Tips for hair care at home

Hair care tips at home

In order to grow a beautiful and luxurious head of hair, full of health and brilliance, it is necessary to provide proper home hair care. After all, some trips to beauty salons are not enough. You do not go there just to wash your hair? Of course not. This you do yourself, but, for sure, wrong.

And, in principle, many women make a huge number of mistakes when they are taking care of their locks, which they even do not even suspect. We'll talk about them now.

Combing the hair

Every day we comb our hair several times, without even thinking about what harm it does to them. The point is that each combing leads to the opening of scales of curl, thereby it is damaged and becomes brittle.

But we also can not comb, because today, fortunately, the society does not recognize untidiness and untidiness. Therefore, we have to use the comb no matter what. And in order to at least somehow reduce the likelihood of damage to the hair, comb it correctly.

Combing hair

This should be done from top to bottom with neat, smooth movements. If the hair is very confused, you can use some kind of emollient that will easily allow you to get rid of the tangled hair.

And that during this procedure to bring curls more benefit than harm, you can use essential oil. You can take absolutely any essential oil that you have at home.
Literally a few drops of oil should be applied to a wooden comb and begin to comb her hair. Use this metal comb is not worth it, since it promotes oxidation and your curls will suffer greatly from this procedure.

Do not brush your hair too often. This also leads to their damage.2-4 times a day is enough.

Hair wash

Hair washing is also a fairly common procedure that women spend at home. Unfortunately, very few people know that it can cause many cosmetic problems, for example, hair loss.

Remember how you wash your head? You wet it, apply a quantity of shampoo on it and start rubbing it. So in fact? But that's just the fact that you severely rub your hair and cause them to fall out.

The root of each hair has a so-called nest - the follicle. When you start to pull on hair, the nest begins to loosen and, as a result, the hair falls out of it. Therefore, it is correct to wash your hair as follows:

  • wet your hair;
  • in ½ a glass of water dilute a tablespoon of shampoo and beat until a firm foam;
  • apply a fine motion of foam and leave it for a few minutes on the hair( with the head do not need to massage);Remove
  • with warm water.

It is very important to use the shampoo that suits your hair type. If you are concerned about the excessive fatty curls, use shampoos designed only for oily hair. In addition to the excellent removal of greasy sheen, they also contribute to the normalization of the sebaceous glands, which will allow you to get rid of this problem with time.

It is very good to use home-made shampoos. Such tools do not contain any harmful components and in their quality you can be assured for 100%, as you will be engaged in their manufacture personally. Find recipes for their preparation on the Internet will not be difficult.

After applying the shampoo, it is mandatory to use conditioner or hair balm. This allows you to give the locks extra shine, softness and, of course, obedience. After their use, hair is easily combed and acquires a beautiful appearance.

Hair coloring

Today, almost all women dye their hair. Some prefer to do this only in beauty salons, since there are professionals who can not only correctly color curls, but also to choose a suitable paint for the woman.

Hair coloring

And some people prefer to do it at home, thereby saving their money that others give for the work of professionals. To say that this should not be done, since many women can paint themselves at home no worse than a master.

And the point here is not really who is painting and where, but in what kind of tool it is used for. It is important that the paint contains as little chemical elements as possible. Of course, ammonia paints give a rich color, which lasts a very long time, however, they harm very much the hair.

Because ammonia contributes to the opening of hair scales, due to which it penetrates into its depth, thereby affecting the color from the inside. Disclosure of scales leads to dryness of ringlets and fragility, so the use of ammonium paints, especially at home, should occur very rarely.

Completely another matter bezammiachnye paint, which is now easy to buy at any cosmetics store. They do not penetrate deeply into the structure of the hair, but only envelop it, thereby affecting only the outer pigment of the curl. Perhaps, it is for this reason that they do not give such a long-lasting saturated color as ammonia paints. But they are much safer for the hair, and the smell is more pleasant.

If you are really concerned about the health of your hair, then instead of chemical paints you can use natural dyes - henna, basma, onion husks, lemon juice, etc. There are a lot of natural dyes and with their help you can not only change the color of your hair, but generally improve their condition.

Henna and basma are two dyes that can achieve completely different shades of hair - from honey to black. The main thing here is to choose the right proportions and to know what time it is necessary to withstand the paint on the hair in order to get the necessary shade.

Well, it's best not to dye your hair at all. After all, nature has rewarded each of us with its "own" color of curls, which fits perfectly to our face, the color of our eyes and eyebrows. So, if you want to keep the beauty of your hair, to allow it to grow strong and dense, then give up the idea of ​​changing the color of your head of hair.

Hair styling

We constantly use a variety of hairdressing tools to create a hairstyle. This is the forceps, rectifiers, and hair dryers, etc. But we forget about one thing - when using them, the hair itself suffers very badly, because they have a thermal effect on it, drying out the curls and making them brittle.

Hair Styling

Therefore, they should be used extremely rarely. It is advisable to use such means that do not cause hair of great harm, for example, hair curlers. They do not heat or cool the hair, creating beautiful curls of various sizes and volume.

There are a lot of curlers today. But the most safe and convenient to use are boomerangs. On their surface there is no poppy that pulls out the hair. They are soft and comfortable to sleep in. But they still have a disadvantage - boomerang curlers are suitable only for long hair. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to screw them to short locks.

There are times when you need to quickly put your hair. Naturally, then you have to use forceps and rectifiers. But remember that if you really decided to use them, then you should use these tools with minimal heat, so as not to dry your hair.

Masks for hair

Of course, hair care at home can not do without the use of various cosmetic masks. Apply them regularly, at least once a week. In winter, hair masks should be done 2-3 times a week, as it is during this period that they feel an acute shortage of nutrients.

A wide variety of ingredients can be used to prepare a cosmetic mask. They should be selected based on the existing problem. For example, if you have dandruff, the main ingredient in the mask can be cosmetic blue clay. It perfectly falls on the hair, provides them with food and normalizes metabolic processes in the cells of the scalp, as a result of which dandruff after each procedure begins to manifest itself less and less.

If you suffer from severe dry hair, then you will need to apply moisturizing masks. They are prepared from vegetable oils( burdock, olive, almond, etc.), egg yolks, honey, fat cream or sour cream. These ingredients contain substances that penetrate deep into the hair and retain moisture in it.

Hair masks

If you have a fat type of curls, then you should prepare homemade masks from lemon juice or cognac. These ingredients perfectly eliminate sebaceous shine and for a long time give hair a fresh look.

If you complain about slow hair growth, then you need to prepare a mask based on mustard powder or tincture of hot pepper. They perfectly stimulate hair growth due to the warming effect. They improve local blood circulation, thereby increasing the amount of nutrients coming to the follicles.

But remember that these masks can burn the skin, so it's worth to be careful and wash them off the hair in time to prevent skin burns. In addition, they contribute to a strong overdrying of curls. Therefore, such drugs are applied only to the scalp, and the hair itself is pre-treated with some cosmetic oil.

To provide proper hair care at home, you should get a specialist consultation that will evaluate the condition of your curls and tell you which products are best for your use. Be beautiful!

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