Train your hands and make them beautiful with the help of exercises

Beautiful hands with a little effort.

Beautiful hands with little effort.

Many believe that dumbbells are an exclusively male projectile, necessary for the development of the muscles of the hands. But in fact exercises with hand dumbbells are just necessary for some of the women. And how to properly implement them?


  1. Why do you need these exercises?
  2. How to choose a dumbbell?
  3. How to train?
  4. Exercises
  5. Useful advices

Why do you need these exercises?

Most women think that they do not need strong hands. Indeed, pumped up biceps and triceps - it's somehow unfeminine. But are all hands beautiful? Certainly not. Since the load on this zone is often minimal, it looks like it's correspondingly. And if you consider that the hands - this is an area on which fat can be deposited, it can be understood that with fluctuations in weight, the skin can stretch and sag. And it does not look very nice. It also happens that the girl has a lean physique and complex because of the thinness, which is clearly ironed in the shoulder area. So, exercises with dumbbells for the hands and designed to make this zone attractive and beautiful.

How to choose a dumbbell?

For dumbbell exercises to be effective, it is important to choose these dumbbells. Most women do not pay due attention to this moment, but, nevertheless, there are some important points to look out for:

  • Material. Today in sports stores you can find a lot of various dumbbells from various materials. Particular attention in this case should be given to the neck. Choose models with a rubberized reef, this will protect against sliding due to sweating of the palms. Metal is not very comfortable and pleasant to touch. You can buy a neoprene shell, this material is non-slip and practical.
  • Combined dumbbells will give you the opportunity to develop and not stand still.

    Combination dumbbells will give you the opportunity to develop and not stand still.

    Prefabricated or solid? One-piece dumbbells are the best option for beginners and amateurs. If you plan to increase the load in the future, it is better to buy a team consisting of a neck and a set of "pancakes" with different weights.

  • Shape. To make it easy for you to do exercises with dumbbells, choose shells with a convenient shape. The neck should not be too bulky, otherwise the projectile can fall out of the hands. Dumbbell discs can be round or multi-faceted. The second option is more convenient and will prevent the projectiles from rolling away.
  • Weight. This aspect is very important, it depends on how effective exercise for the hands. Of course, light dumbbells are easy to deal with, but there will be no effect. But the choice will depend on the objectives pursued. For example, if you want to reduce the volume of hands, then choose the lightest model weighing not more than 1-1.5 kilograms. If you plan to tighten your arms slightly and make their shape better, then choose a dumbbell weighing 2 kilograms. And if the hands are thin, and you want to make them more embossed, then the mass should be at least 3 kilograms.

How to train?

Before offering specific exercises for dumbbells designed for women, it is worthwhile to elaborate on the basic principles of training:

  1. Exercise should be done about 3 times a week, preferably every other day. Every day training is wrong, the body needs to be given time to recover.
  2. One training should last an average of 30-40 minutes. Do not be engaged until exhaustion, you will not get any effect, but you can completely tear your muscles.
  3. You need to start the workout with a warm-up, it will help to adjust the muscles to work. For example, you can do the flies with your hands.
  4. At the end of the workout, you can try to stretch the muscles, after loads they are most pliable.


Now we offer exercises for hands with dumbbells, suitable for women:

  • This exercise strengthens the biceps and tightens the arms in the shoulders. Stand up straight and spread your legs( as usual, shoulder width apart).You should have dumbbells in your hands. Pull your arms forward, make an exit. Then take a deep breath, raise your hands up. Then, again, exhale and start the brush by the head, trying to take them as far as possible. Try to stay in each position to feel the tension. For a beginner, it will be enough 5-7 times for one approach, but gradually the number of repetitions should be increased( to 15), making 2-3 approaches.
  • The following exercise allows you to work out both triceps and biceps at the same time. You must stand up straight, take not too heavy dumbbells and lower them along the trunk. Now bend your hands and slowly raise them until the shoulders are placed parallel to the floor. Then raise your hands up, then spread them to the side, and then lower them, returning to the starting position. Try to do the exercise in such a way that in each pose to linger and feel the tension( not excessive).
    Several options for exercise with dumbbells.

    Several exercises with dumbbells.

  • If you have a bench at home, lie down on it, if there is no bench, then you can be placed directly on the floor. Take dumbbells in your hands, bend them at right angles, spread them apart. Then, put your hands together in front of you, so that the hands and forearms touch. After that, hands must be spread and put on the floor. For the first time, 10 repetitions and one approach will suffice. Then it is worth to increase the number of repetitions to 15, and approaches - to 2, and then to three.
  • Thrust dumbbell alternately. If you have a bench, place one knee on it and lean against it with your hand. Instead of a bench, you can use a conventional chair with a back, standing on it with one knee and leaning against the back with your hand. It turns out that the left leg and hand will be placed on the chair, the right foot will stand on the floor, and the right hand from the dumbbells should be lowered down. Now pull the brush from the dumbbells to the chest, and then return it to its original position. Repeat the procedure 10 times( gradually increase the number to 15-20), and then change the side.
  • Take the same starting position as indicated in the previous paragraph, standing with one knee on the bench and leaning with one hand on it. But you must bend your arm at the elbow. Now slowly unbend your arm to place it next to the body. After again, bend your hand, returning it to its original position. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times for one side, then change the side.
  • Draft in slope. In each of the hands take one dumbbell. Tilt the body so that it is placed parallel to the floor surface, hands drop to the floor and relax. Bring the brushes with dumbbells to your chest, then lower them again and relax them. Perform 10 repetitions for the beginning, and then gradually increase the number to 15-20 times.

Such exercises for hands for women can be performed by a complex, alternating with some other.

Useful advices for

In order for exercises for women with dumbbells to be effective, follow some simple tips:

  1. The rest time after each approach should not exceed half a minute. Between the exercises you can rest a little longer, but not more than 1-2 minutes.
  2. To avoid sagging the skin of your hands or eliminate it, after each exercise, do stretching. To do this, one hand over the back and help the other hand, pressing on the first. Stretching should be felt.
  3. The load should be increased gradually. But when you reach the maximum number of repetitions and understand that training is given to you easily, increase the weight.
  4. Do you want to remove the volume in the hand area? Then train at an average pace. If you want to work out the muscles and make your hands embossed, then focus on the slow pace.
  5. If the exercise is hard for you, do the minimum number of repetitions or what you master. Do not overexert yourself, this will not give an effect, but will only provoke pain and discomfort.

Regularly train, and after two or three weeks you will be able to see the results.
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