Nettle Mask for Hair

Hair Nettle Mask

Still our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used nettles to make hair silky and soft. And most often they made from her broth, which rinsed ringlets. But also they did and masks from the nettles, which were and are by far the best means in the fight against hair loss and dandruff.

Nettle for hair growth: the principle of action

Nettle contains a whole "bouquet" of useful micro and macro elements that allow us to maintain the beauty and health of our hair. It contains tannins, organic acids, minerals and vitamins, among which there is vitamin C, which improves the natural protective properties of strands.

Nettles for hair growth

In addition, the application of nettle extract for cosmetic purposes, allows you to get rid of such problems as:

  • hair loss;
  • dandruff;
  • slow hair growth;
  • excessive dryness and fat content of hair and much more.

Masks with nettles for hair from falling out

A mask from nettle for hair can be prepared according to different recipes. But whatever recipe you choose for yourself, you can be assured of all "100%" that you will only benefit from the application of the mask. The most popular recipe for making a nettle mask for hair growth is: one egg yolk needs to be mixed with a few spoons of dry crushed nettle. The resulting mixture should be applied to the hair and washed off after 5 minutes in the usual way. This recipe requires the use of fresh nettle. You will need about 30 - 40 nettle leaves, which will need to be crushed and mixed with sea salt( 1 tablespoon).It is necessary to wait a little while the nettle starts to let out the juice. Stir again and apply on the roots and scalp massage movements. After half an hour the mask needs to be washed off.

It should be noted that nettles can slightly change the color of hair, so blondes instead of nettle leaves are better to use nettle oil. After applying the mask, the hair should be wrapped with polyethylene and a towel. This will create favorable conditions for the impact of the mask. Use this tool is recommended 1 - 2 times a week for 2 - 3 months. If you want to learn about how else you can prepare a mask from nettles against hair loss, you can watch the videos that we specially picked for you:

Video about the prescription of nettles for greasy hair

Video with mask against hair loss

Video with prescription tonic of nettle