We remove the stomach with exercises

Do you have stomach problems? We will help you get rid of it.

Do you have stomach problems? We will help you get rid of it.

Almost every girl aspires to the ideal figure. Everyone has problem zones, on which extra pounds "settle" in the first place. For many, this is the stomach. And how to remove it? Is this real? And what effective exercises need to be performed to get the perfect waist?


  1. Why is fat stored on my stomach?
  2. How to remove fat from the abdomen: important moments of training
  3. Workouts for a flat stomach
  4. Huluhop
  5. Exercises
  6. Useful advices

Why does fat is stored on the stomach?

I want to say right away that a small tummy in a woman is quite normal. A small tummy is practically in everyone, and the fat layer in this zone is provided by nature itself to protect the most important abdominal organs from external mechanical and other influences. But if the wrong diet and "sedentary" lifestyle have made their own, and the belly seems too big and spoils the look, then it's worth doing everything to remove it. Some exercises will help in this, but training and exercises alone will not be enough.

How to remove fat on the abdomen: the important points of training

Before offering exercises in order to remove excess volume, it is worth highlighting several important points that will make training effective and accelerate the process of fat burning:

  • Lead an active lifestyle, training alone is not enough.

    Keep an active lifestyle, some training is not enough.

    It is extremely important to eat properly. It is necessary to give up fatty, fried, smoked, sweet and flour. Eat more vegetables, fruits, berries. All this contains fiber, which improves digestion and removes toxins from the intestine. And if you want to strengthen your muscles and make the press embossed, then do not forget about proteins, they are simply necessary for muscle tissue!

  • Move more! Even if you exercise regularly, but after lying down after training, the volumes will go very slowly. Do you want to remove excess fat? Walk more often( during walking many groups of muscles are involved), climb the stairs, move actively and do not sit still.
  • Do not wait for quick results! The abdomen will not become flat in a week( as advertising promises).Only in a month you will notice the changes, and after a couple will see the result.

Training for a flat stomach

What exercises will help remove the stomach? There are a lot of them. Some of them are quite difficult for beginners, while others are easy to perform. We offer you the most effective of them, accessible to all.


Such an adaptation is known to many today, but only a few know how to use it so as to remove unnecessary volumes. Here are some useful tips for beginners:

  1. The first important point is the right choice of hulaohup. Its weight should not be less than 1 kilogram, otherwise there will be no effect. If you are a beginner in such a case, then you should not choose too heavy models, you simply can not cope with such a mass. It is better to choose a hoop with massage rollers or thorns. They, first, warm up the muscles, secondly, improve blood circulation and metabolism in the area of ​​exposure; third, they directly affect fat and literally crush it.
  2. It is also important to take the correct position during the exercises. The legs must always be together. If you arrange them widely, then those muscles that should not be involved. So connect your legs, and better clean your head, so that they do not interfere.
  3. Learn to twist the hoop, and not hold it while falling. If hulahop will constantly move, then there will be no effect. So untwist it, catch the tempo and make sure that the axis is in one place.
  4. During training, move the waist clockwise. The legs and buttocks should remain immobile at the same time. The amplitude of the movements should be minimal.
  5. For the first time using a hoop with rollers protect the skin, twist the hulaohup in clothes( an additional layer may be required), then try to remove it.
  6. The duration of the training should not be shorter than half an hour. If you twist the hoop every other day, practice the hour. But to start is gradual, for the first few times it will be enough and 5-15 minutes( this will depend on physical preparation).


Now exercises that will help remove the stomach:

Exercises will make your waist slender.

Exercises will make your waist slender.

  • Side twisting. Lay down on the floor, put your hands behind the back of your head, connect the brushes on the back of the head, the feet should rest on the floor( they will be on the width of the shoulders).Now, with one elbow, reach for the opposite knee, hold the position for a few seconds. Buttocks and the second elbow remain on the floor and do not move. Return to the original position, then repeat the exercises for the other shoulder. Do everything at a fast pace, do 10-20 repetitions, then relax, pull the muscles and take another approach. In total, do three approaches.
  • Lifting of feet. Initial posture: lying, hands lying on the floor along the trunk, legs bent and raised, knees located at the buttock level, hips perpendicular to the floor, calves parallel to the floor. On exhalation lightly tear your buttocks off the floor, lifting your hips up. The angle of the bend of the knees does not change at the same time. Stay in this position for two to four seconds, go back to the starting position and inhale. Repeat 10-20 times, do three approaches. Such exercises help to remove the stomach and allow the muscles of the lower press to work, which is very important.
  • Body lifts. Lay down on the floor, place your feet 30 centimeters, bend them, put your feet on the floor, and take your hands behind your head. Raise the body 10-15 centimeters from the floor, exhale and try to stay in this position for a few seconds. Then inhale and lower the trunk. It will take 10-20 repetitions and at least three approaches.
  • Simultaneous lifting of legs and twisting. Starting position: lie on your back, your hands are behind your head, elbows are brought to your face, your legs are bent at right angles and raised( hips are perpendicular to the floor).Now exhale and simultaneously lift the body and legs, trying to bring your elbows to your knees and connect them. Linger in this position, then return to the original and take a breath. Repeat at least 15 times, follow three approaches.
  • Exercise for a beautiful waist.

    Exercise for a beautiful waist.

    Stand up straight, place your feet about the width of your shoulders, straight arms spread apart. Now simultaneously bend to the floor and rotate the trunk so that one hand touches the toes of the feet or the floor( if possible), and the other is perpendicular to the floor and is set aside. Do the same with the other hand. Do 15-20 repetitions and do 3 sets.

  • Starting position: hands behind the back, elbows brought to the face, legs bent( approximately at right angles) and raised, shoulders slightly raised. Now, on the exhalation, unbend and straighten one leg and place it parallel to the floor, but not touching it. On inhalation, return the leg to its original position. Do the same with the other foot. Try to speed up the pace. Do 20 repetitions and 2-3 approaches.
  • Bicycle. Lie down, put your hands behind your head, bend your legs( the heels are located next to the buttocks).Now tear off the shoulders from the floor and simultaneously straighten one leg so that it is positioned diagonally( at an angle of 45 degrees with respect to the floor).At the same time, bring the elbow, located on the other side, to the knee of the bent leg. Unbent leg bend and at the same time unbend the other, bringing to it the opposite elbow. Do not do everything quickly, it's important to strain, not speed. Do 10-15 repetitions and three approaches.
  • Circular rotation with housing. Lay down on the floor, bend your feet, place your feet on the width of your shoulders and put them on the floor, hands to remove the back of the head, bringing your elbows to your face. Raise the shoulders and the upper part of the case. Take the trunk in one direction and start slowly turning the trunk in the other direction until you touch the elbow of the floor. Then do the same circular rotation in the opposite direction. Perform 20 rotations in three sets.
  • Lean on your elbows and toes, face down, the body should be in a straight line. Raise one leg, fix, return to the starting position, do the same with the other leg. Perform 10 or 15 repetitions for each leg and only 2-3 approaches.

Useful advices

To help the abdomen to clean up, follow the rules:

  1. Do exercise for at least half an hour.
  2. You can perform exercises every other day.
  3. Do an hour before meals or an hour and a half after it.

And remember, you can remove fat if you make an effort!
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