French diet Dukana: effective weight loss for gourmets

French diet Dukan: effective weight loss for gourmets

Why do most people are skeptical about diets? The answer is simple - dietary food not everyone can withstand, and, secondly, the effect of it is short-lived. For example, a lady suffers 2 weeks, sadly consuming fresh food, which still causes hunger, leads to ideal( or satisfactory) proportions, goes on holiday, and instantly picks up 10 kilograms, which were disposed of with great difficulty.

And more often, to these ten kilograms are added two more, as an unexpected and unpleasant surprise. And how do you like? The organism creates a reserve for a "rainy day".The more often and more longly you starve, the more you gain weight after abstinence, and the more brief is the period of time during which the results of your efforts are noticeable to others.

The folds on the abdomen, the second chin, the fat deposits on the thighs appear instantly, as though they did not disappear anywhere. "All right, we're here!" - the hated companions of life( and, more correctly, our body) are exulting, forcing to buy clothes indicating the size, notperceived by the mind.50-52 - is that a diagnosis? !

French diet from Dukan - eat delicious and lean

Many, of course, resign themselves to excess weight. In everyday life jokes and epithets that morally support full people, such as "a good person should be a lot", "mouth-watering forms", "seductive figure" and much more are common. This all sounds, of course, nice, but they say so about people who need, in fact, in recovery. That is, in getting rid of excess fat.

And in this sense, the Ducane diet is of great value for those who would like to lose weight, but can not overcome a prolonged starvation. This method is suitable for those who are not able to fix the result after prolonged abstinence from high-calorie food. The essence of the Ducane diet is that there are as many as you like, but only those products that are allowed by the author of the weight loss system.

Losing Weight by Dyukan

The principles of the French diet Dyukana

The Ducal diet menu is designed for several stages. The first one lasts 3-7 days, depending on how many kilograms it is planned to lose weight. It is no accident that in the initial stage of the Ducane diet menu is called an attack. It is in this period to get rid of 2 to 4 kilograms. The person really sees that getting rid of fatty deposits is not as difficult as it seemed, and this is a very positive psychological moment.

In the diet of Dukan diet, the list of foods is very diverse, but protein food predominates, which can be consumed in unlimited quantities( that is, until full saturation).The carbohydrates and glucose that are lacking in the body are synthesized from fat stores, so a person loses weight so quickly. But, even when using a variety of recipes in the Ducane diet, we must remember that besides proteins and carbohydrates, we need vitamins, trace elements and amino acids.

In the second phase, the diet of a French dietician should include vegetables in the diet. Excess stores of fat during this period, although decreasing, but not as fast as in the first phase( diet Dukana attack).As a rule, a week, a person loses one kilogram. The duration of the diet depends on the excess weight( in kilograms).In the Ducane diet there are no unimportant stages, they are all inextricably linked with each other, and must be observed in a strictly defined sequence.


Fixing the result after the Dukan diet

The Ducane protein diet provides a stage of consolidation of the achieved results. It is, in fact, a transition from a strict dietary diet to a regular diet. Gradually, cereals, pasta, cheeses are added to dietary dishes. The duration of this phase of the French diet for weight loss depends on how many kilograms managed to be thrown off in the previous period. After calculating the weight that was discarded, the duration of the third phase is calculated when the Ducane diet is observed. One drop of kilograms is 10 days. Thus, if a person has lost 3 kilograms, the fixing time is 30 days.


The fourth phase in the Ducane protein diet is called stabilization. During this period, several conditions must be observed, in the absence of serious restrictions in the menu. First, you need to walk as much as possible outdoors( at least 20 minutes in the morning and in the evening walk).The second - once a week to include in the Ducane diet recipes from the "attack".The third is to add oat bran to the daily ration - 3 spoons a day. The stabilization period is individual( the Ducan diet should be calculated by the dietician), but under any circumstances, it should not be less than 14 days.

Authorized products for the Ducane diet - the first stage of the

The most intriguing moment in describing the Ducane diet "attack" is a list of products. So, what can you eat to those who chose this option of losing weight? At the first stage it is allowed to use low-fat varieties of beef and poultry( without skin), fish, seafood, eggs, ham. From dairy products you can eat cottage cheese, milk, yogurt, yogurt( skim).Products are steamed, or cooked in water with a small amount of salt. To the main products of the Ducon diet, you can additionally buy onions, garlic, lemons, greens. Coffee, tea, compote of dried fruits - without restriction( but without sugar).In addition to the above, the Dukan diet book says that every day you need to drink 2 liters of water, eat a half tablespoons of bran from oats( in the second and third stages - 2 and 3 tablespoons, respectively).Bran stimulates the work of the intestines, improves digestion, reduces the amount of harmful cholesterol.

Low Carbo Dyckan Diet

The second stage of the

The second phase of the Ducane diet recipes become more diverse. The diet includes asparagus, celery, green beans, bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach. You can add a few drops of olive oil to vegetables, drink 50 grams of dry wine. For those who plan to lose weight by more than 10 kilograms, the menu diet Dyukan provides alternating days of protein and protein-vegetable( five + five).

Third stage

During the third stage, you can add a few fruits to the main menu( not more than 100 grams), except bananas, grapes, sweet cherries, melons. It is allowed to use spices, add potatoes, rice, pasta in the diet, but not more than once a week.

The fourth stage of

You can eat everything, but one day a week - protein food.

Important! At all stages, Dukan diets are excluded from the menu of flour products, confectionery, sweets, sugar, fast food products, butter, alcohol, fat, fatty meat.

The menu can be created independently, based on the list of allowed products. The combination of them among themselves, with the French diet Dyukana, is not of fundamental importance.

French diet

Example of the "attack" menu

  • In the morning you can eat 3 boiled eggs, a slice of lean ham, drink a cup of black coffee.
  • The second breakfast: Unsweetened yogurt and cottage cheese
  • At lunch - any meat and fish dishes( baked fish, chicken, boiled meat with greens)
  • Snack - 100 grams of boiled seafood( shrimp, squid) with lemon juice
  • Dinner:Grilled chicken, boiled beef, yogurt.

Dishes for the second and third stages can be found in the book of Diets Ducan, Libbot come up with his own, given all the restrictions and mandatory conditions.

Diets Dukan: indications

The diet is suitable for all healthy people, men and women after 18 years of age


  • Pregnancy and lactation period;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • of the endocrine system;
  • viral and chronic hepatitis, kidney disease.

Pros of the power system for Dyukan

Kilograms go away irrevocably, there is no feeling of hunger. The food is not tied to the time, all products are on sale. The diet suits even gourmets - you can eat deliciously, without risking getting better.

Ducant Diet Results


About the French diet, reviews are mostly positive. The required result is achieved in a hundred percent, and a long time is preserved. By cons are a long period of restrictions, a large number of various products included in the diet, compliance with additional conditions( for example, daily walks).

How to get out of the diet for Dyukan

The fourth stage - this is the way out of the Ducane diet. The main thing, after lifting all restrictions, is not to get carried away with flour and sweet foods, which invariably cause a metabolic disorder. In the rest you can eat deliciously and diversely, without limiting yourself to eating your favorite dishes, desserts and drinks.

Video about the Dukan diet