class with a photo, a painting of Easter eggs with wax, but she also wrote us interesting information about a pysanka. I was very interested to read and see the creation of such beauty. I think everything can be repeated, even with the children, it will be an exciting activity for the whole family on the eve of the Easter holiday.

Another work by Anna, you can see in the article "Painting a wooden box", work with a step-by-step master class.

I want to share my master class on making pysanka. Pysanka( or pysanka) is a painted chicken egg, it was considered a relic in the old days, and the process of creating it was also sacral. Not far off is the great Easter feast, and my master class can be useful to anyone who wants to make a fancy about the old technology.

This hand-painted pysanka handwritten and is an amulet for the house and a keeper of the secret desires of the one who did it or who it turns into a gift.

Symbols and colors on pysankah always make sense, so when you do it, you make a wish. On my sample you will see a flower - a sunflower, a symbol and a wish for health;the yellow color of the petals and the middle symbolizes solar energy, warmth and well-being, while the green background and leaves symbolize the strength of nature, spring.

On a simple example, I want to show you how the process of creating a pysanka is interesting and mysterious. When you start working on a pysanka, you will feel an extraordinary surge of strength and peace of mind.

Painting Easter eggs with wax. Master-class with a photo

For painting a pysanka you will need simple things:

  • pysasachok( a tool in which wax is drawn for drawing, a pencil can be bought or made by yourself, because there are many samples on the Internet for making it);
  • natural beeswax( a small piece);
  • blown or whole chicken egg( if yolk with protein is not blown, then for a while the raw egg inside will dry), boiled eggs are never painted with wax, that is, only raw or empty inside;
  • food colors of any colors;
  • table vinegar;
  • spoon, which will be dipped and keep the egg in the dye;
  • wipes;matches and any candle;
  • awl for puncturing holes on the egg and a simple pencil for drawing.

Make holes with an awl on the top and bottom of the egg and blow it out either by yourself or using a drug syringe.

Or you can leave the raw egg whole, this is according to your desire.

Degrease the egg with a cloth moistened with vinegar.

Egg will become clean and smooth, now you can start drawing.

For certainty, you can apply a pattern first with a pencil, and then wax. You can draw a drawing from two sides, you can with one, at will.

As for the symbols on the pysanka, there are a lot of them, you can find the pictures and colors you are interested in on the Internet.

I will give a small example: an oak tree is a male symbol, and a viburnum is a female beauty. There are no bad symbols, there are only those that you need more or less.

In this masterclass we used the symbol of health - sunflower. When it is outlined in pencil, you can proceed to applying wax pincers.

As the spout is metallic, it quickly heats over the candle, and the hot spout is inserted into the wax and is carried with the wax in the nozzle again to the candle, and then drawn along the contour on the egg.

The wax on the pysanka looks slightly black, but it's okay, do not be scared.

You always need to heat the nipple around the fire, until you paint everything with wax.

It's enough to keep for a couple of seconds.

When the entire contour is painted with wax, dip the egg into a dye, which is diluted with water and a tablespoon of vinegar.

Hold the pysanka in the dye for several minutes, holding it with a spoon.

Then remove, and pat the egg with a tissue.

To the petals and the middle of the sunflower remain yellow, you need to draw them from above with wax, and do not touch the rest.

The rest will be green.

Now we again dip the egg, but in the green dye and hold for a few minutes for the juiciness of the color.

When you get a pysanka from the green dye, blot it well in a napkin and take off the wax from the egg.

This requires a clean cloth and a candle again.

Hold the wax pattern above the candle for a few seconds and wipe the melted outline about the napkin, and so the whole drawing.

But do not close closely above the candle, so as not to draw a drawing.

So, you get a bright pysanka with a white outline and a colored background.

You can put the ready pysanku in the sacred corner of your house or give it to a loved one.

And remember, if the pysanka breaks, it's only for luck!

Inspiration and success to you!

And I remind you that our competition continues, you can also take part in it. If you are interested, then the details of the competition you can read in the article "Creative Competition." Send your work to me in the mail.